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MSL Report 3rd Anniversary Special Edition March 2011
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The Highly Engaged Classroom

The Highly Engaged Classroom
Great Brain Race

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Teaching the Digital Generation


Interview Rhonda Kimberley-Young New Secretary-Treasurer of Ontario Teachers Federation

Welcome to our 3rd Anniversary March Issue of the MindShare Learning Report. 


Just three years ago, twitter was at its infancy and the notion of 21st Century learning skills was beginning to gain traction across the Canadian education space. We're proud to have played a small part in leading, nurturing and sharing the knowledge and best education practices across our vast Canadian landscape. It's inspired by the excellent work and dedication of education and industry leaders to transform learning in the 21st Century across Canada.  


Our ability to enable students to excel on the global stage is largely dependent on ten provinces and three territories collectively offering relevant curriculum in a meaningful and engaging way to Canadian students.   


It's less about the technology, as much as it's about collaboration amongst the human networks and utilizing technology to enhance learning, thereby eliminating geographical barriers. We, as a country, although so culturally and geographically diverse share a common vision that drives us as Canadians to succeed academically--Our OECD PISA results are a testament to our high performing students.


MindShare Learning is continuing its work in partnership with education and industry leaders to shape a vision for the 21st Century to reach all Canadians who desire to be part of the future of learning today.  


The following are just a few highlights in this issue:

Special thanks to our team, founding sponsors and advisory board who believed in our vision and mission to transform learning by "mindsharing" the excellent pockets of innovation across the Canadian landscape. Thank you to our readership and partners who inspire us to bring you the best possible news and information on a monthly basis. We value your loyalty and ongoing sharing and innovative spirit. It makes the long hours and hard work behind the scenes that much more enjoyable.   


Until next time, keep the learning curve steep!


Cheers, R.



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Robert Martellacci,

M.A. EdTech

Publisher & Managing Editor, The MindShare Learning Report™

President, MindShare Learning™-- Connecting Education & Business to Support Student Success 

Go Green  Before printing think about the Environment. Avant l' impression, il faut penser à l'Environnement.


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Quotes of the Month  

"Education is evolutionary vs. revolutionary"


-Dr. Gerry McIntyre, Executive Director, Canadian Education Resources



"We believe that financial education will better prepare our students for the 21st century global economy. Our kids need to know their dollars and cents just as much as their ABCs."


-Leona Dombrowsky, Minister of Education

"WOW! Congratulations to you for leading and championing the movement. Your vision,

steadiness, stewardship and quiet determination to nudge the boundary of the everyday is



-David Marsi, AVP, Learning & Development, Invesco Trimark, MSL Report Advisory

Board Member, comment on MindShare Learning celebrating its 3rd Anniversary.


Funding Opportunities

Teachers talk funding 

17/02/1011 CTV Calgary

The Telus Convention Centre hosted Calgary's teachers on Friday and many are concerned over provincial funding and how it affects the classroom.

One of the busiest places at the convention is the space set aside where teachers buy classroom supplies.



K12 Feature Headlines

McGuinty Government Supports Student Success, Stronger Economy

Ontario 28/02/11
Ontario is taking the next step in its plan to integrate financial literacy into the curriculum this September.

School recognized for incorporating technology
Daily Gleaner  23/02/11

In front, Park Street Elementary School students Jenna Im, left, and Scott Perry show the school's Senteo automated response systems. Behind them are, from left, teachers Jon Crossland, Carrie Beaumaster and Katrina Mcdonnell.

Park Street Elementary School is leading the pack when it comes to technology.  The Fredericton school was recently named the winner of the MindShare Learning Report's digital classroom contest for Eastern Canada.

Benefits and challenges of using laptops in primary and secondary school: An
investigation at the Eastern Townships School Board Study
University of Montreal 13/02/11

Epson Solutions in Action - St. James Elementary School
Learn how students at  école primaire St. James use Epson BrightLink to enhance the classroom experience

21st century learning- Widening the frame of focus and debate: A BCTF
Research discussion paper
BCTF Jan 2011
This paper addresses six areas of focus in an effort to discuss 21st century learning.

Desire2Learn Awarded $4.25 Million Grant from Government of Ontario
D2L 17/01/11 2011
Desire2Learn Incorporated13 (Desire2Learn), a leading provider of mission-
critical enterprise learning solutions, today announced it is the recipient of
funding from Ontario's Ministry of Economic Development and Trade14.

Desire2Learn will receive a grant of $4.25 million from the province of
Ontario as part of the company's investment of more than $28 million.

K-12 Schools to Benefit from New Technology Resources
NFLD Ministry of Education 09/02/11
Schools across Newfoundland and Labrador will be receiving 1,450 new computer systems and 272 interactive white boards, as a result of a $2 million Provincial Government investment.

K-12: Upcoming Events







Event:........ ERDI Canada Spring Conference 

Date:.......... April 14-16, 2011

Location:.... Vancouver, B.C.


Event:........ Creativity, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, Community in the 21st Century 

Date: .......... May 5, 2011

Website:......... Toronto, ON





Please share your conference news with us and we'll do our best to include your event, and/or reflections. Email


Conference Corner


Dr. Robert Thirsk, former Canadian Space Agency astronaut







Canadian Space Agency astronaut Dr Robert Thirsk helped launch the ABEL Leadership Summit on February 26, 2011.  He spoke via video.  Click here to watch









This month's Conference Corner is packed with highlights of National and International coverage from our MSL Report team that includes: BETT UK, FETC in FL, ABEL Summit and the OTF Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century Conference, to name a few. Most recently, MindShare Learning was pleased to sponsor the ABEL Summit at York University featured an inspiring video welcome from Canadian astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk (see below). Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs keynote via Skype was superbly done. If you missed the ABEL Summit, checkout the twitter hash tag #abelsummit. Congratulations to Janet Murphy and her team for hosting an excellent conference and to ABEL's 10th anniversary of transforming learning through technology.


Catch other conference podcast highlights below, including our inaugural P21 Canada meeting to explore the creation of a national organization to support the 21st Century skills movement in Canada.



MindShare Learning tours SMART Technology's exhibit at FETC 

MindShare Learning tours SMART Technology's exhibit at FETC
Exclusive interview with the Edmodo team at FETC
Exclusive interview with the Edmodo team at FETC

Meet Copernicus Royal iRover 

Meet Copernicus Royal iRover Cost-effective Table Top Technology




















Inaugural P21 Canada Podcast Interview at the ABEL Summit recently with John Kershaw, former Deputy Minister, New Brunswick Department of Education and his business partner, David Roberts of the Partnership for 21st
Century organization.




Sponsored by




Meeting of the Minds--Inaugural P21Canada Meeting (L-R) David Roberts (21st Century Partnership Associates), Robert Martellacci (MindShare Learning), Bill Hogarth (ERDI Canada), Michael Ward (SMART Technologies), Shann McGrail (Microsoft Canada), Chris Bessie (Nelson Education), Mark Cobham (Pearson Education, John Kershaw (21st Century Partnership Associates)
































Our K-12 Editor, Timothy Gard attended the BETT UK Conference -- The World's largest global education technology event in London, England     







Green IT

 Green IT


It ain't easy being green: UWO "Green Building" designated LEED Gold
CDN HED News 03/01/11
While many Canadian college and university campuses are beautiful because of their well-crafted historic buildings, perhaps new construction can start a new tradition of environmentally sustainable, green construction; with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold designation of its Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavilion, the University of Western Ontario firmly asserts its place within this trend.

Dover Bay youngsters rewarded for their 'green' efforts with contest's top award
Daily News 02/18/2011
A Nanaimo high school club's efforts to go green were worth $50,000.
The Dover Bay Secondary Eco-Club finished first in the Staples Recycle for Education contest, beating
nearly 300 other schools across Canada.

The Eco-Club has been hard at work for years, said Dover Bay principal John Blain, who added the win is
well-deserved.  The students will come together with teachers to decide how the funds are spent on new computers to replace aging work stations.  "New computers will save a lot of energy," club co-leader Emma Hsueh said.

 Book Review: Tuned Out - Engaging the 21st Century Learner


Timothy Gard

Educator, Toronto District School Board
Follow us on Twitter @soligard


We hear educators, professors, self-proclaimed critics, trustees and anyone with voice in this arena of song singing the chorus that unless we engage students in education we're going to be preaching to deaf ears. And to engage them we need to create learning contexts that are meaningful, real-world, and 21st century, among other things. To be honest, I always thought that this was sort of a truism. Who wouldn't want to be engaged regardless of the context you find yourself? I clearly remember my high school learning experience and it was less than stellar when it came to student engagement. The difference was I suppose that in that time you didn't have a choice: listen and learn whether you like it or not! Today's student is a bit more empowered, and parents have taken on a more active role when addressing the needs of their children in today's public education system. Technology businesses see the opportunity to inform the educational field that technology will make a difference because, to coin Tapscott's phrase, the Digital natives are immersed in technology and so in order to meet the student where he or she is at we must also integrate technology across the curriculum. Tuned Out - Engaging the 21st Century Learner is a book written by Karen Hume that comes hot off the press from Pearson Canada.  In this work Hume seeks to clarify what engagement is and is not, both for students and teachers and then proposes a multi-layered approach for initiating, developing and fostering a learning environment that is engaging for both students and teachers. Let's not forget that teachers can be disengaged as well! Our beliefs and our prior understanding about engagement should be challenged, honed and re-aligned, including my own and Hume's work is just the right medicine!


Hume's paradigm for engagement is thoughtful, well-articulated and meaningful. Moreover, Pearson provides a related website that includes the full e-text of the book, as well as opportunities to engage in thoughtful discussion as well as links to further resources. Read on to find out more about Hume's plan for engaging the 21st century learner!  

 Read More

Featured Jobs



Education Canada Network and MindShare Learning Report are proud to bring you the following featured job opportunities.


Park West School Division

With a budget in excess of 25 million the Division staff of 300 serves approximately 2100 students in 15 schools. Framed by Riding Mountain National Park, Assessippi Provincial Park and the Saskatchewan border, the Division is home to many outdoor recreational facilities easily accessed by both the TransCanada and Yellowhead Highways.

Learn more & Apply  


Simulation Learning Centre Faculty


Your role as a part-time instructor at SIAST will be supported through instructional materials and on-going employer provided training. This may include a requisite faculty certificate program depending on your employment status in future positions. This initiative will develop our instructors professionally while ensuring a high quality learning experience for all SIAST students.

Learn more & Apply  


Grade 7/8 and Communications 11 Teacher

Yukon Department of Education

This is a temporary full-time position for the remainder of the 2010/11 school year. Relocation may be provided.

Learn more & Apply  



Get your job featured!  


For more information click here or email for more information. Education Canada Network is the country's leading source for education employment opportunities.


MSL Logo  

Web 2.0 Technology Spotlight

Broadcastr is a Social Media platform for location-based stories. It enables the recording, indexing, listening, and sharing of audio content. Just like in human memory, every story is bound to a place.

Whether dishing last night's details to friends, uncovering local lore, perusing restaurant reviews, listening to travel guides, tuning in to citizen journalism, contemplating oral histories, or sharing hilarious anecdotes, Broadcastr amplifies all our voices. Users can take a GPS-enabled walk as stories about their surroundings stream into their headphones, like a museum tour of the entire world. Users can record their own content, create playlists, follow their friends, and share on Facebook.




Vizalizer hasn't been launched yet however if you're interested in searching the web visually, then sign up for their launch invitation! Looks inviting!




Receivd allows you to share files easily, securely and in real-time with family and friends. Drag and drop files in to share with lists of people at once, or just to one person. You can also send high-resolution photos and videos without any hassle.




Collect data using smartphones and tablets. The easiest way to create forms and surveys for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.  


Innovate Where You Are

By Robin Sharma


To get to world-class, it is absolutely essential to become a spectacularly good innovator. Pushing the envelope and relentlessly making things better and passionately discovering new ways to add value, work smarter and move faster are core creative traits that the best in business live by. And to be alarmingly creative, you don't need to go walk in the woods or find some sanctuary. Some of the best ideas come from innovating and thinking outside of the box at the very place you now stand.


Post-Secondary Feature Headlines

McGill receives $3 million for research
February 12, 2011 The McGill Daily
McGill researchers will receive $3 million from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research
Council of Canada (NSERC), which hopes to support practical application of multidisciplinary
research. This investment is a part of NSERC's $55-million investment to university research teams
across Canada announced on January 20.
According to an NSERC press release, "The goal of the program is to increase research and training
in areas that could strongly influence Canada's economy, society or environment in the next ten
years." The grants support research led by at least one researcher and in collaboration with a
supporting organization.

Canada to play important role in Mars mission
Calgary Herald 02/20/2011
A Canadian-built device aimed at testing the Martian landscape for signs of "habitable"
environments from the planet's past -and perhaps its present -is being readied at a California
space institute for launch later this year.

Canada needs more bang from university research
Globe and Mail Blog 02/10/2011
Canadian businesses are spending nearly $1-billion a year on university R&D -- more than most
of the developed world on a per capita basis.
But a new report by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards concludes we're not getting
enough bang for the buck.
"I see no evidence that Canada can claim a gold medal in the results we get from this research,"
said senior research associate Ian Currie, the report's author. "We're not lagging, but we're not

Post Secondary Education: Upcoming Events

Event: ....... Canada 3.0
Date: ......... May 2-4, 2011
Location: ....Stratford, Ontario 


Event: .......Worldviews Conference on Media and Higher Education
Date: .........June 16-18
Location: ....Toronto, Ontario


Event: ....... MODSIM World Canada 2011
Date: .........June 21-22

Location: ....Ottawa, Ontario


Youth File


See, hear, discuss and practise with the Internet: A students guide.
By Aislinn Malszecki

This is a simple 21st century guide on how to best use the Internet for self-directed, personal
learning. Here are my suggested tools and websites to help you study better, organize your studies,
and write better tests. Keeping in mind the different learning styles - kinesthetic, visual, and
auditory - for my suggestions to help each and every student find the tools they need to succeed.

 Research and Innovation

A textbook case for tablet makers Target students; Devices act as alternative to school books

By Deborah L. Cohen, Reuters 02/22/2011
If Adrian Hartog has his way, college kids will be sporting tablet computers instead of backpacks loaded down with heavy textbooks.  The chief executive of educational tablet maker mySpark Technologies ( among a growing number of entrepreneurs attempting to change the way students study, share and do homework. "Everybody is learning how to use the digital form," said Mr. Hartog, a former executive with graphic chipmakers AMD and ATI. "We're really trying to provide a comprehensive solution for students."

Hard data on online learning in Ontario
Dr. Tony Bates 26/02/11
Ontario's Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities is to be congratulated for undertaking
a comprehensive survey of online offerings in its post-secondary institutions. The results were
released at the same time as the Ministers announcement about the appointment of a specialadviser regarding the Ontario Online Institute.

Ontario (2011) Fact Sheet Summary of Ontario eLearning Surveys of Publicly Assisted PSEInstitutions Toronto: Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Fast Facts About Online Learning
iNACOL Oct 2010
Research, Trends and Statistics
"Online learning in K-12 schools is growing explosively."

Understanding the Next Wave of Technology Innovation in Education: UK
An exclusive Futuresource publication in partnership with BETT
Published: January 2011

MindShare Musings..."The Connectors, Leaders and People on the Move"

It's somewhat perplexing to think that we're one tenth into the 21st Century, however, we speak about it like it's a long way off into the future.  It reminds me of Dr. Gerry McIntyre's comment last week, "education is evolutionary vs. revolutionary."

Can I vent for a moment. I'm tired of going to tech conferences where I see notes being taken using old technology-pen and paper. The thought leaders who are charged with transforming education are not "modeling" effective uses of ICT. It's about "walking the digital talk." I considering making our upcoming fall Summit a paperless one. I welcome your thoughts?

On The twitter beat, Dr. Margaret Riel, renowned expert on learning circles and my former thesis advisor at Pepperdine University shared The Age of the Networked Community via twitter . Speaking of Pepperdine University, my Alma Mater humbled me while at the FETC conference in Orlando recently by presenting me with the Alumni Service Award as outgoing president of the Master's in Learning Technology Virtual Alumni Chapter. Thanks again for the thoughtful recognition.

Great to catch-up with Ron Canuel, CEO, CEA recently, who shared a breakthrough study by the University of Montreal on his former district in the Eastern Townships School Board in Quebec that revealed significant findings on the impact of computers in the classroom.


Dr. Doug Player checked in recently to share that he's continuing his work on establishing Whistler U. I look forward to connecting with Doug next month when we head off to the ERDI conference in Vancouver.

This is how you compete in the 21st C global knowledge based economy. India Education gets 24 percent budget hike 


Our digital media specialist Aislinn Malszecki shared this news item that is work watching--Sick Teen Uses Robot to Attend School  


As you know I'm a BIG fan of twitter with the caveat of tweeting wisely! The following is a great tool for analyzing your twitter traffic. 


Buy five Epson PowerLite® 83+ projectors, get 1 free!
Purchase 5 Epson PowerLite 83+ projectors between February 1, 2011 and March 31, 2011 and your FREE additional model will be shipped to you after purchase with submission of a mail-in rebate


With mobile technology being the rage, here's an Interesting Infographic - Cell Phone Usage courtesy of Angels Maiers.

Congratulations to our newest client, the National Film Board for winning the Cross-media award for Youth Interactive project HIGHRISE/OMW #NFBi

BaKaFORUM 2011 Award Ceremony: (f.l.t.r.) Ellian van Strien, NTR; Åsa Tolgraven, UR; Tey Cottingham, NFB; Emani Krishnarao, Doordarshan India























Please keep the news coming! We always enjoy hearing what you're up to. Until next time, be sure to walk the digital talk!  


Cheers, R.  

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Advisory Board Members 
The MindShare Report is grateful of the guidance and support provided by our esteemed advisory board.  Members include: 
  • Dr. Greg Malszecki, Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences, York University
  • Dr. Ron Owston, Director, Institute for Research on Learning Technology, York University
  • Dr. Eric Hamilton, Associate Dean of Education, Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology
  • Cheryl Paige, Principal, Joyce Public School, Toronto District School Board
  • Jamie McNamara, Superintendent of Schools, St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Schools, Leduc, Alberta
  • Joni Turville, B.Ed, M. Ed (Instructional Technology), Educator, AISI Coordinator, St. Albert Protestant Schools
  • Timothy Gard, Educator - Media Literacy & Technology, Toronto District School Board
  • Gary Kern, Principal, Technology & Innovation, West Vancouver School District
  • Ron Sedran, MD, Equity Capital Markets, Canaccord Adams
  • Marty Keast, President, Pearson Learning K-12 Canada  
  • David Marsi, AVP, Learning & Development, Invesco Trimark
  • Chip FeskoSr. Director of Advertising & Strategic Alliances, George Lucas Educational Foundation, Edutopia Magazine
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