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Cosmic Weather Report:
The Drama of Dream & Shadow

July, 2013 
Putney Mountain, Vermont  
By Deborah Koff-Chapin
  Throughout July Jupiter opposes Pluto, which means the Master Plan for your life's unfoldment stands opposite the Collective Shadow of our time. The gift of an opposition is that two forces become polarized to dramatize a key lesson contained therein. Until the forces stand opposite, the issue remains dormant, affecting things sideways. When the opposition occurs the forces have a showdown, plunging them into direct confrontation which makes things more intense, but also brings the issue out of hiding to where it can be illuminated, dramatized, and resolved.
The Collective Shadow of our time is a composite thought form made of the following negative tape loops: We're Running Out of Time, The Rich Take All, Love Can't Happen, Truth Can't Happen, Humanity Cannot Change. In certain parts of the world (like political arenas) this shadow thickens and dominates the psychic space, very hard to shake off, very hard to even see that it's a story. It masquerades as The Way Things Are, rather than as something we constantly tell ourselves is true that squeezes out alternative ideas. When caught in this shadow the undertow is deadly, making more constructive ideas seem hopelessly naive or preposterous.
Standing opposite to Pluto's Shadow is the Jupiterian Dream: whatever bright truth of the soul longs to be born from the deepest part of you, whatever you incarnated to express, whatever cosmic urge drew your soul from spirit into matter. Jupiter's Dream is the Big Dream that your individual dream is a part of. And when Dream opposes Shadow a rigorous initiation is at hand, because this clash of the titans brings on the very challenge that must be faced to coax the fuller scope of the dream out of hiding and make that dream real.
When Jupiter opposes Pluto, the biggest, brightest, most positive vision engages a showdown with the main obstacle in its way. This is like a showdown between Buddha & Genghis Khan. The sheer intensity of the polarization can ground you deeper into the Dream, or turn you into a wild scourge foaming at the mouth. 
When Dream opposes Shadow many deaths and births enter the evolutionary canal. Your vision and motivation are being called up to the plate. Your commitment is central. What sacrifice are you being asked to make to make that dream real? During this month of opposition, when the dust settles you'll either have a galvanized dream or an empty womb space where a new one can be born.



Mt Helen, by Steven Yates


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