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CH Kitty Club Newsletter

September 2012                                    Issue #24 

Tardy Peebucket...In Loving Memory...You'll never be forgotten, my Little Prince

Hi everyone!!

Welcome to the September issue of our wobbly newsletter!! Better read it sitting so you don't flop over : )

Wow, can you believe summer has come and gone already?? We hope everyone had a great summer, with lots of fond CH memories.

This issue is a little shorter than normal, proof that you are all having a good time!

Read on and enjoy!!

Lizzie & Neal

Ziggy, Spike and Luna Süna

CH Kitty of the Month...Ellie

Ellie and CG
by Amanda Maurer Woodhead

It's been just over one year since my husband and I brought Ellie into our lives, and what an incredible year it's been. 

We adopted Ellie as a companion for our mild CH male, CG, and throughout the past 365+ days, they've become the best of buddies. Now, that's not to say that everything has been perfect, as they do have a little sister/big brother relationship, but I think that makes it even more special. CG has taught Ellie so much about being a cat and living with CH, and Ellie reminds CG what it is to be excited about EVERYTHING.

What's even more wonderful is the amount of joy she has added to our home. Ellie not only loves life, she loves everyone and everything to the fullest. She absolutely adores sitting on her kitty tree watching life outside almost as much as she then loves climbing down to give me, my husband, CG, and her toys kisses. I've even seen her absentmindedly kiss the wall!
Baby Ellie

When we first brought Ellie home, she was moderately severe. She could only walk a few steps at a time, had difficulty managing the litter pan, usually had trouble around the food and water dishes, and more. But never once did she seem to give up or feel defeated.

Over the months she's improved quite a bit. She's still rather moderate, but she's become much more capable. She can now walk across our hardwood floors rather well, climb onto our couch and bed, and even do her business in the cat pan with rarely a mess. A few months ago she even started "leaping" onto our bed (there's so much power behind it that sometimes she flies off the other side!). 

It's been so wonderful living life with our two CHers as they're a constant reminder that we should all be embracing challenges, appreciate what makes us different, and most of all, love each other unconditionally.


Back  to sCHool !
by Shoshanna Crumpler

September is here and it's back to school for munchkins and teachers. Elvis is home schooled, but his considerable knowledge and wisdom are mostly self- taught.

The King takes the classic 3-R approach:  research, relax & rock out. Observation is key, and when you think the boy is just chillin',  head boppin' to the beat, uh-uh;  he's checking you out.

Now,  anyone unfamiliar with CH may mistake some degree of physical difference with being "slow".  This provides Elvis with an endless source of amusement. The boy will play you like a piano.
" Whadda you mean, the dog ate your homework? "

Here's a few lessons that he's mastered:

If you sit on your foam cushion and wiggle, and raise your little head waaay up and fix your eyes real wide on Mommy, she will stop life and fix you a scrambled egg with cheese exactly 3.7 seconds after walking in the door from work.

Elvis:  The Pillow Wiggle
Elvis: The Pillow Wiggle " Now, about that egg. I have no scrambled egg in my dish. I'm wigglin' over here. Don't forget the cheese. "

He learned that if you wobble in front of that door long enough, someone will break down and take you out to the yard and stand around like they have nothing to do while you sniff and explore stuff, like leaves, grass and your sister's tail. Outdoors, he's discovered that traction is way better on Mother Earth than on Father Wood Floor, even with throw rugs.  When you hit that grass, man, it's like instant snow tires.

That's when he learned to run, his famous bunny- sprint, chasing first his best friend Nala, then, emboldened, any unsuspecting kitty in his sights. In the great outdoors, he has found his voice. For the first year of his life, not a peep, not a meep, which was okay. He had plenty of means to express himself.  But outside, in mid-stride, " Brrrreeeeerrrppp.  Mew! "

" We don't need no stinking eraser. I'm perfect. "

Well knock me over with a wet whisker. Now he won't shut up for nothin'. He chirps, he meows, usually as he's stalking something or someone. Some of the outdoorsy cats are not used to his enhanced motor skills.  It is these upon whom he pounces while they groom, causing them to launch themselves ten feet in the air.

All of this wilderness stuff translated to greater confidence upstairs.  Who knew that a bell-in-a-ball -  or increasingly, the screw-off top from a bottle of cheap wine- could go sooooo far with the tap of a paw !

Continuing education...a work in progress.  Rock on !

Meet the Parents:
Meet Kristie and Riley Dean!

By Kristie (Riley Dean's Mommy)

Hi Everybody! Due to new a new and expanded role at work, it looks like I'm going to have to step down from writing "Meet the Parents" (at least for awhile) for the newsletter. Don't worry though, Riley Dean will still write his monthly article ("The World According to Riley Dean"). This month, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different. Rather than ask the questions that I usually ask the CH kitty parents whom I interview, I thought I would like to answer them. And who better to ask me than my very own feisty CH-er, Riley Dean? Of course, he went through and made a few slight modifications to the questions...

Riley Dean: What is your first and last name? What city/state do you live in?
My name is Kristie Iwamoto.

Riley Dean: Also known as Mommy.

Yes. And I live in San Pablo, California.

Riley Dean: What do you do for a living?
I'm an English Professor for Napa Valley College.

Riley Dean: How many pets do you have, Mommy? Heh, heh, MORE importantly, how
many CH kitties do you have, and what is this handsome cat's name?
I have a 12-year-old blind apricot poodle/terrier mix named Kip (shelter adopted last year). I have a 10-year-old cockatiel named Pacey. I also have two non-CH kitties. Abbey is a female black tortie (age 10) and Gatsby is a male short-haired orange and white tabby (also age 10).

Riley Dean: AND??
And I have Riley Dean, my 9-year-old CH wonder. He's a long-haired orange and white mainecoon/tabby.

Riley Dean: How would you describe your CH kitty's symptoms?
Riley Dean has what would most likely be considered moderate CH. He stumbles when he walks and falls every so often. He has intention tremors, and his head bobs when he eats and drinks. He lies down in the litterbox and has accidents and little "misses" sometimes.

Riley Dean: Hey, don't tell them that! Next question. How did you first hear about CH?
While I was helping out at a vet clinic, a friend of my sister's brought a three-week-old kitten in. She called him Bobblehead. He hadn't eaten in days, and she was fairly sure he had given up.
She was bringing him in to be put to sleep.

Riley Dean: She tried to kill me!
Well, she tried her best. Anyway, it was the doctor at the vet clinic who first explained what CH was. He said, "Poor little guy. He seems like he would have been strong enough to make it."
After hearing his explanation of CH, I impulsively offered to take the kitten and give it one last try. He came home with me, and he never left.

Riley Dean: Have you had to make any modifications around your house? Yes, what have you done for me lately, Mommy?
I have a special area for Riley Dean's litterbox, food, water and bed. I lined the floor with thick plastic there (I bought sheets from the hardware store - it's the same material used at office desks so chairs can roll freely), then covered it with foam squares (like the kind used or kids' playrooms). This way he has a soft landing if he falls, and those little accidents -

Riley Dean: Hey! Stop mentioning that!

- are easy to wipe right up.

Riley Dean: What advice would you give to new CH kitty parents?
Never feel sorry for a CH kitty! They are smart, feisty, and full of personality. They have challenges that non-CHers don't have, but given the chance, they definitely rise to the occasion.
People who don't understand them feel sorry for them. Some even think that they should be "put out of their misery." But those of us who know them and love them know that they can lead happy, joyful lives. They are fun, mischievous, and give us just as much as we give to them.

Riley Dean: I agree! Thank you Mommy!
Thank YOU, Riley Dean.

And thank you, everybody!

Ah, The Move....Part One

by Amanda Mauer Moorhead and Ziggy Holchwost-Helman

Hi everyone!! Ziggy here! Well, guess what, there are boxes all over the place in our house, and it's not even my birthday!!! And mommy is filling them up with our STUFF!!! Odd!

So, I asked mommy and she says "Ziggy, my boy boy boy, we are moving to a new house!!".  And I said, "What about Spike and Luna???". They are coming too. "But but but....what about the normal
kitties, ewww, can they stay here...well except Ginger, my true love?" No, Ziggy , they are coming to live in the new house also. Then I saw no alternative other than to bite my mommy on the ankle.

So, we are moving, and one thing mommy has insisted on is CH friendly flooring. If you have to move, keeping our needs in mind is important!! Mommy hates carpet, and it makes her sneeze and it's hard to keep clean with us all making little mistakes all the time. But mommy says that since we are starting from scratch, maybe vinyl tile would be easier on our little teeth and bones when we flop around. Mommy is always thinking about me, I mean us.

I think I will just hide till this is all OVER!!!

Here are more CH important things to keep in mind on a move, from Amanda:

Moving With A CH Kitty

by Amanda Maurer

CG's no stranger to moving. In his short three years of life, we had moved three times. He's always been a champ, a curious little guy, who goes with the flow.  

But this fourth time was different. My fiance and I decided to move in to our new place gradually as we both hate the stress of moving in one evening. Plus our schedules didn't allow a one-day move, so it was the most practical thing for us to do.   

Big mistake.

The gradual removal of my stuff from the apartment I shared with three female roommates put CG on high alert. He'd mope around as if I was leaving on a trip; a personal attack on his cuteness, he was sure.

When I'd pack up things and stack them by the front door, CG would sit by the boxes and scoot his rear closer and closer to the pile as if to say "You're going to take me too, right?"

I'm happy to say CG's moving day eventually came and he was thrilled to see where all of our things had disappeared to. He's now a super-happy camper, and you can tell he's especially glad that the confusion is over, the boxes are gone and arranging the apartment is over.  Nonetheless, moving can be super stressful on any kitty, especially a CH one. Here's some great advice I received about how to deal with this:

- Try to keep life as normal as possible up until moving day. This includes keeping all of your cat's stuff out and available until the last moment. Chances are they'll notice the stress and extra activity around the home, but at least they won't be anxious about their own stuff.

- As you pack up things, be mindful of the new dangers that are around. You may be exposing new hiding spots, areas once blocked to prevent CH-cat access. Also be careful with packing materials (packing peanuts, box cutters, etc.).

- If you have to move gradually like I did, and you can tell your kitty is stressing out, try taking your cat to the new home, so he can see where your stuff is going. That way he can see that things aren't just disappearing, they're going to a new place. This will also allow your cat to get to know the new place gradually.

- Lavish your cat with lots of love. I think the stress of the situation rocked CG's confidence. By spending extra quality time with him, I tried to assure him that I loved him very much.

- Be careful with boxes. Cats LOVE them, and CH kitties can easily climb into them or bump into them. Take time to make sure your cat isn't in the box you're packing, and if you're stacking boxes, make sure the pile is sturdy enough to take on a wobbly kitty bump.

- When physically moving your cat, make sure he's safe in a carrier. If it's a long trip, make sure food, water and a litter pan are available. Make frequent stops so the trip isn't overwhelming for him.

- When you're moving out of your old place / moving in to your new place, confine your kitty to one room for a while. Make sure he has access to food, water, his litter box and a safe place (a bed, blanket, carrier). This will allow your cat to get to know the new place gradually. It will also ensure that he'll stay safe and out of the way as you move things.

- When moving in to your new place, do a quick safety check. Is there anything on the floor your cat can swallow? Are there bug traps a CH kitty could step on by mistake? Are there any sharp objects a cat can bump into?

- Allow your cat to explore your new home gradually. Be patient as it may be overwhelming for him. When he does start exploring, praise him for being brave.

The World According to Riley Dean:
Here's to Your Health!

By Riley Dean (with a little help from Mommy)

When I was a little kitten, my mommy called some pet insurance companies, including the company that insures my adopted brother and sister, to see if I could be insured. Back in 2003, no one seemed to want to insure a CH kitty! Some companies called it a "pre-existing condition" that could not be insured. Others didn't even know what it was. However, times have changed!

Now, there are LOTS of new pet insurance companies, and many of them have no problem insuring a kitty who has cerebellar hypoplasia. I did some investigative work (well, having my mom call) to find out which pet insurance companies will allow you to buy health insurance for your CHer.

We called the following five companies:
Out of the six of them (and there are many more), only Trupanion said that they did not cover CH kitties. The rest of them said that not only do they cover them, but they do not charge more than for non-CHers. The rates vary depending on the cat's age, breed, and the state in which you live (some will have higher payouts in states with higher average vet rates). Here are some other  things to keep in mind when pricing pet insurance:

1. While most companies will insure CH kitties, some (ASPCA, Pets Best) will not cover ailments and accidents that can directly be connected back to the CH as a cause. However, when asked about things like broken teeth and dislocated shoulders as a result of falls, an ASPCA Insurance agent said, "Well, there's no way to prove it was BECAUSE of the CH, really, so it's a soft rule with a bit of wiggle room." VPI and PetsFirst will cover injuries related to CH.

2. Some companies have an age limit on insurance. While most plans are good for a lifetime (as long as you pay the monthly/annual bill), VPI won't start a plan on a cat over ten years old. Also, many have different rates for cats over six years old as opposed to cats under six. Pets Best has no age limit.

3. Most companies let you pay according to the schedule that works for you. All of the companies we called had a choice between paying monthly or annually. Pets Best offers
monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment plan options.

4. While age, breed and state are the main factors in determining rate, you can further adjust your rate at many of these companies based on plan type (Basic vs. Major Medical at VPI) and coverage features (ASPCA has four levels of coverage at different prices). Pets Best and PetFirst also adjust your rate based on how much of a deductible you want, your maximum amount limit, and the percentage of the bill you want them to cover.

5. More than one cat? VPI and Pets Best offer a 5% multi-cat discount. Trupanion offered a 10% multi-cat discount, but again, they don't cover CH-ers. The only company we called with no multi-cat discount is PetFirst).

For a cat my breed, age and state (a nine-year-old long-haired mainecoon/tabby in California), most plans fell between the $24-49 per month range (many give discounts if you pay for the whole year upfront). However, this will vary depending on your kitty's age, breed and state. In the end, I got a brand new plan just for me! Hopefully, this has helped you to understand all the different options out there and decide which insurance plan might work for you and your CH-er, too. Take care, everybody!

Mommy's note: The above companies were chosen for comparison and classification purposes only. Riley Dean does not endorse, advertise or advocate for any particular pet insurance company.
Birthday Blurbs!

September 7, 2010

Nanako Murphy is turning two years old on September 7th! Though she still looks and acts like a baby kitten (she's 6lbs and the whiniest, most cuddly cat in the family), she has lots of adult experiences behind her (such as breaking teeth and having 4 pulled), and lots of lofty aspirations (she partners with her human mom to try to raise awareness of CH and help CH kitties all over the world find good homes). So here's to Nanako -- best wishes for a fun filled, successful 3rd year. Your family and friends love you so much! Happy Birthday, gorgeous!


Oliver in Washington State will be 1 year old on September 16th.
Michele Conzano
Proud mom

The Interviews

by Amanda Maurer Woodhead


















Luna Suna & Spike

Adoptable Angels

Gathered by Debbie Martin, CH Kitty Club Adoption Specialist


Ellie Mae

Urgent! Ellie Mae (neuro kitty after being spayed) in Upstate New York Needs Rescue or Adopter, time is running out!

Transport may be arranged!


The adoption this group had for Ellie Mae has fallen through.   Her time is running out and she needs rescue or adopter!
SPCA would like help in finding her a home.  She's very mild, tilted head now after she was spayed!  Her neuro disposition happen after her surgery. (Have been noticing a lot of this lately!)


She is sweet as can be!  Please save Miss Ellie Mae!

Here's a video :  
elliemae video
ellie mae video

Contact is Suzanne!  Please contact ASAP to save Ellie Mae's life!
Nicki Manaj, CH Kitty

Available for adoption, Whitewater, WI through Community Cat Inc. Application can be found at  This is Nicki Manaj, the one-eyed wobbler! She still had her bad eye in this picture but has since had her enucleation and is ready for her new home. She has fairly mild CH and gets around well.  She has not yet figured out stairs or getting on the furniture, but she is sure thinking about it! She loves other cats and would need to have other cats in the home. She is also great with children. She has not yet met a dog. She is so full of life and enjoys every second of it. We call her our 'little purr monster'. You just look at her and she starts purring. Pick her up and she's in heaven! Little Nicki is ready and waiting for you to spoil her!
 PO BOX 447
Whitewater WI 53190


Hazel Nut


 Hazel Nut for adoption in Middletown, Ohio
We had a volunteer step in to foster her, and all was well until she started bringing other fosters into the home, then Hazel started having anxiety, where she will start circling and yowling, and then she would just pee wherever. Her foster home was way too busy with 11 other misfit cats 2-3 dogs at a time and a young child with ADD. Since she has been back at the shelter, she has been fine.  

I believe she HAS to have constant attention to be happy! She even grabs the back of your legs if you walk past her and don't give her love. Some may mistake that for an attack but she just wants attention. She is OK in the office with a couple other cats and dogs as long as they don't confront her! No real fighting, just a yowling hissy fit that sends her circling. 
We have never had her officially diagnosed for lack of funding, but I am convinced that it is CH. She was found under a deck as a kitten with a way too tight flea collar on her and another collar with a bell. At first we thought she was blind. The vet ruled out blindness but concluded that it was probably neurological disorder caused by trauma? Without thousands of dollars worth of testing and MRIs, that's as far as we could go with her.

She was adopted for a day or two and returned when the adopters took her to their vet and came back with 6 pages of horror that she was gonna die and convinced them she had FIP and should be euthanized! They were angry that we poo-pooed their vets opinion and did NOT have her put down!

OK... the few things we know about Hazel. She can go up stairs but she cannot get down them. She can navigate up and down chairs, window sills, etc. safely. She needs a small home because she gets lost and can't find her litter box (she has no litter box issues at the shelter) and/or if another cat confronts her she may just pee from fear?  She wants constant attention, in your lap preferably! Upside-down belly-up is her favorite position! Well behaved kids are OK! Her guesstimated birthday is February 15, 2010, and she has been with us since October 2010. I think she has a Ragdoll personality, cause she is so floppsy-moppsy and just loves to be carried around like a baby. Other than one slight URI she is a very strong and healthy cat! Oh... and she loves tennis balls :

Carletta Scott
The Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
2790 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.
Middletown Ohio, 45044

'Differently-Abled' Audrey

Audrey is a well loved 7 year old little lady. Recently, because of reduced space in the home, her long-time feline companions have turned on her, and are mercilessly picking on her. Her quality of life has decreased, and she is becoming anxious. Right now she is in a temporary foster home, thanks to a friend who has taken her in.

Audrey has moderate CH. She can always get to where she wants to go, it just takes longer and there might be some wipe-outs in between. She cannot jump, but she pulls herself onto beds and couches so she can cuddle with her humans. Stairs, however, are a hazard. She is perfectly able to use her litter box and does so every time - no accidents. She is also the cleanest cat I know - I don't know how she does it, but she is spotless. She also has fur that is as soft as a bunny rabbit (for real).

Her personality is loving and sweet, and she bonds with her caregiver. She absolutely adores sleeping through the night in your bed with you. However, other cats in the house make her anxious (because of her past), and that can make her defensive. She is definitely a 'people cat' and would need a home without other cats or with cats that are known to be accepting of others.

Audrey is playful, and when chasing the "little red dot", she can be remarkably coordinated and fast! Anything that dangles is up for grabs. She has definitely not lost her lust for life!

Audrey is spayed, and in perfect health (other than the CH), and would be a wonderful companion. We are hoping for a somewhat open adoption where we could get updates on how she is doing, and if it didn't work out at any point, we would be happy to have her back.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Contact: Michelle den Hollander,, 1-416-728-7304

CH Kitten for adoption in Mendota, Illinois 


Mercedes is 2-3 months old and was found with her tail broken and her whiskers burned off. She has very mild Cerebellar Hypoplasia which makes her slightly wobbly. Mercedes is incredibly loving, with a non-stop purr, and she has no problem keeping up with her brother and sister at playtime.  Her CH requires no special accommodation.


She is with Safe House Animal Rescue League in Mendota, IL.


CH Kitten at Safe House Animal Rescue League IL 
CH Kitten at Safe House Animal Rescue League IL

Thank you!
Safe House Animal Rescue League


CH Kitten for adoption in S. New Jersey    
Fox is approx 4 months old and has moderate CH.  He wobbles but that doesn't stop him.   He loves to play and loves other cats to play with. He is adorable.  He is able to use the litter pan, eat and drink water without any assistance.  He has been neutered, combo tested (neg) and vaccinated.  He is available for adoption thru Joa's Arc in southern NJ.  If you want more information on this handsome little guy, please contact Joyce at
Joa's Arc 
PO Box 243 
Audubon, NJ 08106

Seth & Spencer

Here are our boys Seth & Spencer in Ontario Canada who urgently need a home...they just lost their foster home :(   


These moderate CH boys are full of life and they never stop purring!!

They are just under 1 year old and have been fully vetted. Both are short hair black and Seth has a bit of  white and is also a polydactyl...just makes him that much cuter!!

Seth is the goofy, fun guy and Spencer is the more serious and observant of the two. They make an amazing and funny pair and are bonded brothers...they must stay together!! They have been socialized with a friendly dog and both boys love to be held and cuddled.
Seth has the loudest purr and he starts as soon as he sees you! SO SWEET!  


They are moderate CH and perfect litterbox users and eat and drink with no problems. They are perfect for a loving family. You will need to do very little in order to have these kittens live happily in your home.
The biggest thing they need to kept away from is stairs, although if they were carpeted, we are sure they would give it a go!

Seth & Spencer were rescued from outside. Born into a feral colony that resided around an old gas station they are so lucky 
to be alive. Rescued by an amazing woman, they then came to join Urban Cat Relief in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

They are currently available for adoption. If needed, we will travel to get the right permanent home for Seth & Spencer. 
Please email with any questions ~  
Heather ~  
Lots of pics and video



CH Kitty in Southern New Jersey for adoption!   


A little more than 4 years ago I adopted out a tortie kitten with CH. I just got her returned on December 23. The family moved to Pennsylvania and did not chose to take her with them. Reese is a good girl that gets along with other cats. I think she would do best in a family with another cat or two or as the only cat. She does use the litterbox but needs a box that she can step into ( no lids or doors). Reese sways and circles and cannot get herself aimed through a cat door on a litterbox so I am using a corner box without a lid and that seems to be working out well. She can do stairs, but I would not put a litterbox on a different level than she is living on. She likes to sit on my lap, and she likes to be picked up. The reason I am telling you all this is because I am hoping that you can help me to find her a home. I am no longer doing adoptions out of Petsmart and do not have a way of placing her. (The people were going to take her to a kill shelter.) 


Do you know of anyone looking for a nice CH kitty? 
By the way, we are located in Southern NJ. I would be willing to have someone come here to meet her and/or I could deliver her to an approved family. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you very much. 

you can contact me about Reese by email

Romeo and Bean
CH Kitties in Arizona for Adoption!
Meet Romeo and Bean who are CH Kitties in Arizona who need homes!   Please contact ASAP to find out more about these precious kitties please! 
Both boys are super sweet kitties and are very mild CH and need no special attention!  Both eat, drink and use their potty boxes like champs.  Very happy, friendly and affectionate. 

Please open your heart and home for these boys!    If you are out of the area of Phoenix please do not hesitate to contact us as we are open for wonderful homes for these guys! 


Youngstown, Ohio

Three Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kittens for adoption in Youngstown Ohio and a  Paralyzed Kitty  (Plus donation link! They need our help!)


There is a fundraiser to assist the vetting while these dumplings are in the care of Westside Cats. Rescues need our help and support for the mission of saving lives.  In addition, they have a paralyzed kitty they call Moi who has a Wheel Cart to get around. This weekend someone walked off with it at an adoption event.  How low can someone be to do that!  So now funds are needed for another wheel cart for her.   All donations are tax deductible and all monies raised will go to help these three CH kitties and to help Moi get her Wheel Cart back!   If you are interested in Moi who is not CH but paralyzed, please contact Westside Cats too please!   Thank you!  Debbie 


The week of August 20th West Side Cats rescued three Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kittens. This is a chip in to assist with their rescue efforts, to help the costs of vetting and to help with food and costs till fantastic homes can be found.  



    PHONE: (330) 792-4CATS (4228) 


For more information to adopt or foster these cuties, contact Kimm    


West Side Cats
2217 Mahoning Ave.
Youngstown, OH 44509


Youngstown, OH 44509
Tues-Thurs 2-6pm
Friday 3-7pm
Sat Noon-6pm
Closed Sun & Mon

Nine CH Kitties who need homes with K9Kastle in Brooklyn New York
Please contact Emily at 

Whiskas is strikingly beautiful Siamese mix girl with stunning blue eyes and a WOBBLE! She has cerebellar hypoplasia, which means she has trouble controlling her motions. So, she walks like shes drunk and falls down a little. But otherwise, shes simply perfect. Whiskas loves people, but takes a little bit to warm up. Oh and like most Siamese, shes a talker! Whiskas is about 3 years old, spayed, vaccinated, felv/fiv negative and microchipped 

Please click here to read about all the other needy CH kitties at K9Kastle

Eight Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitties for Adoption in Baltimore Maryland with Charm City. 

Four CH Kittens who will be 8 weeks old on Sept first will be ready for their furever homes (one is not in the video)
Youtube Video of them:
20120819 27 
Two siblings just rescued from the shelter, Nuzzles and Thadeus are under one year old.  They are cuddly, loving, and just a pure joy and pleasure!

Mac and Megan are brother and sister. Mac has very noticeable CH, and sort of bounces everywhere. His sister Megan does not have it, but depends on him for confidence. They are about 4 months old now, and vetted - but due for their spay/neuter on the 13th.


Tabby -  She's 10 months old, fully vetted, mild CH 

Please email Michelle for more information on these darlings!   


Bye Bye everyone!   


Next month maybe everyone will be back from vacation and we will have a killer newsletter! Hope you enjoyed this one : ))









Hope you loved this month's newsletter, we love making it happen!!!


Ziggy Wigg'n

Little Demon 

A PurrFect Face    


Elizabeth Holochwost

Founder of the CH Kitty Club (really) 


Neal Helman

Editor and Best Daddy Cat and Ziggy's best friend  


Debbie Martin

Adoption Specialist  


Elise Murphy

Temporary Newsletter Editor


In Loving Memory of Tardy Peebucket

President of Love and his mommy's heart  


I miss you Tardy  

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