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February 12, 2014 

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March 8

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Feb. 23 - at "OO"

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Greetings from the American Birkebeiner

Dear Friends -

Well, after a year of anticipation it is finally here--Birkie 2014!!! The level of excitement and preparation has ramped up to indescribable levels! Our experienced and dedicated staff along with an ARMY of volunteers are doing all they can to ensure YOUR Birkie can be as successful as possible!

As you prepare to make your way to the northwoods, make sure you check out a few of these important details below and see the
"WHAT'S NEW?" article below as well.  


_ Bib Pick-Up - don't forget to print and bring your email confirmation! Click Here.


_ Wax Service - if you're looking for ski wax help/support, Click Here.  
_ Bus/Parking Info - be sure to arrive at the start with plenty of time--it will take longer than you expect! Identify where you plan to park and plan extra time to get parked and loaded onto a bus. Click Here.

_ NEW! 100 Parking Spots available at Telemark Lodge for the race start. See details below under "What's New?" article. 


_ Follow the progress of a loved one--get text alerts from "OO" and Mosquito Brook when they cross those areas.  

_ Bring your race guide
you received by mail for road closures and spectator info


_ Have a plan for ... your gear-bag, return bus, aid station needs!


_ Come to the Awards Night on Saturday! This year it will be held in the big, heated Celebration Tent near the finish in downtown Hayward. Beer, wine, snacks, and a great time to gather with friends and family. Slide show starts at 6:30, awards at 7:00 


_ Finally, hang around Sunday for the On-Snow Ski and Bike Demo at "OO." It's a great way try out all the new gear that will help you move up a wave next year! Click Here


These are just a few details.
Please see ALL Updates under "WHAT'S NEW?" below 


We are VERY excited to open our communities and host the Nordic ski world here in northern Wisconsin. May your final preparations go well - and please don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything. 


Rest up and be ready to Ski On!


Ben Popp

Executive Director
American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation  


 In this Issue: 

    "WHAT'S NEW?"
      Park at the Race Start!
      Win Skis Saturday Night

     For the "Retro 5K" ... Giant Ski ... Family Ski
     on Thurs. and Fri. of Birkie Week
     Fat Bike Birkie Named U.S. National Fat Bike

There's Still Time to check out the ...


See Below!
Or, Click Here

  Birkie Coverage 2014

Livestreaming Webcast: 

All day Saturday, race day, watch the American Birkebeiner in action, live online. You will see live footage at the start, from the snowmobiles in front of the men's and women's lead packs, skiers from all events crossing through the food stations, and even some great clips of Birkie Week events. The webcast will be posted on the Birkie home page.

Yahoo! Sports:

NEW this year! Yahoo! Sports will be on site at the Birkie all day Friday and Saturday covering the events and posting video and editorial coverage online. Look for the Yahoo! logo (right) and link on the Birkie home page to see what they post for the world to see about Birkie 2014.

  "What's New?"

- Important Updates to Birkie Week - 



. 100 Parking Spots Available at Race Start!

 Have you always wanted to park near the Birkie Start? Now you can make a donation and park right at Telemark! Your minimum donation of $100 will go toward a future permanent start area for the Birkie, which we estimate will cost upwards of $400,000.00. There are only 100 passes, so sign up now before they are gone. Click Here for Details!   


. Giant Hospitality Tent at Bus Drop-Off
Because Telemark Lodge is closed, we are supplying all the pre-race coffee, hot chocolate, and room to chill before you head to the start area, at our big, heated Hospitality Tent right at the bus drop-off area at Telemark.





. Saturday Night Awards Ceremony - Celebration Tent 

Everyone is welcome! Don't miss this post-race gathering that starts with a slide show of Birkie race day and Birkie Week at 6:30, then the overall and age-class awards, starting at 7:00. Craft beer on tap will be served along with  red and white wine and munchies, pop, etc., provided by the Cabin Stop of Hayward. AND ... BIG DOOR PRIZES, including a pair of SALOMON SKIS and ALPINA SKIS so far, a
CONCEPT2 SkiErg ... with more prizes on the way. Must be present to win!


. Birkie Podium Presentations - Tent City / Finish Line 
See the Birkie Champions up close and personal at the new podium location, behind Peoples Bank Midwest and the Celebration Tent, near the finish line in downtown Hayward. Time: Approx. 12:00 noon. 

. Korte Champions Take the Podium at Birkie Finish 
Kortelopet champions will also now be recognized on the main Birkie Podium in downtown Hayward. Help us celebrate these skiers immediately following the Birkie Champion presentations, above.

. Press Conference w/ Champions - Celebration Tent 
Here what it's like to ski in that lead pack, all the way from Cable to Hayward, in just over two hours (sometimes less!). Here the inside stories from the trail at the Birkie Press Conference, right in the Celebration Tent! Time: Approx. 12:30 pm. 


. New Bibs  
All American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, and Prince Haakon skiers will get new racing-style bibs this year. Produced by Hidden Bay Graphics.  

. No Timing Wire at Start    

See this great article on  


. The Birkie Supports Clean Athletes

Top 20/Random Birkie Skate skiers across the finish line will be tested by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) at this year's American Birkebeiner 



SUNDAY - FEB. 23:  


. "Fast and Female" Program 
11:00 am - 1:00 pm: For GIRLS ages 9-18 - an afternoon of athletic inspiration and activities with Caitlin Gregg, 2010 Winter Olympian and two-time Birkie Champion. This special girls-only event will be held at the same time and location as the Birkie On-Snow Ski Demo, below. Click Here for Details. Click Here to Register.

. On-Snow Ski Demo

9:00 am to 2:00 pm: Actually, this is the second time around for the On-Snow Ski Demo to be held on Sunday at "OO," but this year what's new is the food, music, and new tent for trying on ski boots. Also, this year, try out a Trek bike, right on the Birkie Classic trail. And, you can try out skis while your daughter attends Fast & Female, above! See you there for this final after-after-party for Birkie 2014! Click Here for Details.



Or call 715-634-5025


 Birkie Week Events 

Sign Up Now!
Get More from YOUR Birkie Week!


Six people on one pair
of 25-foot long skis

(No experience necessary!
Just wear snow boots.)

Click Here


Ages 3 - 13
Where "Birkie Fever" Begins!

Presented By
Swiss Miss, Johnson Bank
Century Link


Flat, Fun, Family-Friendly
Starts on Main Street

Presented By
Hayward Area Memorial Hospital


Break out the wool sweaters, wooden skis, or old bibs.
Prizes for top 3 costumes!

Presented By
Out There


Ages 8 - 18
At Telemark!

Presented By
Gear West



 March 8, 2014    


Fat Bike Birkie Named 
U.S. National Fat Bike Championship!
For Details and to Register 
Event will be capped at 500 participants!

 Birkie Gift Bag - 2014  

Prepping for the Fat Bike Birkie

The Fat Bike Birkie is rapidly approaching. Are you one of the fortunate 500 who will be participating on March 8th? In only its second year, the Fat Bike Birkie has exploded onto the scene and is now the official Fat Bike National Championship. Check out the Stars and Stripes Champions' jersey - how cool would that look on you!? For those of you wondering how this happened and why this is such a big deal, Read On!

  "I Am Pro Snow"   

Cross Country Skiers Unite to Save the Season We Love

Cross country skiers and outdoor enthusiasts alike share a deep-seated appreciation and respect for the weather and its fickle nature. As cross-country skiers, we are reliant on the vagaries of a changing climate from season to season; our tenuous snow reserves limit us to man-made snow one season, and the next our groomers sit overwhelmed by blizzards. This variability is natural in the context of global climate dynamics to some extent, but it is indisputably changing from what Keep Reading.

Stop by the Climate Reality Project booth at Birkie Expo! 

  The New Birkie Bib    

A Great New Look and Feel!

Everyone skiing the American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, or Prince Haakon will wear one of these great-looking new bibs, created and produced for the Birkie by:

Hidden Bay Graphics

 Swix Corner   

            The BIG Question 

What will you wax with?" In the hallways of the exposition, in the backseat of the car en route to Hayward, in every conversation of every day leading up to the big event, this is the question that gets asked over and over again. The Birkie marks the end of America's larg- est wax preparation event. In these final days, here's a quick guide to what you can do to help your ski wax chances.

More Swix Corner Tips


 NEW! Pro Shop      

 Check Out All 3 Collections:

. Technical
- Ski Suits and Jackets
. Authentic - Sweatshirt and T-Shirt
. Originals - Hats, pint glasses, and more!
Come and Get it!

A complete line of Swix-Birkie technical apparel plus training and casual clothes, great gear, and accessories!

To See All

 Birkie Gift Bag - 2014  

Get what you need to 
stay warm,
ski fast,
and have fun
doing it!

For More Than 40
Deals, Discounts, and Give-Aways!



4 Ways to Help ... and Win! 
Including a trip to Norway

Donate ... or Fundraise!

Get Complete Details at:
And, Visit the JDRF booth
at the Birkie Expo!

 Birkie SUNDAY!   

                         Sunday of Birkie Weekend!
                                      February 23
Also, at "00" - Fast & Female for girls of all ages 
Look for Details in Feb. Carpe Skiem! 

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Do you ever wonder how the Birkie geWarrior Logots pulled off year after year with great  success? The staff, Board of Directors, a huge network of volunteers, and the communities of Hayward and Cable pour their hearts and souls into the events every year.


The ABSF was formed in 1984 when a group of local business people realized that strong support would ensure the race's future for years to come. 

 Year Round Events
January 18, 2014                     BirkieTour

February 20 - 23,  2014           SWIX American Birkebeiner Ski Events

March 8, 2014                          Fat Bike Birkie

September 27, 2014                Birkie Trail Run & Trek

American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation

The Birkie is a year-round lifestyle choice for thousands of outdoor fitness enthusiasts of all levels. From its signature ski race--the legendary American Birkebeiner--sponsored by SWIX, the Birkie has grown into an exciting array of fitness and recreational opportunities. The 88-kilometer Birkie Trail system attracts skiers, runners, bikers, trekkers, and hikers, from casual day-trippers to elite superstars. Located near Hayward and Cable, Wisconsin, the Birkie is now an outdoor sports mecca, a series of great races, a fitness destination, and a Lifestyle.