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January 4, 2011
P.O. Box 06
Ridgeland, MS 39157

Contact: D.I. Smith


D.I. Smith Announces Campaign for Re-Election as Madison County Supervisor, District 3

Ridgeland -- D.I. Smith officially announced today his campaign for re-election as Madison County Supervisor, District 3.

"It has been an honor and privilege to serve and represent the people of Madison County and District 3 for the last 3 years."

"I look forward to continuing to serve the people of District 3 and all of Madison County. And, as I promised 3 years ago, I  will continue to work hard, be engaged, detail oriented, hands-on and involved; also, accessible; independent; by the book; and act with honesty and integrity in all dealings! Continuous Improvement is my GOAL!  And, I will continue to strive for open, accountable and transparent government in Madison County."

"There are numerous challenges including a daunting amount of backlog maintenance on County Roads; fire, safety and security requirements; and new road infrastructure and improvements; and balancing requirements and resources for new infrastructure construction with maintenance and repair and improvement of existing roads and bridges... All requiring creative and innovative solutions."

Smith said, "Due to the continuing economic downturn and the impact on the State's budget, we are facing the greatest transfer of financial responsibilities from State to Local level in history. To deal with these challenges the County needs experienced and involved leadership."

"I need your vote and your help... Your vote, support, influence, and prayers are greatly appreciated!"

D.I. Smith has set the standard for being accessible to not only his constituents, but all citizens of Madison County, via the news media, constituency outreach website, email and social media; and dealing with issues impacting our lives, our jobs and our property values. Many issues come before the Board of Supervisors impacting everyday life. These issues may deal with family, business or fairness in government. D.I. Smith has life experiences and training that make him the best candidate for this office.

During his first term as Madison County Supervisor, D.I. Smith has developed a strong reputation of bringing openness and transparency to Madison County government. Smith has worked tirelessly to keep Madison County citizens informed about what's happening in County government through his press releases, web site and eNews UPDATE email newsletters.

In fact, D.I. Smith has been recognized nationally for the use of social media to inform citizens, make them aware, and get them engaged in decisions impacting their lives. In 2010, D.I. served on a 3-person panel for a nation-wide webinar discussing social media and coaching elected officials and county employees on its use and implementation. And, last July he was invited to the National Association of Counties Annual Convention to make a presentation on the use of Social Media. You can find D.I. on Facebook at and on Twitter at

In February 2008, D.I. Smith correctly predicted the coming economic challenges we now experience and the local impacts, and questioned the wisdom of issuing of $33 million in bonds; and, in 2009, led the fight involving more than 7,000 citizens who signed petitions to challenge the highest property tax increase in the history of Madison County.  

He has been a champion and the most passionate advocate for homeowner issues.  Taking the lead on a number of actions including:  opposing reduction in minimum square footage of existing subdivisions; and, helping a number of subdivisions obtain traffic calming measures, and pushing for the re-establishment of curbside recycling in County subdivisions.  Also, he  published a press release informing citizens throughout the County of proposed new FEMA flood maps, allowing effected subdivisions and property owners to take timely action to avoid massive increases in their property insurance costs.  And, in 2009, his involvement and actions were instrumental in preventing the abolishment of the Mannsdale-Livingston Heritage Preservation District.

He has also informed, engaged and led local citizen groups in the opposition to another proposed solid waste landfill in south Madison County, which if approved would put 3 of the State's 19 municipal solid waste landfills in Madison County. No other county has more than one. He is also opposed to the establishment of the Madison County Regional Solid Waste Management Authority.

In 2009, he wrote and spoke about the issue of SECTION 42 HOUSING and the resulting fleecing of taxpayers since these type housing developments pay little or no property taxes costing the taxpayers of Madison County hundreds of thousands and shifting tax responsibility to others.  His press release addressing the issue was handed out to all members of the State Legislature before they discussed and voted 119-2 to close the loop holes.

In 2010, he conducted an analysis of tax rolls discovering scores of Madison County homeowners had failed to file for "homestead" exemption and were paying 50% higher property taxes than necessary. Some had owned homes for over 10 years and paid more than $30,000 in unnecessary property taxes.  As a result, many homeowners now have greatly reduced property taxes.

In 2009, when media articles pointed out exorbitant payments to the County Engineer and questioned management of contracts in Madison County, D.I. Smith issued a press release, and he and Supervisor John Bell Crosby called for an independent operational audit.  This initiative was instrumental in leading to an audit conducted by the Office of the State Auditor during the April through October 2010 time frame which identified a number of opportunities for improvement in contract management and oversight. The Financial Audit portion has not been completed.

He has been recognized for his leadership, hard work, knowledge and initiative.  He currently serves as Vice Chairman, Telecommunications & Technology Steering Committee;and a member of Information Technology Committee, National Association of Counties (NACo). The only 1st term Supervisor from Mississippi to be on any of the NACo Committees.  And, he was recently selected to serve as Chairman, Southcentral Mississippi Works Board of Commissioners. Southcentral Mississippi Works is a consortium of seventeen Mississippi counties dedicated to improving the skill levels of area residents and, thus, improving their employment opportunities while ensuring that area employers have access to a skilled and productive labor force.

D.I. also serves on the Board of Directors, Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership, and is a member of the Transportation Committee.

D.I. pledges to maintain his commitment to low taxes, less government interference, continued economic development for the creation of jobs; and improving the efficiency of government through application of best business practices, and striving for Open, Accountable and Transparent government. "During the last 3 years, even during the horrible economic downturn, Madison County has enjoyed continued positive growth, and is a great environment to live and work. I will continue to strive for an efficient, cost-effective County government, and safeguard every single hard-earned tax dollar."

District 3 runs west in Ridgeland from Pear Orchard Road, south of Lake Harbour to Wheatly. Then up the west side of Hwy 51 to the City of Madison. District 3 extends across I-55 including the area north of West County Line Road, and over to North County Line Road, extending north to Hwy 22, Stribling Road, and Gluckstadt Road... it includes North Park Mall, Old Town, Dinsmor, Bridgewater, Old Agency Village, Canterbury, Windrush, Cypress Lake, Quail Run, Windsor Hills, Fairfield, Ingleside, The Reserve, Cherry Hill Plantation, Belle Terra, Red Oak Plantation, Annandale, Reunion, New Castle, Greystone, Lake Lorman, Lake Cavalier, Cedar Hill Road, Johnstone, Devlin Springs, Hartsfield, Providence and Ashbrooke among others.

Colonel D.I. Smith, U.S. Army, retired, served in the United States Army for thirty years in a variety of leadership and staff positions. During his tenure in the U.S. Army, his duties included personnel and administrative management, training and operations,
financial management, resource management, and research and development. He has over 6 years command experience in Field Artillery and Aviation including combat in Vietnam and the Republic of Panama. During his career in the Army, he received
numerous awards and decorations including the Legion of Merit(2), the Bronze Star(2), the Meritorious Service Medal (6) and the Air Medal (10)  He has also earned Master Aviator Wings, Senior Parachutist badge,and the coveted black and gold RANGER tab. Additionally, he has a commercial pilot rating in airplanes and helicopters.

After completing his service to our country he has served as Chief Operations Officer of a new start up wireless technology company; and is currently serving the residents of Dinsmor subdivision, Ridgeland, MS, as the On-Site Property Manager.

He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, The Army War College, and has a B.S. degree in Business from the University of Southern Mississippi and an MBA from Troy State University.

He is a member of the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership, Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce, the City of Madison Chamber, the Madison County Chamber of Commerce, Military Officers Association of America, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, Army Aviation Association of America, Association of the U.S. Army, the Army War College Alumni Association, and the Madison-Ridgeland American Legion Post.  He has also done extensive research, writing and speaking about programs affecting the military.

D. I. and his wife, Linda, are members of Highland Colony Baptist Church, Ridgeland, MS; where DI also serves as a Deacon.

He and Linda are originally from Sidon, MS, and currently reside in Ridgeland; and they have two daughters and almost seven grandchildren.

Your vote, support, influence and prayers are greatly appreciated!


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I'm proud to serve you as Madison County Supervisor! Please let me know if I can ever be of service.  May God bless you, and may God continue to bless America.
Warm regards,
D.I. Smith
Proud to Serve the Citizens of Madison County!
Supervisor, District 3
Madison County