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January 2012
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The Year of the LED January 1, 2012 marked the day that heightened efficiency standards, requiring lamps to be at least 30% more efficient, were slated to begin. Although a recently passed Congressional bill will delay enforcement of these standards until September of this year, the long-term implications for LEDs and solid state lighting (SSL) are bright. One Freedonia report suggests that LEDs will be the fastest growing segment of the advanced lighting market through 2014. This edition of ALG Online News is part one of a two-part series on LEDs, which are leading the transformation of light source technology with dramatic changes in general lighting applications. 

Featured Chapter
Integrate the right LEDs with these nine tips 
LEDs are changing the lighting market in exciting ways. The technology continues to advance rapidly (in efficacy, color and dimming capabilities, etc.), costs are coming down, and industry infrastructure, such as testing standards and mechanisms for quality recognition, is being delivered. Still, with this young technology there are a few important things to keep in mind. Specifiers and decision makers are expressing a strong desire for guidance when they assess LED systems, and manufacturer product specifications often do not include important or relevant data regarding performance and lifetime. Read our LED Application Guidelines (PDF) with nine helpful tips for selecting and applying the right LEDs.

ALG Online's Sources & Auxiliaries chapter describes electric light sources from the technical and design standpoints to guide you toward the proper light source for a given luminaire and application. The LED section of this chapter covers the fundamental technical aspects of LED source technology.
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Featured Application
Balance daylighting with wallwashing 

Open-Office Wallwash 1ALG Online's Application Directory provides comprehensive designs of lighting and controls based on specific building types or space types. Check out this office design moduleOpen-Plan Office Application - Wallwash 1 (PDF), detailing the design approach, criteria and controls for effective wallwashing. As LEDs continue to penetrate this market, consider how they might alter or enhance this design application and suggested luminaire schedule.


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What's New

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James Benya and Nancy Clanton join 5 other top lighting designers to talk shop in the December issue's Leading Luminaries feature. Read what they have to say about LEDs, OLEDs, integrated design and the industry challenges ahead.     

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