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Death and Renewal!
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Did you know that our conscious mind actually programs our physical body and in so doing, we are programming the cells within our body  to hold the energy signature of what we're primarily thinking consciously? What does that mean? Well, our cells emit this energy signature into our energy field, so we're "decorating our energy field" with either mostly fear-based programs of survival consciousness or love-based programs of thriving consciousness, and the universal Law of Attraction is bringing us matching energies in the form of experiences, other people, what we're creating, our family life, etc.  Also, our subconscious mind is what feeds our emotional body, and so all of our light bodies (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual) are impacted. Those judgmental and critical thoughts and spoken words to others, as well as ourselves, even when in humor, impact us far more than we realize.


2012 is most definitely an intense spiritual journey as we are prompted to be aware of what we are giving our attention to so we can master this material world, recognizing fear, lack, and limitation so we can align with prosperity.  Many of us, if not all, have experienced the feeling of not wanting to be here on Earth and want be somewhere else, so we are being pushed to take that feeling and use our imagination of how it's better somewhere else and bring that feeling and attention here and now. By consciously working on our awareness, we harness higher energies and allow the Law of Attraction to bring us higher ways of life. This takes a regular self-disciplined approach to self-reflection, which means learning more about yourself and how your guardian angel is working with you to align with your soul interests. The key is your awareness of your intention and motivation; this is why self-reflection and being present, "in the now", is so important. Check yourself: If you are worrying, then you are too far into the future and actually praying for what you don't want to manifest. If you are in regret, then you are in the past, which you cannot change. Be grateful for all of your experiences and reflect on what you learned about yourself and life instead!


As promised, the month of August was not only about being grateful and concentrating on everything that has flowed smoothly for you thus far, the month also promised us the opportunity to set in place new boundaries and redefine the structures of your life by going back to what you worked on in the month of April to reassess how this is working for you and if further attention to detail is required.  


Whew, that was a doozy for many! Mostly because we don't have our own personal boundaries, let alone feeling secure enough in setting boundaries with others.  Many experienced situations that forced them into this uncomfortable space because the energies at times felt more than just supporting us, but rather pushing us to embrace our individual power, our light, on a higher level. As much as we say we want to align ourselves with the greater source of positive abundance that is available for each of us at our disposal, it isn't easy to do it, is it? 


When you need to set a boundary, take the action from your heart (love and cooperation of self and others). Did you know that King Arthur would not allow his some 200 Knights of the Roundtable to take action unless they were in this space vs. that of the lower ego?  Actions taken from the intention/motivation of love vs. fear, which is from the soul instead of the lower ego, is the most powerful.  This is the power of love vs. the love of power.  Also, it may bring you comfort to know that it is our lower lower ego that experiences the fear, lack, and loss.  The essence soul does not experience this reality.


One of the purposes of being in an Earth body at this time is not only to do with balancing the light and dark aspects of oneself, and balancing the male and female aspects within oneself, it is also about disconnecting COMPLETELY from the various aspects which embody fear and moving fully into the Love aspect of Soul. Many people are fighting this process.


Learning to go with the flow of life is not easy and the past summer months (Northern Hemisphere) of the summer solstice gave us the opportunity to do so, which I decided to personally commit to, and in so doing, witnessed many extremely positive changes in my own life, as well as my family's life. What I didn't expect was how exhausting that actually can be. I also realized it was the result of my prayers that:  "Time, please support me and move to the rhythm of my heart so that I may complete all of that which is in accordance with the highest will of my soul and the will of the divine plan of my life." (This is taken from the Daily Prayer we were given at the beginning of the year to harness these higher energies.) Don't get me wrong that I might be complaining...not at all! I am saying: heads up!  I didn't see how draining it can be to constantly re-adjust plans, but it certainly makes sense!


As I mentioned in last month's newsletter, it took a great deal of effort and discipline to be living in the moment, looking at each situation in front of me and using discernment to change plans at the last minute. That was the exhausting part.  For example, I'd have my day set, even including plans to travel, and at the last minute, other opportunities came up that were not expected and but very helpful towards goals I had set. That can be draining to constantly "re do and re set your energies", but with perseverance, it can be done. After all, we seem to pull that energy out of somewhere when we have to do something for work, don't we? We push ourselves for our jobs, so why not do the same for you? This is part of the balance we're praying for, and when we ask for balance, be prepared to do the work because it asks us to purge that which needs to be released in order to allow the new in.


One of the biggest blessings of the month was the unexpected phone call I received from a Mortgage Banker named Hope. Yes, three weeks later we closed on our refinance, and believe it or not, my August newsletter mentioning Hope and my experience landed on the desk of the People's Bank Cheif Executive Officer  and General Counsel. He wrote to me, asking I share the bank's contact information so that they may be able to help others searching for assistance. I am honored to do that at the bottom of this newsletter.  This, too, was the answer to my prayers and was a HUGE stress reliever for my family. It sent me into a paperwork frenzy and many days being interupted with last-minute phone calls, etc., but it was well-worth the reorganization of my days and time, needless to say!


The more stress-management is undertaken in people's lives, the less illness there will be here on Earth. But first, we each need the invaluable tool of emotional education, of reclaiming the natural power to live life as whole and complete beings, to reunite with our spiritual self, to connect with Nature, to reconnect to God, to reconnect to our own soul and higher Self...because most people are simply living in their physical bodies at this time and have separated themselves from their other subtle bodies, or our light bodies.


So what has the Universe provided for us in abundant energies in September?  How can we work smarter, not harder, to manifest?...


"September is a time of death and renewal.  This is a time where you observe that which is coming to a point of completion; therefore, look at the intentions you set in the month of January and what has come to fruition as a result. Observe what you have done up to this point and how it has worked for you, or where it hasn't.
"By recognizing what has and what has not worked for you, gives you deeper insight and clarity into which aspects of your consciousness are supporting or sabotaging you; therefore, you can utilize this time to work with your Guardian Angel in ridding yourself of what you have come to recognize as an aspect of quality of life no longer needed. This will automatically work at giving birth to the new quality you are now ready to integrate, which becomes a source of creation for the next nine months of your life.

"This is a time of acknowledging the fruits of your labors and how the cycles of life, in fact, support you, even when what you have experienced has been challenging and painful.  Take some time to continue giving thanks for that which has been transformed, for that which is revealed to you as being something no longer required. Celebrate the new by surrendering and giving up the old. Let Spirit guide you and spend time with yourself in silence acknowledging the power and beauty resident inside of you, acknowledge that you are a divine spark of life and that you are ready to step into the next level of your life."


    Setting Boundaries is a "Spiritual Practice"  Donkey reins tied to a plastic chair

Free yourself from the illusion of lack of freedom in your life. Often times it's a habit we've formed based on something that occurred, something we witnessed in our childhood,  or because we always had to do as we were told: be "good". Setting healthy boundaries is actually a gift of unconditional love and is an action taken on a soul level not harming anyone--yes, the lower ego may respond. "...Unconditional love is a tool of liberation, for it liberates your soul as much as it will liberate the soul of the victimiser. Setting boundaries is honouring ... Boundaries set you free to love

self, not demanding anything different; however the boundary determines behaviour conducted as acceptable or unacceptable. When one loves another unconditionally, one does not demand change of behaviour. One commands respect of personal space and self. This gives the victimiser an opportunity to make a choice regarding behaviour. In relationships when unconditional love is practiced, one can remove oneself from situations. It gives the other party an opportunity to choose the continuation of behaviour or change of such.

"Unconditional love places no limit on free will. It opens arenas for choice. It equips souls with the power to practice self love and respect. Do you see power of unconditional love? Do you all see this? Do you see unconditional love is not limited? It is not the practice of being a floor mat. It is quite opposite..."
From the Stress Course under "Back to Basics" at the Palace of Peace

One of the biggest problems many have is the ability to set a price for their services, and this also includes invoicing and payment processes.  I had many, many years' experience with this when I worked at IBM, which included working in technical service coin with In God We Trustas a hardware service manager where we had billable services, an administration manger, finance, accounting, external audits, contracts & negotiations, legal, equal opportunity compliance/investigations manager for the entire northeastern US of my division, etc., so I am very comfortable working with this subject. Actually, I also help people with their own issues at work or in their own business, so I added a tab to my web site called "Charging for Services." Maybe you or someone you know would benefit from this information.
Remember that when people negatively react to this subject, it's usually because it's something that they are projecting; their soul is requesting self-analysis as it relates to the truth of abundance.  
Self-Empowerment chartSelf-Empowerment ...
Often times we don't know HOW to set boundaries because we don't know WHAT they should be; after all, mostly we were raised to do as we were told and don't ask why! I often work with young children who are afraid of the dark and pick up on energies around them, and I use boundary techniques to help them feel empowered, too. (By the way, did you know that a lack of boundaries also makes you vulnerable to psychic attack?) Furthermore, we are dis-empowered because we worry "what would they think" if I did or didn't do that? How will I "survive" if I change these areas of my life? These situations bring up fears and provide us the opportunity to see what we are placing as "false" priorities or giving our power to outside of ourselves because we've gotten into the habit of giving our power away. We've forgotten that this power is within ourselves build this is key to living in the Golden Age: Balance.

Remember the "good" wolf? Are we taking action from an intention/motivation based on fear, the dark wolf, which will attract more of the same experiences, just different faces and places? (False Expectations Appearing Real) Or from the "good" or "light" wolf, which is based on love and compassion.
Our individual journey is an opportunity to see the mechanisms in which every human soul is drawn into in order to better know the self in order to better know Mother/Father God. As challenging as life is here in this "Earth School," this realm embodies immense power. It is this power we can choose to tap into; therefore, peace can come to each of us by applying the simple and very uncomplicated process of being aware within the moment of how life is communicating to you, how the symbols of life communicate with you trying to guide you, trying to lead you in directions which bypass the chaos.
"...There is a big difference between fate and destiny. Your fate is, in a way, the process that you go through where you are paying off karma. Your destiny is where you are living the good karma, so to speak, in relation to that which you have overcome and mastered...Stepping into your destiny is one of the most powerful journeys of awakening you will ever experience. This is why a spiritual pathway is so vitally important..."


The Cosmic Laws, The Law of Destiny and Earth Gates 50 - 56, Mary Magdalene

Channelled through Michelle Manders©, Johannesburg, South Africa on 7 June 2010



angel holding scale of balance  Law of Fair Exchange 
Setting boundaries is a way of grounding your spiritual practice and bringing balance into your life, which allows the body to heal itself. Using this newly found tool of liberation, unconditional love, as a core aspect of one's spiritual practice and of stress release provides the framework where the natural regenerative process of the body can rebuild itself. The body is actually a master at this.
How does that work? Well, when one works consciously with the process of changing one's lifestyle, the old programs are dissolved, and as the body rebuilds itself, it passes on light as opposed to fear - the old programs that were usually passed on. And then you have the miracle of the magic that the body manifests - the natural regenerative process which the body is a master at. 
"...Spirituality is simply about being in tune with one's inner and outer environment, acknowledging the creative force of God which is present in absolutely everything. So utilizing spirituality in stress-management is to take that time out; to spend time in nature, and allow the natural forces of energy to bring alignment and balance; to tap into one's divine creative force through creativity to manifest balance and ease..." (Stress Management course from

Since September is the month for us to work with our guardian angels and work on ridding from our lives that which no longer works, I am organizing two events in September so that we can each maxmize these energies gifted to us in this year of "spiritual boot camp," which is what 2012 is all about.

Do you have your own spiritual practice to help yourself consciously change your lifestyle to allow the light in where currently there is dark? Looking at your life for the balance your soul may be pushing for, such as facing challenges (including those with repetitive themes) are indicators that your attention is needed to shift from the old programs to the new waiting for you!

The Law of Fair Exchange is a perfect place to being this journey and to ground your spirituality so that you can create your own Heaven here on Earth!
September Events
  On-Line Workshop and Course: 
Thursday, September 6th
7-week course
September 13 through October 25
Join Golden Temple Teachers, Faith Parent Hendrickson and Samantha Gilbert, for either one or both events. These events include setting a sacred space first with prayer; and as with personal sessions with Faith, we will be connecting to the angelic and ascended master realms and your personal guardian, soul, and healing angels for your own guidance and clarity as well.
Scheduling Note: I will be travelling the last week of September to Seattle, WA, so I will not be at the Dancing Moon for in-person sessions on September 25. I plan on having access to email, so I expect to handle normal personal Skype sessions, as well as class teachings! 
People's Bank Contact Information ~ Remember, light workers like you and me exist in all industries, businesses, etc. WE are the ones we are waiting for to bring the change and help others in these most difficult of times, trying to hold our families and lives together. Here's a perfect real-life example!



From: Wint Winter Jr. []
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 11:30 AM
To: ''
Subject: Thanks for your note re Hope Wethington




         The blog you wrote below regarding your experience with Hope Wethington and Peoples Bank made its way to my desk.  The 'gift of feedback' from our Guests is invaluable to our future success and I thank you for taking your time to pass along your thoughts and experience.  When my father started this bank decades ago, he always reminded us "we're not in the financial business; we're in the people business".  With Bankers like Hope, that sentiment is still alive and true today.


          Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the future.  In the meantime, we would be honored if you spread the story of your experience with Peoples Bank to your friends and family.


          Thanks again for your thoughtful note. 




Wint Winter, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel

Peoples Bank

4831 W 6th St

PO Box 1795

Lawrence, KS 66049, USA     


May our "Passion" for "Excellence" and "Transparent Integrity" result in a bank full of "Teamwork", "Fun", and "Uncommon Service". 


So, as Wint wrote above, I am sharing Hope's contact information for mortgage assistance!  Please pass this along! 


Hope Filbert- Wethington

Mortgage Banker

NMLS# 21881

Peoples Home Lending

11857 Commonwealth Drive

Louisville, KY. 40299


502.261.8094 | Direct

502.396.8851 | Cell

Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau Approved State List FDIC insured since 1934



Balance is the Key!  Remember to dance, to laugh, and to make yourself the priority. I found that my exercise routine with Zumba© Fitness provides a regular basis of "exercise in disguise," allowing me to be my authentic self, dance with life, laugh at myself, and the side effects include lasting hours of joy mixed with strenthening. I am balancing  my four  light bodies: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. This, along with a process in which to self-reFaith in a Zumba Fitness Dance Classflect and analyze your intentions and motivations, the discipline (self-teaching of learning about one's self), will remove the chains that bind you to chaos and drama. 


The Law of Fate demands of you to invest time and energy in working. This work is not limited to your daily service or your career. This is also related to working on yourself. All the months and the years that have passed, we have been encouraged to become more aware of our self, to understand what we are personally motivated by (our intentions, too), and although we cannot see these parts of our self all the time, there are times when we catch glimpses of it. There are also cycles when you are supported to delve deeper into the realms of yourself, in order to understand the truth of your being, to understand the nature of your fate...this is the energy of September! 


Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson

HeartLight Communications

Spiritual Resource Director

Skype: FaithandAngels




Golden Temple Teacher of the Palace of Peace

Zumba© Fitness Instructor (Basic 1 and newly licensed in August: Basic 2 and Zumba© Gold) Yay! A big part of my August life changes!


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