July 2012
July: Align with the Manifestation of the Magic and Miracles of Life!
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Can you believe we are already into the month of July? I know that in most businesses, the end of June means reviewing the first 6 months of the year to adjust business activities against plans set in the prior year.  This is alsoFaith Outdoors with Sun on Hair very true for each of us as spiritual beings in human form. The energies of June are to support us in our childlike, playful energies, and this means we were being asked to dance within the joyful expression of what we have come to recognize about ourselves thus far. It is a process of separating ourselves from whatever it is that no longer contributes positively to the journey we are each living and an opportunity to unite with what is contributing positively to the magic of what you have chosen to focus upon.  So, as we reflect on the first 6 months of this year, hopefully, each of us can now see that within the challenges we faced (maybe the same old challenges over and over again), much wisdom was gained and can now take "root" within our hearts; it is time for a new direction or perhaps a new focus. 


This is a very important step because July is the month we each align with the manifestation of the magic and miracles of life!  Personally, I have seen this unfold in ways that would only be defined as miraculous because I am seeing incredible changes and opportunities flourish for myself, my family members, and clients in ways that are just so beautiful to behold. This positive abundance is deeply rich in spiritual and emotional wisdom that is truly life-changing and holds the fertile soil for the continued planting and manifestation of so much more--our own personal Garden of Eden. 


To align with this way of life requires leaving behind the fixed Matrix of Illusion (lack and limitation consciousness) and allowing the fluid way of life to move through us, the Matrix of Illumination (prosperity consciousness).  This shifting of intention/motivation does, however, requires that we get out of our own way and out of our comfort zones.  You do have to "make yourself" do this at times because the opportunity can arrive before you think you are ready! That can be very unsettling and fears return, but when you take that leap of faith and really deploy your newly developed self-trust and willingness to try, it is worth it!  


Also, I have been determined to be very fully "present" as an observer in my own life. I'm kind of like my own reporter, paying attention to what's going on around me, including paying attention more to each thing I FEEL I should do and the order of when I do something--I may not get to what's on my list of things to do at all sometimes, which for me can be so frustrating! I love having my "to do" list.  Years ago I learned the importance of not being fixed on "getting it all done," but since I am intending to be living fluidly, please know that this can still feel very off, at least for me, because I'm just not used to being this fluid!  I can tell you that absolutely the choice to live this way has opened many doors for me, and to say it's worth the adjusting yourself to this uncomfortable way of being is an understatement! I've had my needs met in small and large ways that I wouldn't have thought, and often times this involves others who are also positively manifesting with you, so this is a great example of how allowing yourself to be blessed is a blessing for everyone!


Just remember that everything is an experiment and an experience, and these are YOUR experiences and experiments. The TRUTH is that you cannot fail or get this wrong. More often than not, the fear of what COULD happen is far worse than what actually did or could happen. In all cases, there is a solution for everything. We need to let go of our attachments to people, stuff, job titles, etc., because the old solutions need to be replaced by new soul-utions. We put a choke hold on the energy of what we want to change by not accepting where we are in the moment and by surrendering is when we are free... So give yourself permission to let go of what you are bound to and also of how others may see you or criticize or judge you.  It's often their own filters showing their own fears that their soul would like them to recognize.  Why not, then, be happy in your new "fluid life," modeling the way for others?


So as you start your day, set the intention with Spirit, your guardian angels, and your higher selves to guide your thoughts, words, and actions, assisting you to embrace your inner light and assisting you with courage, patience, discipline, and perseverance as part of any actions you may be required to take. Harnessing energy that is love-based first and taking the action from that intention and being motivated by love vs. fear is the key to successful positive manifestation of abundance. If you do anything from an intention or motivation based on despair, panic, anger, etc., you will simply get results that will later prove to be of the same energy--negative, debilitating, restricting, depressed, lacking, etc. 


Choose to cultivate your new life as you would the seedlings and plants in a garden because to manifest all our needs as met, we need to be grounded (our base chakra) on Mother Earth co-creating with her and with heaven (our crown chakra). You are your own conjuring tool--you are a walking divine magic wand! By facing our fears and choosing a "fluid" way of life instead, we move into the positive abundance grid structure that is all around us and Mother Earth. So tend to your life here on beautiful Mother Earth as you would tend to a garden--this is your place of paradise and heaven on earth--your Garden of Eden!





Spiritual Science ~ Manifestation 
Angel Holding AtomMy guardian angel provided this image to me in July, coincidentally, in  2009 and this drawing I made of the image depicts how Love is really the cohesive power of the Universe.  Saint Germain explains:


"...In your scientific world, Love expresses itself as the attractive force between electrons...The number of electrons which combine with each other in a specific atom is the result of, and determined by, conscious thought.  The rate at which they whirl around the central core is the result of, and determined by feeling. The intensity of the drawing and whirling motion within the central core is the Breath of God, and therefore the most concentrated activity of Divine Love. Speaking in scientific terms, it would be called centripetal force. These are the determining factors which make the quality of an atom.

"Thus you will see the atom is an entity--a living, breathing thing--created or brought into existence by the Breath, the Love of God, through the Will of Self-conscious Intelligence. In this way, 'the Word is made flesh.' The machinery that Self-Conscious Intelligence uses to accomplish this manifestation of its Being is thought and feeling.

"Destructive thought and discordant feeling so rearrange the ratio and rate of speed of the electrons within the atom that the duration of the Breath of God within the pole is changed. The duration of the Breath is decreed by the Will of the Consciousness using that particular kind of atom. If that Conscious Directing Will is withdrawn, the electrons lose their polarity and fly apart, seeking their way back--intelligently, mind you--to the Great Central Sun, repolarizing themselves. There they receive Love only; the Breath of God is never ending, and Order--the First Law--is eternally maintained..."


King, Godfre Ray. Unveiled Mysteries. Vol. 1. 1934. Schaumburg: Saint Germain Foundation, Saint Germain Press, 2005. Print. The Saint Germain Series. pp. 223-228;
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Before you take an action, check yourself first! Are your motivations and intentions from fear (the evil wolf) or love (the good wolf)? Answer honestly as this is what your results will bring...this is what you will manifest more of in your life. Intentions and what you hold in your heart is everything!
Two Wolves In Each of Us Dark and Light 
Enjoy July by cultivating your personal Garden of Eden: knowing yourself, having your awareness of self, and especially knowing your heart and intentions (which wolf are you feeding) so that you manifest the positives in life!  July is a splendid month...we each have the opportunity to align with the manifestation of the magic and miracles of life!


Much love and continued many blessings, 

Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson 

Spiritual Resource Director,

HeartLight Communications, www.faithparent.net, and

Golden Temple Teacher, Palace of Peace, www.palaceofpeace.net




Dumbledore and Divine Magic

Lord Merlin stands within the presence of the 7th ray of Indigo Light. This light he bestows upon each of us for the purpose of bringing forth the magic of the violet energy. Merlin and St. Germain bring to humanity the Violet and Indigo Rays that shall result in many levels of humanity's consciousness being set free. Note that July is also the mischievous energy of Lord Merlin, as it is the 7th month of the year. He is very playful, enjoys working with us, and brings us magic, miracles, and manifestation, so pay attention to signs he may be around you. For example, one day I was driving home from doing in-person sessions and said to a friend that I wasn't sure if I was seeing crows (a sign from Mary Magdalene and represents the cosmic laws) or ravens (a sign from Lord Merlin)...I wasn't sure which one of them was around me that day.  Just as I finished my sentence, a woman on a small motorcycle drove past me in the left lane...her license plate simply said: "Ravyn."   

HeartLight Communications
Cary, North Carolina, USA