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Looking Ahead


During the first quarter of FY 2013, we will be implementing our new project dashboards. These dashboards will provide real-time access to your account balances, activity and supporting documents. Please keep an eye out for upcoming issues of the Monthly Ledger for more information about the rollout of these new online reporting tools. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas please e-mail us. 

Help Us Help You!

1. Boarding passes are required for travel reimbursement on tickets. Visitors should be reminded of this requirement prior to their visit. Failure to submit boarding passes could result in denial on reimbursement request.


2. Please remember to use white paper when preparing DRFs and attachments. When colored paper is scanned into Financial Edge, it appears dark and is difficult to read.


3. No staples. Combine DRFs and documentation with paper clips, binder clips or rubber bands. This aids the scanning process.


4. Please tape receipts and other documentation flat to a white sheet of paper.


5. If you want a document to be sent with a check, please send an extra copy of the document. This ensures one will go with the check and one will stay with the DRF.


6. Distribution of AP checks-please ensure your payee's address is correct. If the check comes back to the University, please include an envelope with your address. Not applicable to UMCP after May 1st.

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Pam Purcell

Vice President of Finance and CFO, General Counsel 


April 18, 2012
Important Dates


4/25: A new DRF form will be posted to the website.


The revision will allow you to save data directly to the form.


4/27:All units must submit reimbursements on the revised DRF. Requests on old forms will be returned.


4/30: Requests for Spendable Income from underwater funds must be received by close of business in order to be approved by our Executive Committee before next fall.


5/1: New DRF process for UMCP will begin. See "What's New" for details.


6/30: Just a reminder that the end of the fiscal year is not that far away! Remember to use your available spendable funds before the end of the year. Any unexpended spendable income from two years ago will be lost if not spent by year-end.

What's New!


We have two items that we would like to bring to your attention this month. 


Quarterly Reports to Colleges 


New summary spendable income reports are now being distributed to each college every quarter to provide the Deans and relevant support staff with a summary view of the Spendable Income and expenditures for all of the endowment funds for their college. These reports will be delivered around the 15th working day after the end of the quarter.


One of our overall goals is to make sure that available endowment funds are being spent as the donors intended. Our hope is that these reports will get critical information into the hands of more people who can assist in making these spending decisions.


Users who are getting these new reports are encouraged to contact us with any questions they may have or to request any format variations they may want. We will be as accommodative in format changes as our software allows.



New DRF Process for College Park


Effective May 1st, 2012, the USM Foundation will make a change in the way it processes Disbursement Request Forms (DRF) for reimbursements to the University of Maryland, College Park campus.


A revised DRF form will be in place on the web on April 25th. We ask everyone to begin using the new form as soon as it is posted and specifically for any requests that will be made after May 1st. After April 27th, DRF submissions on old forms will be returned to the requestor.


The new DRF form will have a line for the campus account number. Please complete this line when a campus FRS is being reimbursed. It is important that the full six digit account number be included.


Starting May 1st, all DRF forms reimbursing the University of Maryland College Park campus will be paid on one check and sent to the Office of the Bursar to be deposited into a holding account. A separate report will be sent to UMCP General Accounting to create the necessary entries to clear the holding account and credit the individual FRS accounts. The report data will be captured from the FRS field on the new DRF.


The process will work in much the same way as it does with the UMCP Foundation. The reason for this change is to insure accurate reimbursement to campus FRS accounts, and to increase efficiency and improve internal controls around check handling for both the USM Foundation and UMCP.


With the successful implementation of this process at College Park, the Foundation will evaluate the feasibility of this process at other campuses.

Have You Ever Wondered...
What PDIP means?


PDIP was an incentive donation program offered by the State of Maryland to encourage higher education endowment giving. PDIP stands for Private Donor Incentive Program. When a unit had a donor make a gift, the unit could apply to the PDIP program and ask for matching funds.


If the donor's gift met the program guidelines and was accepted, the gift was matched and the state provided funds that were placed into a matching endowment project. The program stopped taking new requests in 2009. 


The matching project operates under the same guidelines as the original project. What does this mean? For those projects eligible, Spendable Income is calculated annually. The PDIP project and the "parent" project are combined for the spending calculation but the projects are maintained and invested separately.


In response to several requests, beginning in FY13, the available Spendable Income in the PDIP projects will be transferred to the parent project. The funds will be identifiable by a specific general ledger account code. This process will bring the available income together in one place, making it easier to view the total available Spendable Income. Your DRFs can then be written against the "parent" account and you won't have to worry about keeping track of the spending availability in multiple accounts.