August 2012 

June, July, and August are important months as we have the opportunity to be shown many blissful aspects of life and the potential for joy, divine union, and sacred marriage within our lives. The dates between June 21st and August 22nd is the time of Solstice, and these dates are a window of opportunity for each of us with key date activations occurring on 8/8/2012, 9/9/2012, 10/10/2012, etc. These activations will add to the intensity and speed at which we are bringing in these quotients of light so that we can take a step, even if it's a baby step, towards moving through areas of fear, judgment, criticism (of self, too), changes, whatever it is we need to do, so that we "go with the flow" of life, to be fluid, and to leave the fixed world behind. I mentioned this in detail in my July newsletter.

The divine signature of the Universe also speaks through our actions, our thoughts, and our words, and this can be expressed negatively or positively. To assist in expressing this nature in a positive way, I have been sharing that each month of the year holds a specific energy vibration, one which you can tap into as a support system to guide your focus for the month, and each day is an opportunity to add to the intention and focus of the month.  This information I have posted monthly on Facebook and through my newsletters, so to further organize and assist us in maximizing the energies/opportunities as they are presented to us, I've created a page in my web site to provide this on a regular basis in support of what you may wish to embrace; this page is titled Your Map for the Year. This is how we can work with the natural cycles in life and work smarter, not harder.


Personally, I have been following this since it was brought forward
in the Palace of Peace by Michelle Manders for January 1, 2012, as well as teaching and applying the knowledge learned from the
55 Cosmic LawsAngel Holding Atom, and I must say that the results have provided the most incredibly positive life-changing year I have ever personally experienced, including the witnessing of the positive impact on my own family, friends, and colleagues. This is the Science of Love, also proving how the Law of Fair Exchange works: first comes you, then your immediate family (spouse/partner, if you have one), other relationships, and then your work/creativity. Insisting on love and cooperation of self first, and then applying it to others, regardless of their reaction or response to you, is the key, and all I have to say is: it works!  I've also noticed over the past 12 months many spiritually powerful women in the household have been responsible for changes like these within their own lives, applying these same principles. I have a lot to say about that topic, which I hope to write about soon. Much has been going on to undermine the peace of a home for many reasons; it's time for us to take back our power by the power of love, taking our homes back to be the space where all can be nurtured and restored and loved unconditionally.


So, going back to my original point here...I suggest you read my July newsletter, as I found myself remembering my own advice that pushed me passed my own comfort zone--I'm a very flexible person, but what I experienced about change (thank you, Cosmic Law of Change) was far more than what felt comfortable with and that was happening to me O F T E N!  I mean it was several times a day. I have never seen so many opportunities happen, doors open, new relationships form, new business opportunities present themselves, old relationships rekindled (high school reunion helped with that one!), etc., as I did this past July. In fact, I have hard the hardest time keeping up with life in general! AND another reason I'm bringing this up is because I didn't realize how EXHAUSTING allowing the new to come in, going with the flow, and being in the fluid universe can be!  When I said we need to forget the to-do lists, whoa, that was an understatement! I have a husband and two "children" (17 1/2 and 20) who also had many life-changing events and miracles, so this definitely works within your close relationships, with those whom you work with, as well as your family ties. This is, by far, the busiest summer for our entire family, as we watch in awe and gratitude how things seem to "just happen." Dreams are coming true. It takes a great deal of courage, however, to face your fears and accept the opportunities, but remember, God/Goddess helps those who help themselves! 


Talk about a dream coming true, I got a call two weeks ago from a woman named Hope, asking me if I'd like to refinance my home--no other bank would even consider us for a refinancing. She called me because of someone else I just met in the last few weeks, and she sent this woman named Hope to, within 7 hours of that early morning call, Hope received all the documents she needed from me, Faith, and the next morning, the appraiser was at my home by 9:30 a.m.  We've never experienced anything so smooth and easy. Well, it is Mercury Retrograde, so I won't sign the papers until mid August, but you get point--funny and "punny" about our names Hope and Faith being involved in this refinance. By the way, something nudged me to pick up the phone. Normally, I would have thought it was just another sales call from some bank for something I don't need, but this is how it works. Remember that one of our most important soul tools is that of discernment.  From the Law of Discernment, actually: "The Law of Discernment asks us to know our truth and adapt to the truths which exist beyond our preconceived notions and judgments of people, ourselves, and life in general. This Law is becoming a vital part of our Soul Survival Skills and is essential to knowing God/Goddess."


Also to note is that I am leaving for a Zumba fitness instructor convention on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida. I never would have thought I'd be doing this work, let alone arriving one day earlier to take an aerobics workshop and certification to be a group fitness instructor at the age of 52. I can't believe how interesting the course material is! And a fitness club is asking me to teach there already--it's the club my family belongs to and is incredibly close to the house. All this from taking a class in March 2011 because I wanted to feel joy, move to music, and appreciate my body just as it is while wanting to be healthier and stronger! That is one way I chose to express my own personal love and cooperation of self, as well as making my body as strong as my emotional/mental/spiritual bodies. 


These are but a few examples of what has happened in these last few weeks.  The exhausting part was what surprised me the most and just trying to keep up with the changes and managing life overall. I never even thought of that...that the Law of Change can be such a blessing as well as exhausting!  It makes sense, though, if you think about it. Our bodies are trying to keep up with the light we're integrating, the shifts we're experiencing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually PLUS it can be a challenge to constantly make a plan and all the plans change, impacting your calendar and family life as well. But I must tell you that it is WORTH IT. It is worth the work it took to get here, too.  So, all of this said...It is true that you have to be flexible to reach your goals and for your dreams to come true. I am extremely grateful for all of these experiences.


Just remember that it is in that situation, in that moment, that we need to look at what the situation needs or is bringing to us and that we leave our fears/lower ego needs behind. Be fully present and in love and cooperation of self. It is in that space where we can bring in the light and the new ways, heaven on earth for all. People will ask you, "How do you do it? How have you found your peace?" And you'll be thrilled to share with them how you did it and how you continue to do so!


It is with a very full heart that I extend this information and the support I can provide you in personal sessions, small groups, the information on my web site, and in the courses I teach; it is my prayer that this blesses you and your loved ones in magical and miraculous ways.


Please note that I will be out of the office Tuesday, August 7, returning Tuesday, August 14th, at the Dancing Moon in Raleigh, NC, for in-person sessions.  I have two slots open for private phone/Skype sessions on Monday, August 6th, only; otherwise, I will be available on Wednesday, August 15th, over the phone or Skype.


And in the spirit of the energies of August, too, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for beinFaith Slalom Skiing on Jordan Lake, North Carolina, USAg a part of my life and my work. It is truly my honor and privilege to be in service in this capacity, sharing with you and learning and growing together. I also thank you, Michelle, for allowing me the honor of sharing your important work of truth and wisdom and love.

Enjoy this beautiful time of year, and the new life you're creating from love!


Faith ^j^


kid in sneakers with God written between feetYour Map for the Year 

 Grounding Your Daily Spiritual Practice


"August greets you with the powerful light, love, and wisdom of the infinite source of Mother/Father God's undeniable love for you. This month you are asked to maintain an attitude of gratitude and concentrate on everything that has flowed smoothly for you thus far. Give thanks for everything you have recognized as gifts in that which has come to challenge you and bless you..." Click here to read more.


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It is an ancient truth that to know life you must first know yourself. The only way we can rise above our life challenges is by gaining a deeper understanding of the complex aspects of our nature governing our experiences and learn how to manage these.  Self-knowledge opens doorways to realms of infinite wisdom and opportunities to accept and surrender to life in a new way, leading
to better stress- and life-management skills, easier access to creative solutions, and a better quality of life in general.

Life on Earth is governed by endless laws, rules, and regulations, which most of society abides by without question - it is accepted as a given and seldom challenged. There is, however, another far greater system of Laws at work, which many ignore or simply do not know about and can, therefore, not apply or live by. These laws are Universal, and when lived by, add an empowering new perspective to one's concept of self and life altogether. These are referred to as "Cosmic Laws;" some you may be familiar with, and others not. 

These Laws are simple; however, the complexity of modern day living has made it increasingly difficult to recognize the simplicity present within life, resulting in us becoming further estranged from the uplifting positive qualities of our personality which lead to healing and a better quality of life which benefits all. Click here to read more.

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