September 2012 ~ Update
Recent Energies and Class Reminder September 2012 

My intention for writing again so soon is to share the information recently released that explains the incredible exhaustion and deep, dense enexhausted and sleeping kittensergies many are feeling. As I mentioned in my September newsletter, I felt it right after the summer solstice left us on August 22nd as if a switch was flipped, but I still felt happy, positive--it was the strangest combination of emotions. Also, many were feeling just the deep depression or felt intense pressure around them or negativity. Many parents were writing to me that their children and teens were picking up on these energies as well.
On August 29th Master Kuthumi-Agrippa explained that "...There is a tremendous advanced flow of energy penetrating the collective consciousness of Planet Earth at this time. The influence of these energies are resulting in many people feeling the weight of the collective pushing down upon their body, mind, and spirit. This is because the powerful vibrations of the Higher Octaves of the Advanced Worlds of Spiritual Illumination are forcing those who stubbornly insist on remaining in victim consciousness to rise above their fate and embrace the powerful gifts being bestowed upon humanity at this time.
"The Waves of Ascension Consciousness are speaking to many levels of your inner consciousness urging you to immerse yourself within the forces of Higher Wisdom, which guide you into the Realms of Fluid Love where you discover the power of being within the moment and embracing the pace life currently encourages you to follow. The pace of life has increased beyond what many are able to deal with, however, this pace is as a result of the increased vibrations penetrating each of you on an atomic level..."


"...The heaviness many of you are experiencing is the weight of the old world pressing down upon the consciousness of humanity, and in a way, forcing many to their knees in order to surrender and become one with the moment. You have also been integrating these energies at an accelerated pace, and as result, been purging yourself of the old at an accelerated rate, which in itself is exhausting..."


For more information and other important notices of support, as well as this latest channeling from Michelle Manders/Palace of Peace - "Embrace the Pace" Kuthumi- Agrippa channelled in Johannesburg SA, 29 August 2012, please visit the Palace of Peace. This particular channeling can be found, as well as the MP3 recording at the Palace of Peace shop



Reminder:  Law of Fair Exchange Workshop 
and 7-Week Course of the 55 Cosmic Laws (1-12) Reminder
In support of these energies which are actually here to assist us in ridding anything that is of survival consciousness, we are offering a workshop tomorrow (Thursday, September 6th, 1:30 p.m. EDT) to assist you in bringing balance into your life.  This separate Law of Fair Exchange workshop will be followed by a 7-week course that starts on Thursday, September 13th, which you may wish to participate in as well.
 Donkey reins tied to a plastic chair
The above-explained energies in combination with the September energies I discussed in my September newsletter are absolutely fabulous opportunities to create balance and a new structure for your life.
I am extremely excited and honored to provide an opportunity to assist in real-life simple ways to bring your own personal heaven on earth.
As with personal sessions, I will be setting a sacred space, and those in attendance, we will be calling in your own guardian angels and souls to assist you as well. (Both the workshop and the course will be recorded and emailed afterwards.) You never know what may be offered as suggestions. I can tell you that it's always been a wonderful experience for those who've attended in the past!
Please check out my Facebook postings over the last few days that discuss the importance of our guardian angels in this time of our moving into our destiny.
To register for either the workshop or the course, please click here and purchase the event(s) you wish to attend.
*We will be using GoToWebinar for the workshop tomorrow and the course that starts next week. This can be listened to on your computer (it's not Skype) or you can use the phone number provided to you in the invitation, which will be sent to you on Thursday once the purchase of the workshop or course is received.  

Thank you, and Samantha Gilbert and I are looking forward to "seeing" you!
Many Blessings,
Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson
Spiritual Resource Director, HeartLight Communications
Golden Temple Teachers, Palace of Peace: Faith and Samantha Gilbert