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CE Opportunities
Dental Care Approaches for Adults with Disabilities
Oct. 17-18
Chesapeake, VA
Free, two-day training for dental providers wishing to improve their skills in caring for patients with special health care needs. 10.5 CERP credits. Register today.

2014 Virginia Oral Health Summit
Save the Date!
Friday, Nov. 14
Richmond, VA

The 2014 Summit will focus on how all providers can work together to provide comprehensive health care for their patients. 
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New River Valley Dental Care Day
September 12 

Dental Aid Partners of the NRV and the NRV Dental Study Club have teamed up to provide the NRV Free Adult Dental Care Day  to residents of New River Valley on Friday, September 12. The same event in 2013 provided over $188,000 worth of care to 185 patients. VaOHC's own Sarah Bedard Holland (a Blacksburg native) will speak at a pep rally kick-off event for volunteers on September 11.  

Contact us for more info on the Dental Care Day.
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August 2014 Newsletter

American Academy of Pediatrics Releases New Recommendations for Fluoride Use in Primary Care

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a new clinical report regarding fluoride use in primary care to maximize caries prevention and minimize the likelihood of fluorosis.  The report recognizes that many infants and toddlers do not receive dental care, and pediatricians can play an active role in caries prevention. 

The report recommends that caregivers of young children should use a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste when the first tooth erupts, then a pea-sized amount after age three; previous guidelines recommended waiting until 24 months to use fluoride toothpaste.  The clinical report also underscores the important role pediatricians play in their young patients' oral health and advises that pediatric providers know how to assess caries risk, assess a child's fluoride exposure and determine the need for topical or systemic supplements, advocate for community water fluoridation, and understand the indications for fluoride varnish and how to apply it.



Mission of Mercy Expansion Initiative

The Virginia Health Care Foundation (VHCF) is currently seeking applicants for $10,000 in seed money to support up to five new Mission of Mercy (MOM) projects in Virginia.  The first of these grants was awarded to the Suffolk MOM project last year, where 500 patients received much-needed dental care. 

Since the Virginia Dental Association began the MOM program 15 years ago, these projects have generated great visibility regarding the local need for oral health care and become a springboard for communities to establish permanent dental safety net services. 


Read more about this funding opportunity from the VHCF, including eligibility and proposal requirements.  Please direct questions to Tracey van Marcke at VHCF.


Of Interest


Oral Health and Overall Health

Smile Circle 

Oral health and overall health are fundamentally intertwined. The following links present current information on how oral health is connected to overall health and well-being.  




Webinar: Integrating Oral Health in the Patient-Centered Health Home - Tuesday, September 9 at 12:00 p.m. ET

The Patient-Centered Health Home is a concept being implemented through a variety of approaches including full integration, co-location, shared financing, virtual linkages and facilitated referral and follow-up. The Michigan Oral Health Coalition is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, September 9 at 12:00 p.m. ET to describe how oral health can be integrated into overall primary care systems to improve health care quality and patient outcomes.



More Young Adults Getting Dental Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act 

American Dental Association research has found that more young adults have affordable dental coverage and are seeking dental care under health reform. While the Affordable Care Act only required an extension of medical coverage to dependents up to age 26, many employers have voluntarily expanded dental coverage as well. 


Study Says Moving Kids from CHIP to Health Benefits Exchange Could Increase Costs for Consumers


Funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is set to expire on September 20, 2015.  Families currently covered under CHIP, which provides affordable medical and dental coverage families, may face higher cost-sharing and fewer benefits if and when they transition their children to plans in the health benefits exchange.  


Read more about the study from Kaiser Health News


Webinar Archive: Dental Benefits Improve Health and Save Money

Interview VaOHC partnered with the Virginia Business Coalition on Health (VBCH) to present a webinar on August 5 entitled "Dental Benefits Improve Health and Save Money" for employers who wish to improve the overall health of their workforce by promoting oral health benefits and wellness programs. The webinar slides and an archived recording (login required) are available on the VBCH website here.

Webinar Archive: Perinatal and Infant Oral Health 

The Colgate Oral Health Network presented a webinar on August 12 for general dentists and dental providers on how to prepare to provide dental care to young children ages 0-3. An archive of the webinar (login required) is now available on the Colgate Oral Health Network website here.

Medicaid Expansion and Virginia's Workforce

The majority of individuals who would benefit if Virginia Medicaid is expanded are working adults. Families USA has released a bulletin that outlines how Medicaid expansion in Virginia would affect working individuals who are "employed but uninsured" and lists the top nine industries that could benefit from the expansion. 


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