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 I'm taking my work to Colorado.  I'm offering an evening talk: Anchoring A New World Culture in three different locations and booking sessions with people in Denver and Boulder that I look forward to sitting down and talking soul with. To make my work more accessible in the Rocky Mountains I'm offering an introductory discount on Soul Level Readings. If you're going to be around Nov 8 - 13 and want to catalyze growth with my life-changing sessions, come meet me in the Rockies.  Click here to book a discounted session or reserve an advanced seat for one of my Colorado talks.

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Cosmic Weather Report:
Right Livelihood
November 1
Putney Mountain, Vermont
At 9:24 p.m. Eastern U.S. time on November 11, 2015, the North Node of the Moon, or Dragon's Head, leaves Libra after a year and a half and enters Virgo for the same amount of time, till May, 2017.

The Dragon's Head points the way forward in evolution personally and collectively. During the last year and a half the main karmic theatre has been the domain of relationship, the theatre of Libra. Around the world we've been summoned to find new ways to relate that transform old stories of lack and intolerance. The pattern of one person thriving at the expense of another is being exposed on the Big Screen of racial discrimination as well as on the small screen of personal friendship, family, love and sex.

The new model seeking to break through is the idea that relationship is designed to catalyze each person to be more true to themselves rather than false. It's the idea of taking masks off and trusting that the you you are on the inside is what every true relationship needs. Instead of the need to dominate, the new need is to recognize the truth inside the reflection of yourself the other person is showing you.

This model is having a hard time breaking through old patterns and stories which die a slow lingering death before resurrecting in a more enlightened form. A recent study by the University of Massachusetts indicates 60% of people in the world tell a like every ten minutes while talking to someone. What does this say about the lies they tell themselves?

by Aysen Aksoy
By Aysen Aksoy
On November 11 the trend in the cosmic weather shifts from right relationship to right livelihood. This doesn't mean that whatever lessons of love you failed to learn you're now stuck in forever, but that the evolutionary accent is switching to a field that has more to do with your relationship to yourself than your relationship to others. 

Virgo is the GET REAL sign of the zodiac, and it's time to get real with yourself, especially in terms of what you value, what you're worth, and what you do to earn a living. It's time to take a good look within and decide whether you tap a shallow well or deep creative center as you make your way through the world.

Right livelihood is based on the idea that the optimal contribution you can make to society is to be true to yourself and tap an authentic creative source, to stop lying to yourself and others, stop stuffing your deeper creative dream and gain abundance by tapping your inner abundance of creative dreams. It's the idea that the imagination you stuffed away to make your way through the world may be the best part of you and it's up to you to bring it back and let it show you the way. And that your creativity has the power to change the world.

It's often hard to recognize the power you have to gain right livelihood because you may feel dependent on external factors you seem to have no control over. But if you decide, on a soul level, down deep, that you're not here to piss away another incarnation but fulfill your innermost creative dream,  if you choose to claim the one true life you were born to live and quit messing around with lesser lives, you will find  those external factors shifting around the intensity of your decision. 

Mark Borax

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