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May, 2015
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"We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion."  
Max de Pree
Welcome to our May newsletter.  May is a marvelous season of growth and possibilities. Nature is busy blooming and growing, and there's lots of things "growing on" here at Insights too. Our Insights Discovery Accreditation this month is full, with nearly twenty new practitioners set to grow into new roles within their organizations.  

Long time readers may notice a slight change in the design of our monthly news update, but we're taking care to ensure all the regular items are still in place.

For those of you with limited time, we've linked our feature article, upcoming events and important dates, and resources and tips in our table of contents, so you can jump directly to items that interest you.  

If you have a little more time, we invite you to top up that cup, sit back and catch up on the latest news from Insights Vancouver.  
The Power of Perception
It is our perception - of self, others, and situations - coupled with our preferences for how we act and react - that help or hinder our ability to connect successfully with individuals.  When we have tools for effective communication and dialogue, we can leverage our diversity of perspective to enhance our capacity to solve problems, collaborate, and make decisions - rather than let it create conflict and disconnect.  

For a featured article on perception - and the critical role it plays in our ability to adapt and connect with others - visit our website. 


Upcoming Events              
Creating Connections 4.0
May 22
Simon Fraser University
As part of the Creating Connections Conference for Women in Engineering, Science and Technology (WEST), Insights Vancouver's Anne Bishop will lead a 90 minute Insightful Leadership session for over 30 managers and leaders in science and technology.  Attendees will explore their unique leadership styles, and the impact and influence of their strengths and possible weaknesses. 

Discoverylogowithglobe Insights Discovery Accreditation, Vancouver
October 5-8
May has always been a busy month for Insights Discovery Accreditations, and this year is no exception, with the Vancouver IDA wait-listed again.  There are now over 30 public and internal Accreditations each year across North America, which demonstrates how many organizations are choosing to bring Insights Discovery 'in house'.  

It's never too early to talk to us if you're thinking about bringing Insights Discovery into your organization, and if you're planning to attend the October Accreditation, remember that registration closes in early September.  We always have a wait list for the Vancouver Accreditations, so don't delay.  Full details and registration information is located here.  
PowerPoint tips             
At Insights, we're constantly looking for ways to 'raise the bar' in what we do and this month, at our Insights Vancouver team meeting, we shared some tips and best practices for using Power Point. 

We know many of you use PowerPoint to develop your presentations so we thought we'd share our notes with you.  If you've got comments or have any additional suggestions on ways to improve the look and effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations, please share them with us.  We're happy to pass them along to the rest of the Insights community. 
HRMA Conference Follow-Up              

This past month we had the opportunity to speak with about a hundred folks who stopped by our booth at the HRMA conference in Vancouver.  Every year we reconnect with more and more folks who are part of the Insights community, and this year was no exception.


Many of you were asking about going deeper with Insights, and using Insights Discovery for leadership development.  We're happy to tell you that a leadership profile will be available for use by our Client Practitioners later this year, so stay tuned for that announcement. And if you've thought of something you forgot to ask us while were were there, please contact our office and we'll be happy to answer your questions. 

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Dale Nelson, 
Insights Vancouver