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During the first quarter of FY 2013, we will be implementing our new project dashboards. These dashboards will provide real-time access to your account balances, activity and supporting documents. Please keep an eye out for upcoming issues of the Monthly Ledger for more information about the rollout of these new online reporting tools. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas please e-mail us.

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May 17, 2012
Important Dates


6/22: Last day to submit DRF forms for FY12. Forms must be received by close of business - 4:30pm. Checks will be issued on Tuesday, June 26th.


Just a reminder: the end of the year is not that far away. Please remember to use your available spendable funds before the end of the fiscal year. Any unexpended spendable income from two years ago will be lost if not spend by year-end. 


7/11: Items (checks or credit cards) to be processed by USMF for gift or non-gift deposit must be received by close of business - 4:30pm. The tentative cut-off for FY12 entry to Advance is July 13th. All batches must close by this date to be included in FY12.

What's New!


The Disbursement Request Form (DRF) - not new but some new points!


This month the Foundation began processing DRFs for UMCP differently. This change was outlined in the April 18th issue of the Monthly Ledger. Along with this change, the Foundation initiated a stricter review of the DRF and instituted a stronger return policy for non-compliant DRFs from any campus. Please read below for the critical items that can result in a DRF being returned. You may also want to bookmark our checklist for future reference.

1. The newest version of the DRF must be used. This new form asks for a campus account number if the payee is UMCP. Do not complete the campus account number line for other payees.


The payee for checks issued to UMCP should be:


University of Maryland, College Park

Cashier's Office

Office of the Bursar

1115 Lee Building

College Park, MD 20742


2. Please note there is now a second page available for the DRF. This form can be used by any campus if you are requesting funds from multiple projects at the Foundation. It can also be used if you are reimbursing funds to multiple accounts at UMCP. When using page 2 for the DRF, please indicate "see page 2" in the Campus account field and Project # fields on page 1 of the DRF. If page 2 is used, all projects listed must have the same authorized signer.


It is acceptable to list more than one invoice on a DRF if the payee is the same. For example, if you have four invoices for Johnny's Catering, each invoice can be listed on one DRF and attached. If your payments are coming from different Foundation projects you can use page 2 of the DRF. 

3. DRF's must be on white paper. This assists with the scanning process.


4. Supporting documentation - Please tape small receipts to white sheets of paper. Please DO NOT STAPLE supporting documentation to the DRF. This facilitates the scanning process.


5. Documentation to be sent with issued check - If the issued check requires a copy of the supporting documentation to accompany it, please make and send the copies with your request and indicate this requirement in the purpose section of the DRF and highlight this note.


6. Please direct all completed DRFs with supporting documentation to:

University System of Maryland Foundation

ATTN: Disbursements

3300 Metzerott Road Adelphi, MD 20783.


Campus/Courier delivery should be addressed: USMF-Disbursements.


7. Check distribution - In December,2010, the Foundation made the decision to mail all checks directly to the payee except for university checks. The only checks that will be returned to the requestor are checks made payable to the University. Please provide an appropriately addressed envelope. UMCP checks will be sent directly to the Bursar's Office for deposit, no envelope necessary.


It is our goal to serve you efficiently and effectively while continuing to be good stewards of your donors' funds. We couldn't do this without your assistance and we are very appreciative of your past and ongoing support.

Have You Ever Wondered...
How the USM Foundation processes credit card receipts?


The USM Foundation only accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. We do not accept Discover card or any other card. These cards can be used for gifts, conference, and event registration or sales.


All credit card receipts have fees associated with each transaction. The gift, sale, or registration amount will be recorded at the full value of the receipt, but a monthly fee may be recorded as an expense in the same account as the receipt. These fees are currently averaging around 2.5% of the receipted amount. These are NOT USMF fees. They are charged by our credit card processors.


Cardholders can go online and have their credit card processed through the various institutional websites. Our Credit Card Giving page contains links to the USM Foundation giving page and individual campus giving pages.


If you need to have a new event, conference, sales item, or fund added to the gift designation drop down list, please contact your campus' Advancement Office or contact us.


Cardholders may also send in gift pledge forms or provide credit card information over the phone. These transactions can be processed online by the receiving campus or forwarded to the USM Foundation for processing.


We do not automatically interface credit card transactions from our website or our card processor's website into Advance or Financial Edge. The responsible gift processors for each campus receive batch reports and are responsible for entering gifts into the Advance system for later posting to Financial Edge. Our staff processes non-gift receipts directly into Financial Edge.


With the proliferation of mileage, hotel, and other reward programs tied to credit card activity and the comfort people have making online payments, more donors or conference and event participants wish to make credit card transactions. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help make this process easier to navigate for the cardholders as well as the campus admins.