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CH Kitty Club Newsletter

July 2011                                      Issue #10

Tardy Peebucket

Hi everyone!


Welcome to the July CH Newsletter! We must all be pretty busy with summer.  All the articles were cutting it close to the deadline, and my mom was stressing.  But her articles weren't ready either! Maybe in August we can get an earlier start : ))


Enjoy reading all the amazing articles we have this month!


Tardy Peebucket...President of Summer




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 by Debbie Martin


This article is about the celebration of a little kitten named Tipsy who, although he did not live a long life, certainly touched the lives of many in his 10 weeks of life.   Especially his adoptive parents Joe and Kaitlin.



Though this is a sad ending story, little Tipsy was also lucky!   Little Tipsy along with his mom and other sibling were found by a family who took them in and noticed that Tipsy, at three weeks old was a bit different and was diagnosed with  Cerebellar Hypoplasia.   Joe and Kaitlin had been wanting to adopt a kitten of their own and finally convinced their landlord to allow them to have a kitty.  So, with the approval, Joe and Kaitlin set out on their search.  They saw an ad that read, "Fluffy, the Special Needs Kitten" and the most adorable picture of perhaps one of the cutest kitties on earth.  Joe and Kaitlin had no idea what CH was, and immediately began researching articles and videos about it.  YouTube provided an endless amount of information, and the more videos they watched of these incredible cats the more their  hearts ached for Tipsy to be the newest family member! 


They went to meet Tipsy, and within 10 minutes Tipsy was in the car heading home with Joe and Kaitlin!



The Facebook CH Community had met Joe and Kaitlin upon their bringing little Tipsy home two weeks ago, and we all went nuts over how cute he was.  I believe we were just excited as Joe and Kaitlin.  Tipsy's photos stole our hearts as did Joe and Kaitlins enthusiasm for their little bundle of love.  I do believe we were all reliving our first experiences with our own new CH kitties through Joe and Kaitlin as every day Tipsy would learn new things like getting around and even pooping in the litter box the first time on his own!  It certainly was apparent that  little Tipsy sure was lucky to have landed in their loving care!  They were smitten with this little furball.  They even got him a little friend to play with named Flame to help Tipsy to build up his muscles and coordination by playing.



Unfortunately, over this past weekend little Tipsy fell ill with fever and stopped eating.  Sunday, Tipsy was brought to the vet where he stayed the night for observation and was checked by a CH kitty-friendly vet.  At Joe's first report Sunday evening, many CH parents were by their side with help and support as the reports were coming in from the vet.  The prognosis was not good.  I spoke to Joe Monday morning.  We discussed what tests were done and got a feeling for what was happening.  Tipsy's mother and sibling had also passed away from a viral infection a lot like FIP, which is not treatable and had also infected little Tipsy.    On Monday June 27th little Tipsy crossed over Rainbow Bridge with Joe and Kaitlin by his side.



Though this is a sad ending, Tipsy certainly was a lucky little guy!   He was rescued by a nice family and was loved unconditionally by two wonderful parents who learned a lot from Tipsy about having a special needs kitty.  They have now decided to become fosters to special needs kittens.   



Tipsy will live on forever in Joe, Kaitlins and Flames hearts and thoughts  as he will live in our hearts and thoughts forever, too.   



From Kaitlin and Joe:

Thank you everyone for your love and support. We are truly devastated by this loss.  He was the sweetest, most loving and amazing kitten we have ever known.   I'm comforted by the fact he was given the best life he could possibly have and was surrounded by the people who loved him most when he passed.  We found Tipsy a friend on Tuesday who is a 'special needs' kitten because of how shy she is.   We are fostering her and the two became little soul mates. She misses him dearly, as do Joe and I.   An amazing woman from a local rescue helped us a lot today and drove us to the vet so we could cry.   She said to take our time grieving and in honor of Tipsy to rescue another kitten in need of a good home. We've decided to foster kittens/special needs kittens because every kitten/cat deserves the kind of life we provided for our baby Tipsy. Thank you again for you support and we will be back with a CH kitty someday! ♥





Inspired by a Norse legend

By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,

Is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.

Where the friends of man and woman do run,

When their time on earth is over and done.

For here, between this world and the next,

Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.

On this golden land, they wait and they play,

Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,

For here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.

Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,

Their bodies have healed, with strength imbued.

They romp through the grass, without even a care,

Until one day they start, and sniff at the air.

All ears prick forward, eyes dart front and back,

Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.

For just at that instant, their eyes have met;

Together again, both person and pet.

So they run to each other, these friends from long past,

The time of their parting is over at last.

The sadness they felt while they were apart,

Has turned into joy once more in each heart.

They embrace with a love that will last forever,

And then, side-by-side, they cross over... together.


CH Kitty of the Month... 

Sir Wiggleton



 by Jo Burchfield, proud mama of 4 ch kitties


Sir Wiggleton has a new home!!  


Oh adorable little Sir Wiggleton. I first saw him when Deb ask to have him cross posted so he could find a home. A home he found but it wasn't the right one. After a couple of weeks of "we are keeping him, we are not keeping him" it ended up by a "Come get him or we'll have him PTS".




While trying to arrange transport, it was agreed between Erica and I that I would pick him up on the Sunday and meet with her on the Monday (it was a holiday Monday). Little did I know that my husband would fall in love with the little guy. Having 14 cats, I really wasn't sure but then hubby never really asked to keep a kitty before so it was kinda difficult to say no.




By Monday morning (early, I might add) I called Erica and told her transport was cancelled, we were keeping Sir Wiggleton.  Let's face it, I'm a foster failure.  But to my defense, I will add that Sir Wiggleton is very sweet, funny and easy to love.




Ah, but surprise, Sir Wiggleton doesn't like litter boxes.  He was using it pretty well while he was alone in the den, but once with all the other kitties, not so much.  Well, here's an issue we have to work with, though somehow it kind of solved itself when he started doing his "business" on puppy pads.  He's very good

about it, goes into the laundry room and on a pad.  Pads or boxes work for me, I'll take it.




So it's been over a month now and the little dude is still with us and not going anywhere.  His name has been changed to Willie.  I call him Pittie Patterloo all the time, he really pittie patters around the house.  He's made a couple of friends after they finally understood he falls on them because that's the way he is, not because he wants to annoy them.  He runs around with Mia and wrestles with Twigglee.


He's young, full of love and energy and more often than not, brings a smile to my face.



Meet the Parents  

Meet Sherry, Robert, and Cassie D!



By Kristie (Riley Dean's Mommy)

In my very own great state of California live Sherry and Robert, kitty foster parents extraordinaire and very proud mama and papa of sweet CH kitty Cassie D. Sherry fosters for Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter (F.O.S.M.A.S.) and is the parent of Cassie D - her only CH baby - as well as non-CHers Silly, Stimpy, Lil Girl, Shadow, Chelsea, Precious, Jelly Bean, Flower, and Clawdette (many of whom were/are fosters that have since become full fledged fur children). "I mean, after all," Sherry laughs, "How long do they stay at your house before they are just yours?"



Cassie D is actually short for her full name, Cassie's Dream: "Her Mom was named Cassie.

When her Mom died, it was just there to call her Cassie's Dream or Cassie D for short." Sherry got Cassie, who was already pregnant, from someone at her vet. "Cassie had the kittens, and then immediately the shelter gave me four kittens that wouldn't bottle feed." Sherry decided to alternate feedings between the two litters of kittens. Unfortunately, this was her first experience with cats who had the Panleukopenia virus, or distemper. This is a highly contagious and usually fatal virus. Mothers who contract panleukopenia while pregnant often have kittens that are stillborn or die within days. The kittens who do survive often have CH. "First Mom got sick a few days after she had the kittens. It was all downhill from there. Mom died first, and one by one all of the kittens died - except for the one remaining kitten of Cassie's own litter." That kitten became Cassie's Dream.  



Like many CH kitty parents, Sherry knew nothing about CH before Cassie D came along. "By the time Cassie started to walk around she would wobble," Sherry remembers. "I lined her condo with a new set of baby bumper pads with matching head board pillow." Luckily, she had a friend who had a severe CH kitty. "I told her of Cassie's Dream...we began to think that this was Cassie D's issue, so she led me to the CH Kitty Club." Sherry says that Cassie D has since taught her AND her vet a lot about CH.


Cassie D will be four this year. She is mostly black with a white tummy and paws. Sherry

classifies Cassie D as having moderate CH. "She has the head wobble when she eats and walks very wide-legged in the back and steps high like a parade horse. She tips over quite easily especially if she is excited," Sherry says. She has no problem eating or drinking and (gasp) no litter box issues! However, "She does love to fling litter everywhere...She is Van Gough with

the litter."



Sherry enjoys taking Cassie D with her wherever she can. This includes letting Cassie D come along on vacations. She goes with Sherry and her husband to a town called Paradise, where she FEELS like she's in Paradise because at their home, Paradise Pines, she loves to roll around in the red dirt they have there. She has also stayed at a motel and gets to use her stroller to go to the store ("The employees love to see her!") and on picnics! Sherry will even take Cassie D to places that don't always welcome cats (hmph! Why do dogs get to have all the fun?): "We covered Cassie D when she was sleeping in a restaurant and almost got kicked out. Someone saw that it was a cat and they said, "as long as you don't take her out, you can stay."


She is continually amazed at how easily a CH kitty can win a person over, even if he or she has never seen one before. Cassie D is no exception: "At first people feel sorry for her and think she is in pain," she says, " [but] when they see how loving she is, they cannot get enough of her!"

Sherry works as an Office Manager at an eye doctor's office, and Robert is retired. "Patients at our office still ask if I still have her even if they have only seen her one time. She leaves a very distinct impression on them." She has this advice for prospective CH parents: "I can tell you that Cassie D is truly amazing...If there is an opportunity to adopt a CH kitty, go for it. I would have another in a flash."


Otter's Corner-written by Effie and Lovey




Melissa B. (Missy) Green

Athens, GA

Missy and her crazy crew!

  Hi, I'm Effie and I finally get to tell you all about me and my sister, Lovey!  One of the really great things about our new home, other than the awesome soft food we get fed, is that we get to write to y'all!  We are originally from Virginia, but then we went in a long car ride and came to Georgia.  I was NOT happy about being here, but then I met Fifi and she told us how much she was spoiled and so now I am happy because we are spoiled, too. 
  Mommy calls me her brave climber because I can climb up on the table and the sofa and the desk, whereas Lovey has to be helped.  My favorite thing is to climb up on the desk at night time and chase the bugs in the window.  Mommy says that she likes it that I am happy doing that but she wishes I didn't knock everything off the desk.  I say Mommy should put the stuff on the desk somewhere else so I don't knock it off.  I think she maybe starting to see it my way, because she has moved some of the things off of it already.

  Yesterday was Lovey's and my birthday but Mommy had to work.  Every time she saw us, though, she would pick us up and give us a kiss and wish us a happy first birthday.  The first time was great but by the fifth or sixth time, I just wanted to be left alone!  Anyway, she took all the doggies outside today, and we heard a lot of fuss and water being sprayed.  Then, a couple of times the doggies got in and they were really wet!  Mommy said she gave them baths.  They hate baths!
  When that was done, Mommy came in and made us a special Birthday Cake!  It was really good but when she first put it in front of us, it had these burny things on it and I thought I could eat them.  Mommy quickly blew them out and took them off because I got a little scared when I realized they were hot.  But then she put the cake on the floor and let me and Lovey and Fifi eat it.  It was REALLY good!  Trouble was there, too, but he waited till we were done to eat because he is a gentleman and says ladies should go first!  I really like Trouble a lot!
  Well, I'd better go now, Lovey is begging for her chance to write to you!    

  Hi, I's Lovey!  I luv my new home and luv my new fambly!  I am happy to rite to you, but I don't rite really good.  I have a hard time tiping, so Fifi is helping.
 We had cake for my birfday today and Effie's birfday is the same!  It was really good with fishes and more fishes on it!  See, Momma add pikturs so you can see it! 
  I luv being held by Momma!  I luv playing in the hall at night with my sisters.  I luv my new doggies and the boys!  I luv being part of your group.  Thank you for letting me be part of your group.



Cats and Kids


by Shannon Collar 



The terrible 2's, terrific 3's? Am I talking about kids or cats? Some days, even I don't know. As a S.A.H.M. of a preschooler and the mom of 4 cats under the age of 3, a seven year old cat, and two dogs 10 and 5, I think I may be certifiable.


I'm sure some of you chuckled, maybe rolling your eyes a bit. A few years ago, I would have done that too. Maybe it's just my cats, but from around the time they hit 10 months until about 18 months, they are just royal pains in the tush. Like Jennifer said of Lilly Grace, they get to that independent stage where they don't need their momma anymore.

Drew with Tucker

Tucker is in that stage right now, which makes liking him very difficult. If you're following my blog, or keeping up with him at the CH Kitty Club, then you know.  


Tucker is very strong-willed and independent. Part of me is proud of him for growing up and being sufficient, and part of me misses that baby that needs me to take care of him. I love to nurture animals.  I miss having those little ones around that need me so much.


Not only does Tucker not need me, Drew doesn't either. He's growing up and his interests are changing, almost daily. He's kinda like sour patch kids (gummies), he's sweet and sour. No wonder when the evening comes, I'm ready for bedtime.


Not only are we working with Tucker and his independence, we are trying to figure out his bathroom habits. I'm thinking our next step has to be diapers. He just doesn't have the mental ability for success with bathroom compliance. For a few weeks he was using newspapers out in our laundry room where our litter boxes are, and then he started hiding under the one chair in the living room. I want to finish ripping the carpet up in the living room, but when I remove the one patch along the wall, the only remaining carpet downstairs will be under the TV. I will have to figure out some sort of blocking system so he can't climb under the TV stand. All we need is to find our TV laying on the floor from a kitty zig zag gone wrong.


When I'm not cleaning up after Tucker, I'm playing referee. In February, we decided to foster three visually impaired kitties. Sad story as to why they had to find a new home. We had to let the one kitty go back, she just wasn't able to adjust to our home.




Well, the remaining two became forever babies, Daisy and Knolly. Knolly is a sweetheart, but can be aggressive at times. The only members of the family he doesn't fight with are the dogs and the humans. We spoke with our vet, and he suggested a calming diffuser and also suggested it's because we have so many pets. I do agree with that. When it's just Knolly and one other kitty he's fine, or with just the humans, he's very loveable. He allows Drew to pick him up and carry him all over the house and doesn't make a noise or try to scratch him. The other day, Drew chased Knolly upstairs and then carried him down. Our Ch'ers would never be that relaxed.


When Knolly fights with the other kitties, it gets quite loud. Breaking up the fight is pretty easy, but it usually starts again after I turn my back. They don't last long, a few minutes. Then they move on. It's like having teenagers in the house.




When I'm not playing referee, I'm working with Daisy, who's very shy. She's so lovable. She isn't a fan of Morgan (dog) and often doesn't come downstairs unless she knows Morgan is either asleep or outside. I have a special fondness for Daisy. A big reason is, she's missing her left eye.


As children grow and change, so do our pets. They grow up, get independent, think they can do it on their own, but then they realize they still need their moms and dads for hugs and cuddles. We should be thankful they don't have opposable thumbs, and aren't able to get their treats, canned food and water on their own. Then we really would be just staff to them, just cleaning up the mess.


Happy July!  Everyone have a safe 4th of July!



Our Yahoo Group...Getting to Know You!!

by Lizzie Holochwost


So, what's the best thing about Our Yahoo Group? For me, it has to be getting to know the members! Getting to know which kitty belongs with which person, who has the worse potty problems, who has seizures, etc. Learning who lives near to me, and who lives in another country. Seeing how the group has brought us all together as one CH family.  


I see how Ms. Flipper has aunts and uncles all over the world, and I think "the CH group has made this possible". I see a new member come in and reach out for advice on her/his newest family member, and here we are, all ready to help. It warms my heart.  


When Otter died, we all cried, and we all felt the joy when Melissa adopted Effie and Lovie, because it took *two* CHer's to fill those Otter shoes!  


And of course, there was Tispy...    


With the onset of this newsletter, I see it even more. Now, we are really "getting to know each other"! It's really becoming a very personal group. When Erica had her car accident, we banded together to help. When Sir Wiggleton got into a bad situation, it didn't take very long for the group members to pull together and yank him out of there!  


The CH Kitty Club is one of the proudest accomplishments in my life, and YOU guys are what makes it keep going! Oh, and the spoiled CHer's themselves : P


Lizzie and Tardy.



The CH Kitty and the New Pet


By Riley Dean (with a little help from Mommy)

May 24th, 2011  

AHHHHHHHH!!! What is that?! What IS that??


Today my Mommy brought home a DOG! A BIG dog (twenty-two whole pounds! That's

TWICE my size)! I have never seen one in my house before. His name is Kip. He is an apricot

mixed poodle. He is eleven years old. My Mommy met him while she was at a Humane Society

animal shelter event in Silicon Valley and "fell in love." How is that possible when she already

has ME, Riley Dean? She says she has enough love for both of us. Hmph. We'll see about that.


I HATE the dog.



May 25th

I know that dog is here somewhere, but I don't see him very much. My Mommy is trying to keep

us in separate rooms for now. She wants to make sure we know the smell of each other and that I see him from far away for a little while before we get to know each other up close. Good! We should keep it that way forever!

May 28th


I hissed at that Kippie dog today. He walked right up to me! Too close! The good thing is that

he never chases cats. In fact, he doesn't care about them at all. However, Kip is ninety percent

blind. He has cataracts. Because of this, he does not always see where he's going. When he gets too close to me in the house, I practically jump straight up in the air! A couple of times I even ran into walls and the entertainment center! CH kitties do not like to be startled! So today I

hissed, as if to say "Bad Kippie! Bad dog! Go away!" I showed HIM!

May 29th

Shhh...don't tell anybody. When Kip isn't paying attention, I eat his food. Heh heh heh!

May 30th

Mommy caught me eating Kip's food. Drat! Now she feeds Kippie in a different room and picks

his leftover food up once he's finished. No fair.

June 4th

Mommy says that it's partly because of me that she adopted Kip in the first place. She says

that when you "CH kitty-proof" your house, like padding sharp corners and leaving wide walkways and having soft, plush carpet, your house also becomes a good place for pets with

other disabilities like blindness. So our house was already set up for Kippie before he even got here. Glad I could help.

June 8th

A funny thing happened today. Kippie walked past me and I didn't get scared! My Mommy

thinks that it is because she did not force us to go near each other and let it be a natural process. She also feeds us treats at the same time because she knows that my love of treats will make it so I let him stand a little closer to me. She also hopes that if I think of good things like treats when I'm near Kip, I will like him more.

June 10th

I just wanted to mention that Kip doesn't use a litterbox. Haha, that's okay, sometimes I don't

either! Hahahahahaha!  My Mommy doesn't find that joke funny at all. However, she knows

that accidents happen, and she makes sure that I still get lots of attention throughout the day so I won't get jealous.

June 17th


I guess this Kippie dog isn't so bad after all. It took us a little while, but in the end, I suppose we have a lot in common. We both like to nap on the couch with the TV on. We both know what it's like to be disabled. We both love our Mommy. I guess he can stay. SOMEBODY has to help me stay in charge of these other cats.


Good boy, Kippie.






Dawn Kavanaugh, President of All About Animals

by Debbie Martin 
For the month of July, I would like to introduce to you All About Animals Rescue located in Phoenix, AZ.  Dawn Kavanaugh is Founder/CEO and President.  All about Animals is an advocate for the rescue and saving lives of CH kitties not only in their area and state; in the past two months they have flown four CH kitties from three other states to their rescue group! They are amazing, and to be highly admired by all!  What makes these rescues unique is their very own volunteer and supporter, June Liston, who is also a CH kitty mom. She  works for a major airline carrier which makes these missions possible.  June will fly on her days off to rescue the life of a CH kitty or will coordinate a rescue on her scheduled routes.  The CH kitties are brought to the airport to meet June, and she brings them to Dawn Kavanaugh and her team of volunteers and fosters.

June and Emily Hunter with Viktoria CH Kitty at Dallas Airport

Two of the kitties who were rescued were from CH Kitty Club members.  One was Emily Hunter of Waco, TX, who met June with CH kitty Viktoria at the Dallas Airport.

June and Emily Hunter with Viktoria CH Kitty at Dallas Airport

Another CH Kitty was Jill, who Shannon Grover spotted in a shelter in Utah. Megan Card, who we all met on Facebook, volunteered  to pull Jill from the shelter and met June at the Salt Lake City Airport .

June and Megan Card and Jill CH Kitty at Salt Lake City Airport


 Unfortunately Jill was very very ill and went to Rainbow Bridge. (We all cried but Jill was very much loved the week she was with her foster.)  



Jill CH Kitty at Salt Lake City Airport

The most recent rescue were 2 CH kittens in Nebraska.  Gina Grone (Shelter Director) met June at the Lincoln airport with the kittens Topaz and Rocky.

Rocky and Topaz with Gina Grone, June Liston and her wonderful husband

We're HERE : ))

Jan, foster mom to Rocky and Topaz CH Kitties from Nebraska

Wheel Cart for Rocky, CH Kitten from Nebraska


Dawn Kavanaugh
Dawn has spent her entire life loving animals.  It wasn't until she had been in the education field for 20 years that she realized the dream of running her own rescue.  This dream included running a rescue with compassion as well as good business practices, which led to All About Animals Rescue.  She and her husband are owned by many rescue kitties and one Great Dane.


"All About Animals became incorporated in March 2011 and received our 501(c)3 status April 2011.  Our adoption work began in October 2010.  We are a no-kill rescue that works with dogs and cats in Maricopa County and beyond.  The majority of our animals are from the local euthanasia lists as we recognize that these animals are in the most dire condition.   Many of our animals have special needs that are easily addressed and need no supportive care."


Visit their site for CH Kitties for adoption and also tell about CH.  Last week there were 4 CH kitties on the site and now one is available for adoption whose name is Bobbles.


All About Animals is dedicated to saving companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy by providing rescue, foster and adoption.



All About Animals believes that it is our moral responsibility to protect and improve the lives of abused, abandoned, and homeless dogs and cats.  We aim to bring together individuals who are passionate about creating a better future for our companion animals. We are committed to provide these volunteers with high quality training in order to work together in the most efficient way to ensure the well being of our animals.



Finding forever homes
  • Through providing all animals we work with a safe and secure haven.  
  • Through assisting in finding responsible caretakers for homeless pets.

Linking and strengthening existing resources

  • Through developing a network of supporters and volunteers who endorse our mission and support our goals.
  • Through working in alliance with local animal shelters, rescue groups, county facilities, and humane socirty organizations.


Educating the public

  • Through promoting kindness to animals and building animal-friendly communities by way of education and by example.
  • Through advocating responsible pet ownership.
  • Through supporting spay/neuter of domestic pets, as well as feral cats, thereby reducing pet over-population.





    Compassion Balance   
    Cooperation Enthusiasm   
    Enjoyment Inspiration   
    Loyalty Flexibility   
    Persistence Resilience   


Birthday Blurbs


Grumpy (July 1, 2010)

by Deanna Koens  


Happy Birthday Grumpy!! My precious little boy is turning "1" July 5th.  Grumpy is a non-walker originally from Utah. He has grown into such a sweet and handsome little man.  This baby boy is full of life, and loves life. I am so proud of how well he has progressed even though he can't walk.

His litter box habits are remarkable.  He always uses his box, drinks from a rabbit water bottle and eats from a regular heavy food dish.

Grumpy has taught me so much in the 10 months he has been with us, he has that "I can do it" attitude. He gets a bit grumpy when we try and help him do things, therefore his name.  Grumpy loves to play on the grass and tumble around with the other kitties.

He loves to hang out in his wheelchair (though he can't really move it around much) where he can see everything that's going on, but most of all, he likes his bedtime where he gets to pile in bed with Mom & Dad and all the other Ch kids for lots of snuggles.  A big Thank you to Hannah Grover and her family for our wonderful addition. We Love you Grumpy!! Happy Birthday ;)



Ziggy (July 4, 2009)





Lizzie and Neal (happy parents)


Ziggy turns "2" on the "4th"!!! He has been with us since October of 2010, and has settled in very well.(and about doubled his weight!) He and Tardy have come to accept each other, I don't know if they are crazy about each other, but I never see any problems.




Ziggy LOVES empty boxes, so for his birthday we will FILL the living room up with empty boxes and set him loose!!! Go Ziggy, Go Ziggy!!!




Stewie (July 7,2007)


by Nina Fleming


My name is Stewie, and I turn 4 years old this year!  I was born on Lucky 7's - 7/7/7!  When my mommy and daddy brought me home, I lived in a residence hall on a college campus.  I had a lot of fun teaching all the students at the school about how special kitties can make great pets and getting lots of love from lots of people.  Now I live in a house with my three Boston Terrier siblings; mommy says she just loves that tuxedo look!  I love to spend my time begging for treats and playing in the yard with the dogs.  My favorite is rappelling up the side of the bed to sleep at night with the family! 



How do you get from Point A to Point B? Any way you want, of course!


by Jennifer Jasensky


Having a severe CH kitty gives me a different perspective on things, one of those being the best way to get to there from here. A straight line would be too simple, too boring. CH kitties love a challenge. They know that with a flip to this side, a little push, and a flip to that side with another little push, and voila - they arrive at Point B in no time at all.

Okay, maybe not "no time at all", but if you're like Lilly Grace, half the fun is in the journey. She makes it clear that she doesn't require (or appreciate) any help. Taking her time, she makes a few warning squawks to notify the others that any cat in her way had better move because she's not stopping for anything. Once Lilly Grace sets her mind to her goal, there's no stopping her.

Sometimes when I see her going from room to room, I will put my hand under her chest to stand her up and together we will walk wheelbarrow style to wherever she wants to go. Lilly Grace is the driver; I'm just an extra set of wheels. When I hold her up like that she tends to walk further, so we go from one room, down the hall, turn around again, check out the bathroom, and then end up sometimes back where we started from at one of her many carpeted tunnels or cubes. There is a method to her madness, I'm sure, but a method she does not care to share.

Lilly Grace is determined to prove that I am NOT needed. Like many furparents, my husband and I work outside the home. So how does Lilly Grace get around on her own? Just fine, thank you very much. She changes rooms, beds, views; she goes wherever her fancy takes her in her own silly way. Even when I am home and fully capabable of helping her, she often rebuffs the gesture, wanting the independence to navigate on her own. I sit on my hands and try to not help, so impressed by her intelligence, dignity and determination. I think sometimes she just likes to show off what she really can do, moving proudly through her home as the other cats move aside and watch her, sometimes surprised, sometimes just curious. And I am awed each and every time.

My CH kitty loves her freedom, and that greatly contributes to her wonderful quality of life. We have made a few adjustments that help her in her travels: we have blankets and bedding covering hard surfaces so she always has a soft landing spot; we keep water bowls up high because we've learned that when it comes to Lilly Grace versus the water bowl, the water bowl always wins, and she ends up soaked; and we ensure there are plenty of carpeted or sisal materials she can use to grab and pull herself up with. Through trial and error, we've CH-proofed our home as best we could, allowing for these amazing feats on a daily basis.

Coming home at lunch time and finding her curled up no where near where I left always makes me smile.



Notes From Tanja

by Tanja Vranic

Dangerous Flea & Tick Products and Safer Alternatives 


"Primum non nocere. First, do no harm"


Our CH kitties, like the other Wobbly Fur People, as Claudia Tietze, Tiny Timmy's

mum refers to our fur kids, already have challenged nervous systems. We must be

extra cautious before we decide how to treat for fleas. Claudia will give us advice

about safer alternatives. Be a responsible parent, please read.





Tiny Timmy Part 2

By Claudia Tietze


Why Harmful Flea & Tick Products Stay on the Market

~ Or ~

What the Giant and Good Fairy Were Up To While You Were Sleeping


Timmy and his Healing Paw Milty Blanket Logo

Last month I told you the story of our wobbly cat, Tiny Timmy, who has neurological damage from his exposure to harmful flea and tick products. This month I would like to talk to you a little bit about Schrödinger's cat. Sometimes I wonder if, instead of naming Timmy after Tiny Tim in "The Christmas Carol", we should have named him Schroeder. Timmy beat the odds and survived. Sadly, not every cat or dog does.

Stick with me here; there is a point to this story...


Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment that was devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. It presents a cat that might be alive or dead, depending on an earlier random event. This was never physically done, by the way, so no cats were harmed from thinking out this problem. In fact, Schrödinger apologized for using a cat as the subject of this thought experiment: a cat, a flask of poison

and a radioactive source are all sealed into a steel box. In the course of an hour, one atom of radioactive material might decay, or it might not. If an atom decays, a Geiger counter detects radiation and the flask of poison is shattered and the cat dies. After a while, according to a rule of quantum physics called the Copenhagen interpretation, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead, yet when we open the box, the cat is either alive or dead. The odds are 50/50, or totally random, that the flask will be broken.


Schrödinger was trying to show how absurd some scientific theories are when applied to everyday situations.  Schrödinger and his cat have been going through my head on and off the last month because it seems to fit perfectly into the realm of toxic flea & tick products, like the ones that caused Timmy's neurological damage and continue to hurt and kill tens of thousands of cats and dogs each year. The

manufacturers use absurd arguments,  marketing and twisted science to keep products they know to be harmful on the market.  Meanwhile, your fur person stands a random chance that a flea product will cause some sort of adverse reaction, either immediately,  delayed or after long-term exposure.


This is the story of how these harmful products get into the fur people market in the US.  Other countries are not so different. Snuggle up kids, this is one heck of a fairy



Namaste Gnome




Once Upon a Time, in a Land Not So Far Away, an Agricultural Giant sprayed poison

on crops.




The Good Fairy (EPA) told the Giant that soon he wouldn't be able to spray his poison anymore. The Good Fairy said the poison was Really Super Bad, and before she thought the poison was just Really Bad. She told the Giant that while flying over the Kingdom of Greed, she saw and heard that the poison the Giant was spraying made the Fairy Folk very sick. The Good Fairy told the Giant that she would wave her Magic Wand that she lovingly called The Enforcer, and make it so the Giant would not be able to spray near the magical lake or in Gnome Homes anymore. She called this a Restriction.


The Giant sat on a stump on the land he had been spraying for decades and scratched his head. He had been charging the local Gnomes to spray his poison and had gotten used to making a tidy profit year after year. What would he do now that the Good Fairy waved The Enforcer? How would he pay for his vacations to Avalon

and his Giant Mansion? Then the Giant had an  idea. Some of the Gnomes lived with companion Nymphs who were their pets and part of their family. He noticed some Nymphs had fleas and thought perhaps he could sell his poison to the Gnomes and tell them their Nymphs needed it for fleas. He quickly took out his abacus, calculated the Gnomes who loved their Nymphs and set a price for this new need.


"Ha!" said the Giant, "If the Good Fairy won't let me spray where ever I want anymore, I will make sure it gets into the Gnome Homes one way or another!"




And so he set out to make harmful poisons to use on the Nymphs. He made fliers and took out an ad in the Magic Gazette telling the Gnomes that if they really, truly cared about their Nymphs, they would put his poison on them to rid them of fleas.  Up to this point, the Gnomes took care of fleas in other ways, such as combing, vacuuming, washing the Nymph blankets that they laid loving over the tops of very large and brightly colored mushrooms. The Nymphs even got baths.


Times had changed, claimed the Giant. Now both adult Gnomes in a house went out to pick toadstools and this meant they had less time to bathe their Nymphs. And you know, after a very short time the Gnomes started to believe that the poison was good.


The Good Fairy flew past the Giant while he was marketing his new Nymph "Flea-Away" product to a nearby Gnome. She asked him what he was doing and the Giant responded proudly, "I am helping the Gnomes with their flea problem!" And then he whispered so only the Good Fairy could hear, "These Gnomes are really pushovers!

Do you want in on the action, GF?" After some thought, the Good Fairy said she was thinking of retiring and the Good Fairy fund pension wasn't looking too great. Would the Giant give her a job in his new company when she retired if she turned a blind eye?


And so it came to pass that the Good Fairy, who later became known as the Not So Good Fairy, and the Giant struck a profitable bargain at the expense of the Gnomes and the Nymphs they loved...


This fairy tale version of the relationship between agricultural pesticides and pet products might be entertaining, but it isn't far from the reality. This "side market" allows pesticides that are known to be harmful, into your home. Almost all of them are neurotoxins and many are endocrine disruptors. The levels in your home from use on your fur people are often higher than what the EPA has decided is an "acceptable" level.

This rampant disregard for safety and health not only puts our pets, like Timmy, in danger, but also affects your health and that of your family, especially children whose systems are still developing.


As you might expect, soon Gnomes started having higher rates of illness. Many Nymphs died or had seizures. It was not uncommon to see a Nymph running through the town square frothing at the mouth with a big bald spot between its shoulder blades. Some Gnomes got cancers while others had their endocrine system tweaked
and got diabetes or issues with their hormones. More and more Gnomes had to stay home from their jobs toadstool hunting because they became too sick to work.  Whenever the Giant was asked about this, he would shrug his shoulders and say, "I guess it's just a sign of the times." The Gnomes accepted this because they thought that the Good Fairy would protect them if the Giant were doing something that would hurt them.

Every Thursday night the Good Fairy and Giant would get together and play Twiddly Sticks. Over their game of Twiddly Sticks they would talk about their booming business with Flea-Away. One Thursday the Good Fairy said, "You know Giant, I have been noticing a lot more Gnomes are coming to me asking that I wave my
magic wand and make them healthy again. Some even bring their Nymphs to me.  This got me thinking and I have an idea..." The Good Fairy looked all around to make sure they weren't being overheard. The Giant leaned in closer as the Good Fairy whispered, "What do you think about us gathering the herbs that treat the illness that the poison is making? Then we could sell the Gnomes the REMEDY TOO!"


Most of the companies not only have  agricultural pesticide and pet product businesses, but they also own pharmaceutical companies. It's a stroke of brilliance for them. If you or your family gets sick, they have just the right profit-making medicine to make you better. Many also make veterinary medications. An example of this is Bayer. We know Bayer is a large pharmaceutical company, but BayerAG is one the largest pesticide manufacturers in the world. They own Bayer Animal Health who makes products such as BOLFO, Advantage, Fleegard, Kiltix collars and K9 Advantix.  Every one of the chemicals used in these flea treatments is also used as a pesticide on crops.



Although scientific studies are supposed to be impartial, the chemical and pharmaceutical companies sponsor the studies through grants and funding of universities, or pay for them directly by using an animal testing lab. The funding shouldn't make a difference to the outcome, but it does. There are very few
independent grants in this industry. None of the studies are published or peer-reviewed as we would assume. This is what the medical community requires in order to be sure scientific findings are sound.

If I am a manufacturer and I want my XYZ product to get "EPA APPROVAL" I do a study or two and then send those to the EPA. Meanwhile, Joe Schmuck brings his independent study that shows how truly dangerous XYZ product is to fur people and humans. The EPA looks at the manufacturer studies and considers them. Meanwhile the independent study gets smooshed to the bottom of the priority pile. It basically gets ignored.

Logic says if a chemical is designed to kill an insect, and says it's a danger to humans and domestic animals, then it is harmful, even when used as directed.

This reliance on faulty science is one piece of the puzzle that allows these products on the market and in your home. A good example of this is fipronil. Fipronil is the active ingredient in the flea treatment Frontline. Originally Frontline was sold through vet offices only. It didn't mean the product was any safer, but it did give Frontline more credibility with people assuming it to be a medication and not a pesticide.
Medication sounds so much better, doesn't it? It sounds safer.

As a side note, Frontline is made by Merial, which is owned by Sanofi-Aventis, a leading world wide pharmaceutical company.  Sanofi also owns Aventis Agriculture S.A.


Recently a slew of "generic" versions of Frontline have hit the market. They have not
had to go through testing again despite the fact that over 90% of the ingredients are termed "inert" and different than the Frontline formulary. "Inert" does not mean they are safe, like water. Inert ingredients often contain a solvent and known carcinogen such as benzene. Some of them are more toxic than the active ingredients, or make the active ingredients more toxic. Because of a pesky thing called a "Trade Secret", manufacturers do not have to disclose the inert ingredients in their products.
Convenient, huh?

For the record, these generics are: Sergeant's Pronyl & Pronyl Plus, Sentry (also owned by Sergeant's) FiproGuard & FiproGuard Plus, and Velcera's FidoPharm Pet Armor & Pet Armor Plus. Pet Armor actually has packaging that can easily be mistaken for Frontline, subconsciously building trust, and has launched a huge
marketing campaign, including getting the endorsement of the ASPCA. To find out why it's scandalous that the ASPCA is endorsing ANY
flea and tick products, you can read my post called Ten Reasons Why I Don't Like theASPCA.  



Spurred by public pressure and a 53% increase in reports of adverse reactions to spot-on products in 2008, the EPA put spot-on flea treatments "under scrutiny". Frontline accounted for 33% of all reported cases and 64% of all cases involving children. The EPA
asked for more studies on fipronil because the "suspected" danger to children raised eyebrows. Instead of doing things properly, Merial, who makes Frontline, funded a study that had no scientific oversight whatsoever. Then, just to be sure things swung their way, they had one of the inventors of Frontline, Andre Weil,  co-authorthe study. The EPA allowed it and Frontline stayed on the market, much like our Good Fairy turned a blind eye to the Giant's poison getting into the Gnome Homes.


Pet parents who live with and love  differently-abled fur people are a special
breed. The bond is very strong between human and fur person. We watch their struggles, and cheer their triumphs, we see how they adapt and how they never seem to let their condition dampen their mood. All pet parents want to make good decisions for the care of their fur people, but especially those of us who have wobbly fur people. We see firsthand how medications affect them or how something seemingly small can have such a huge impact on their lives.

Because wobbly fur people already have challenged nervous systems, we must be extra cautious. Most flea & tick products affect the central nervous and endocrine systems. This would put a huge extra burden on our beloved wobblies. Even if you have been using the same product for years, the toxicity accumulates and at some point can cause damage to the body and/or a sudden adverse reaction to occur.


Timmy with an Oliver Remembrance Bracelet.
Reads: Not One More Like Him. Ever.


In order for humans and their companion  animals to live happily and healthily together, you need to treat for fleas. Pesticide companies will tell you alternatives don't work, but that is simply not true. Prevention is the best treatment. In fact, the best alternatives have a mechanical, not a chemical nature, so fleas and ticks cannot become immune to them. This includes such simple tasks as vacuuming (especially around floor boards and on/around/under furniture), flea combing, washing pet
bedding (and your bedding if your pets hang out on your bed), spreading food grade Diatomaceous Earth into your carpets, nooks, crannies, furniture, floors and along floor boards and outside in your yard (it also works great against ants, spiders, cockroaches and any insect that has a waxy coat), and treating your yard with beneficial nematodes that eat the flea larvae. Bathing your fur person with mild soap is a good alternative as well. Cats are especially sensitive to essences, so be careful
with soaps or shampoos that use them. These include most of the "natural" essences  often used to treat for fleas & ticks such as cedar, citrus, lavender, pennyroyal, neem, peppermint and other essential oils. They can cause kidney and liver damage because cats lack the enzymes to process them.

Tiny Timmy's Sudz is a soap we specially formulated to be non-toxic to cats, dogs and people and which soothes the skin irritation that often goes with fleas or allergies, and conditions the coat and skin. As a side bonus,
mosquitoes also seem to hate Timmy's Sudz.
You can find more alternatives here.


So, what does this have to do with  Schrödinger's cat and other wobbly cats like
Timmy, Martha and Moki? It doesn't matter why your cat or dog is wobbly - from toxic exposure, CH or a virus - when you use chemical methods of flea control, you roll the dice, even if you use them as directed. Sadly,  manufacturers, along with the EPA, make it nearly impossible for concerned pet parents to make educated decisions. Key information - such as the actual ingredients, their toxicity rating
and long-term health effects - is missing from the boxes and inserts. Instead, the manufacturers market these products by  saying, "Completely safe when used as directed" and crow about how much they are doing a public health service. The problem with that is if your fur person has a bad reaction, the manufacturer will put the responsibility on you for using the product "incorrectly" and not the product

However, as a pet parent looking at pesticides and chemicals to treat for fleas and ticks, you must ask yourself if an adverse reaction occurs, is it an adverse reaction when you notice it, or when it is reported to the EPA? Officially, it's only counted when it's reported...     


Tiny Timmy on custom scratching post from Miss Nydia


If you are angry or outraged to find that these products remain on the shelves, you have the opportunity, until July 15, 2011, to do something about it and make a true difference. No matter where you live in the world, please consider taking a few moments to leave a comment for the EPA to ban flea collars with propoxur, a known neurotoxin, from the shelves and keep them out of our homes. Most other countries have already done so. Here is a fact sheet with links to the EPA post on the Federal Register
asking for comments. You can bet that the product manufacturers will and have posted their views, now it's time to have your views, as concerned pet parents, be heard.

For a list of quick and easy actions you can take, check out Timmy's Actions Page  



        Tiny Timmy playing 




Pesticides & Profit: Pesticide Action Network


Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth onIssues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming
By Naomi Oreskes, Erik M. M. Conway

Toxic Deception: How the Chemical Industry Manipulates Science, Bends theLaw, and Endangers Your Health
By Dan Fagin, Marianne Lavelle, Center for Public Integrity 



New Family Member...Callie


The Crooked Kitty



 by Leslie Friedman


My name is Leslie and I recently adopted Callie. She's a mild to moderate CH beauty. I'd like to tell you how I came about finding her.


I adopted Roni in 1996 and Maverick in 1998. Several years ago, when I returned from a vacation, my cat sitter told me there was something wrong with Maverick, one of my two cats at the time. I took him to the vet who told me that Maverick had feline diabetes (FD) and I would need to give him insulin. Being the person that I am, I got online and started doing research to learn more about FD. Through this research I found the Feline Diabetes

Message Board (FDMB). FDMB was the best thing I could have found! Through it I learned to test his blood sugar before shooting insulin, how to change his food and I made many wonderful cyber friends.


On FDMB, I met Jennifer Jasensky, who adopted Lilly Grace, a severe CH. I loved

hearing all of the stories she told about LG's adventures and triumphs. She is an amazing

cat with a fantastic purrent. I enjoyed seeing pictures of this kitty. I was able to help in

the transport of more than one special needs cats in Jennifer's direction.


Unfortunately, Maverick died from some diabetes-related complications. I then brought

Lucie home from a house where she didn't get along with the two year old daughter, so the family was ready to get rid of Lucie. My first girl, Lucie definitely had a very different personality from my boys. Never mean, Lucie tells you what she is feeling. Purrs and talking and body rubs (she doesn't like head rubs) are her methods to communicate with me. She loves her night time treat routine.


After Roni passed to the Rainbow Bridge, Lucie and I spent some time with just the two of us, enjoying each other's company. I started to feel like it was time to bring a new cat into the house so I would check Pet Finder and Freecycle regularly. When I went to Craigslist and started looking at all the animals, I really wished I could bring them all home with me. I was going backwards by date and I saw an ad for "Crooked Kitty". I just had to open it. There was an ad for a "Crooked Kitty", saying she was mild to moderate CH and a happy cat. The owners needed to give her up because they had two

other special needs animals at home and were having trouble taking care of her too.




I sent an email to the owner and asked more about Callie, telling her that I have had

experience with other special needs animals and that I might be interested in Callie. We emailed back and forth a few times and set up a day for me to go meet this furry girl. It was love at first sight! I loved how she would wobble and fall, but get right back up again to continue. I learned she loves to go outside, plays with catnip toys and is a snuggler. The only "problem" I was told about was that she sometimes misses the litter box and because of that, may need bathing from me.




Callie came home with me that afternoon! I kept her in her carrier so Lucie could check her out, then I put Lucie in the bedroom and let Callie out of the carrier. She was immediately at home. Lucie wasn't too thrilled about a newcomer, but is now tolerating her. I wasn't sure what Callie could do, so was happy when I came into the living room two mornings later to find her on the top of the sofa. Another morning I woke up only

to find her laying on my chest. I now know that very little will stop her. She knows her name and meets me near the door when I get home from work. This morning, she was "running" around the living room after something I couldn't see. I have only had her for about 10 days, but I'm so glad I was able to bring this beautiful baby into my life. I know we have more adventures to come and look forward to them.


Adoptable Angels  #1





~ Mikey is a CH kitten ~ Please Contact Dani Ryan of MeoowzResQ in Orange County, CA



Mikey was rescued from Death Row at Orange County Animal Care by MeoowzResQ. The shelter thought Mikey had Head Trauma because of his behavior but Mikey has CH. Mikey's disability is very mild as he can get around just fine and loves to play with other kitties.  He is quite a humorous little fellow who will definitely fill your life with laughter because of his very silly personality!  Please consider Mikey as a new member of your family!  He will do just fine with other kitties and will not need special attention since he gets around fine and uses his litterbox like a champ!

Mikey is the sweetest boy! He is under a year old. He is a beautiful gray/white tabby. He has an endearing walk and, like many CH kitties, he falls over while walking around. He gets around ok & uses his litterbox and is a loving sweetheart!


Mikey is up to date with his shots, neutered and his combo test is negative!  All he is missing is his new furever family!




Adoptable Angel #2 

Penelope for adoption in Huntington, Long Island, New York 


Penelope is a spayed female calico. She has a neurological problem that makes her walk kind of funny. Sometimes she looks like her back end is trying to walk faster than her front end but that doesn't stop her from doing anything. She's a bit of a feisty little thing who would prefer to be the only princess in the castle but it's not absolutely necessary. Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond Penelope's control she has been returned to the Little Shelter twice. The third time's the charm, right?


Spayed/Neutered · Up-to-date with routine shots · House trained · Prefers a home without: cats, young children · Special Needs


Little Shelter Animal Rescue
Huntington, NY
631-368-8770 x205



Adopable Angels #3



Tiger Lily

Hello world! We are sisters,  Papaya and Tiger Lily, who would like to stay together. We are energetic, playful and happy. Both of us have moderate CH. This means we do wobble and topple sometimes. But we always get where we want to go - especially to our food and the litter box, so we are no extra trouble. Our "peeps" - our word for "people" - have helped us learn ways to cope with our CH.


 We are similar but not identical. My sister,

Papaya, is more adventuresome, and folks see me, Tiger Lily, as more quietly determined. We can keep each other entertained for hours, playing together and napping together. Our "peeps" say they would rather watch us play than watch TV!


We do love our people time and really want "peeps" who can play with us and give us lots of cuddle and snuggle time. In turn, we will purr and adore you - be ready to fall in love.


Tiger Lily and Papaya
Tiger Lily and Papaya

For more information about Tiger Lily and Papaya, please call Joan at 


Feline Rescue Inc.
Saint Paul, MN 









Jagger, McKenzie and Monkey are three CH kitties in New Jersey from 2 different situations now are in desperate need of a home ASAP!


Please Contact Amy ASAP to learn about these three wonderful CH Kitties who need a home NOW!   Homes must be found immediately!  


email: amy@angelsofanimals.org  






Trivia Box


by Shannon Collar


Hi and Welcome to the Trivia Box. Flurry and I are so glad to have you here.


First, I'd like to start by congratulating Elise. Elise was chosen from all the correct answers.
Please send me an e-mail with your contact info and we'll get your prize out to you. (Liz and Kristie, good job)



This month's kitty fact is folklore.


In some parts of the old world, the cat was placed in the empty and waiting cradle of a newlywed couple in the belief she would quickly grant their wish for children. The Pennsylvania Dutch continue this time-honored custom today.


I wonder if Queen Elizabeth has ordered a cat to the home of Prince William and Princess Catherine, so they can get started on their Heir and Spare?



This months question is regarding Ms. Cassie D.


In the article her mommy wrote about her, who did Cassie get to meet twice? (Her picture is with someone who sees us when we're sleeping, who knows when we're awake, knows if we've been good or bad, so be good for goodness sake).


Here is the link to last months newsletter article, so that you can check it and answer.


Please post your answer at my blog.




Bye everyone!! I am Ziggy and I am two years old this month!! Remember me on the 4th, I will be playing in the BOX zoo!!! Yay, my mommy and daddy love me : ))


Hope you loved this months newsletter, we love making it happen!!!


Ziggy Wigg'n

 A PurrFect Face  


Tardy Peebucket...President of Brothers





Elizabeth Holochwost




Neal Helman





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