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ReginaRegina's Story


After an accident forced her to leave a job that provided dental insurance, Regina* was left with reduced hours, less pay and no benefits. When two of her teeth broke off, her Medicaid coverage would not pay for the repair. She wasn't sure where to turn for help.


Then, Regina was referred to a Virginia Department of Health (VDH) dental clinic, where a dentist repaired her broken teeth. She has since returned to the clinic for routine preventative care and extractions. Regina is grateful that the clinic helps her maintain good oral health with compassion and dignity.


"I don't know what I'd do without them," she says.


Budget cuts earlier this year threatened to close 21 VDH clinics, like Regina's, that collectively serve over 20,000 patients. In March 2012, after the Coalition organized a strong advocacy effort, funding was restored and the clinics remain open.


By donating to the Coalition, you will directly improve access to care for your fellow Virginians, like Regina.

*Name and photo changed to protect patient confidentiality.



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Did you know that, in 2011, Virginia Medicaid spent over $7 million treating individuals with dental disease in the operating room under general anesthesia? The vast majority of those treated were children with preventable disease.


The personal and economic toll that results from poor oral health is tremendous. The Virginia Oral Health Coalition is the only statewide organization solely focused on improving oral health access. We need your financial support to continue bringing a voice to oral health access issues in the Commonwealth.




We Create System-Wide Change.


The Coalition was founded to work in partnership with direct service organizations to address the root causes of poor oral health through impactful, statewide initiatives and a dedicated focus on advocacy. Our medical and dental collaboration initiative is increasing the presence of oral health in clinical education and practice to ensure that oral health is routinely considered as part of a patient's overall health.


We Affect Policy.


WareThe Coalition works tirelessly to ensure state policies and appropriations support access to oral health services through targeted outreach, our annual legislative day, representation on statewide workgroups and expert testimony. Among many successes in 2012, we protected funding for dental services provided by the Virginia Department of Health, maintaining care for over 20,000 vulnerable patients.


We Increase Public Awareness.


Over 8,000 individuals have viewed our resource-rich website and newsletter to learn about oral health issues that affect Virginians, navigate implementation of the Affordable Care Act in the Commonwealth and utilize pertinent oral health resources.


We Build Community Partnerships.


Programs like our Virginia Dental Home Initiative and our annual Oral Health Summit, which have educated over 600 individuals, expand oral health care past the dental office and raise awareness among educators, health professionals and caregivers about the importance of early prevention activities and the dental home.


We Rely on Your Support.


We need your financial support to keep the voice of oral health access strong in Virginia and to make sure our neighbors, like Regina, have access to oral health services they desperately need. Your gift will directly support initiatives that drive policy, build partnerships and create collective impact.


Please consider making a personal commitment to improve the oral health of Virginians in need - give today.



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P.S. Thank you for supporting the Coalition! Don't forget to join us on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, for Legislative Day.


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