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Our Tribal Drumbeat circle and College of Visionaries & Wizards are devoting the upcoming school year to Bringing on the Future as we welcome new students, callers, clients, visionaries and friends into the fold. In the service of helping bring on the future please enjoy the recording of a talk I gave in Bend, Oregon July 2: Turning the World Back On. (It begins with me tuning my guitar.)


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Our Tribal Drumbeat program launches with Leo on Saturday, September 12 at 4:30 pm Eastern.   Journey through each sign's  unique connection to  the future through the twelve senses. Visit our website for details and register. Preview now; details up August 15.


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 August 2015:  Making Love to the Future

Putney Mountain, Vermont


Shilo Ann Bos

On August 12 Jupiter enters Virgo while Saturn sluices through its final deep-water passage in Scorpio (See more ). Both Virgo and Scorpio have the peculiar characteristic that they  must determine what isn't before they can find out what is.

Virgo, in the realm of service, must learn through earthy hands-on experience what does not serve in order to find what does.  

 And the divine art of service is undergoing a worldwide transformation these days so that those devoted to serving can clear away what doesn't serve. The new paradigm breaking through is to evolve a form of service that serves the inner truth of the soul simultaneously to serving the needs of others, so finding a path that satisfies the soul can replace the  martyrdom and out-of-touchness that results when external needs eclipse one's inner truth.

 Jupiter's sweeping force of expanding consciousness energizes Virgo in the next year, orchestrating occasions for us to learn a way to serve both the personal and collective needs of our time, which are great and growing. When you tap Jupiter's magic formula for aligning inner truth with the need to help the world change, you can strike that sweet spot in the midst of personal and collective need that can boost you behind your former limitations.


By Brooke Shaden Photography

 And Saturn, in the final weeks of Scorpio, sailing through waves of deep emotion, impels you to learn what does not feel right and clear and true, producing a primal purging action to release toxic energies from your psychic, mental, and physical space until things feel good again.


After Saturn's last two years of making skeletons dance we have a last-minute rousing intensity of deep purging between now and mid-September when Saturn leaves Scorpio for the next 26 years, so use the stormy waters to check the bottom of your soul, check gut instinct, check people you love and trust to get a good strong hit about who really you are and what you're here to do.

The common ground of Virgo and Scorpio is passion, arousal and sacred sex, asking you to give up false lovers and make love to that life that opens the stuck gates of the future. Once you release yourself from service and emotion that no longer serves you may find yourself horny and hungry to bring on the living future. 


Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait?




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