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Cosmic Weather Report:
Dowsing for Gold 

August, 2013 
Putney Mountain, Vermont  
By Qi Xinghua
Throughout August Jupiter opposes Pluto (see the July CWR) with both planets 90-degrees from Uranus, forming a T-square. The opposition between Jupiter and Pluto, as I mentioned last month, is like a showdown between Buddha and Genghis Khan, designed to dramatize two sides of your current experience, for the purpose of awakening. An opposition casts a certain duality in stark light to illuminate the issue and push it toward possible resolution.
Throughout August, this opposition happens with a surge of awareness and purpose.  A T-square is a celestial dowsing rod of the wishbone variety. With Uranus at the point, it's as if God has his hands on Jupiter and Pluto, following the point of Uranus toward the hidden source of higher consciousness buried in the dark insanity of our times. It's insane to continue a hyper-polarized Us-versus-Them version of human karma, when deep down below we're all the same.
By Deborah Koff-Chapin
Uranus illuminates the part of you that knows better than to fall for the Drama of Duality that twists human consciousness into an obsolete mentality that is cracking the world apart. This month the celestial dowsing rod points toward claiming that higher vision that knows how all things contribute to the grand design, and that no one is an isolated part disconnected from the Whole.
The pressure of the two opposing planets generates an electric charge at the tip, where lightning-like Uranian revelations can spark a new approach to the age-old game of This-Against-That. As intensity builds in your own private version of this collective human polarity karma, remember to push beyond the apparent deadlock until you get to the gold.


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