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August 2010 (Pre-GABF)
The Pink Boots Society is an international charitable trade organization created to inspire, encourage and empower women to become professionals and advance their careers in the
 Beer Industry through education.

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This issue of the PBS e-Newsletter updates you on our upcoming sixth national meeting and second Educational Seminar, which will be held during the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.
Check out our beautiful new logo for our upcoming women's consumer beer education clubs network. Should look great on posters, t-shirts and pint glasses. More on BA below.


This is one of two spots in our newsletter that is reserved to shout out Thank You to our sponsors. We are looking for a 2 kind-hearted businesses (1) to sponsor our meeting & technical seminar, and (2) to be a seed sponsor. When drinking a beer that is not your own, please support the business who support us and buy their beer!



As I write this we have 404 registered members. A big welcome to all our sisters. We all have knowledge to share, and we can learn from each other. See List. We also have 1151 subscribers to this e-newsletter! 
E-Newsletter Archive
              All women who earn a living from beer in any way.
WHAT:            Lunch, beers, meeting, networking, goals, progress, and
                       Technical Brewing Education Seminar.
WHEN:            Friday September 17, 2010.
TIME:              1:00pm - 5:00pm
WHERE:          Wynkoop Brewpub, Merchantile Room.
                       1634 18th Street, Denver, CO 80202. Phone: 720-545-1419.  
COST:             $20 cash (whether you eat or not). Pays for your lunch, the room, seminars, tip,
                       and all the beer you want. The room has a minimum spending fee of $1,280. If we
                       find a meeting sponsor we will reduce the fee to $15 each.
BRING:            Swag to give away. Your beer in bottles, growlers or cans. Cash for lunch & pins.
EVITES:          Will be mailed the first week of September. You must choose your meal when you reply: Buffalo Burger, Chicken Club, or Spinach Salad (with or without chicken). If you are not on the Member List on our website but you earn income from beer, please register now by sending your contact info to Anita Lum at You must earn income from beer in order to join PBS and to attend this meeting. Please reply to your e-Vites and meal choices promptly when they arrive so we have an accurate head count. Thank you.
Mark your calendars. Our next meetings will be:
Next month: Fri. Sept. 17, 2010: 1:00pm-5:00pm - Meeting & Seminar during GABF, Denver, CO. 
Friday, March 25, 2011:  11:30am-1:00pm - PBS Meeting at CBC, San Francisco, CA.
Friday, Sept. 30, 2011:  1:00pm-5:00pm - PBS Meeting & Seminar during GABF, Denver, CO. 
Friday, May 4, 2012:  11:30am-1:00pm - PBS Meeting at CBC, San Deigo, CA.
Friday, Sept. 28, 2012: 1:00pm-5:00pm - PBS Meeting & Seminar during GABF, Denver, CO. 
See you in Denver!

Friday September 17, 2010: Wynkoop Br., Merchantile Room

1:00 pm - Registration, sit-down lunch and beer.
1:30 pm - Business Meeting:
             - Old and new members introduce themselves. 
             - International attendees are recognized.
             - Sponsors' representatives introduced and recognized.
             - Review of Organizational Goals and big picture goals.
             - Committee Chairs give brief reports.
             - Report on Barley's Angels network of women's beer education clubs.
             - Report on "Bring Mom Out for a Beer" Mother's Day campaign.
             - Report on Nonprofit status, Income and Expenses.
             - Raffle! 
             - Plans for the next six months, including plans for our CBC meeting in San Francisco.
             - How you can host a regional PBS meeting in your area.
             - Review of today's seminar agenda.
             - Highlights of next year's Education Seminar at 2011 GABF PBS Meeting.
2:00 pm - Beer Break.
2:15 pm - Technical Brewing Education Seminar:
             - Beer Recipe Design: Four Brewpub Mavens give their beer recipe formulation tips and
               answer your recipe design questions: Tonya Cornett (Bend Brewing), Denise Jones
               (Moylans Brewing), Megan Parisi (Cambridge Brewing) and Michelle Lowney (Grizzly
               Paw Brewing). 
             - Know Your Yeast: Do you taste your yeast before repitching? Hands-on workshop with
               three yeast samples to taste (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly): Michelle Lowney
               (Grizzly Paw Brewing). A special Thank You to Andy Bradley from Colorado Mountain 
               Brewery & Grill for creating the yeast samples for us to taste.
             - Simple Labwork: Do you know what's going on inside your tanks? How to build a
               small incubator and simple procedures for weekly bacterial testing of your beers/tanks
               using HLP (Dr. Hsu's Lactobacillus-Pediococcus Medium): Teri Fahrendorf (Country
               Malt/Great Western Malting).
5:00 pm - Meeting over.
Open Brainstorming Session: See next section on how you can brainstorm with us the morning after our meeting. A young organization like the Pink Boots Society needs your energy & ideas!
 A NOTE ABOUT OUR EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS: A primary focus of the PBS is to educate, train and inform our members, in other words, each other. We have a deep well of expertise within our membership, which you will see when you attend a meeting.

A secondary focus is to help increase the general knowledge levels about, and within, the beer industry. Our goal is to tap into the incredible knowledge base of our members, so these seminars will be taught by our members, and will be presented to our members. We wish to complement, not compete with the educational offerings already out there.
Beer Media Friendly: Our 2010 Technical Education Seminar will again be open to GABF-credentialed media who have registered with us in advance. The purpose of inviting media is three-fold: (1) To get the message of the Pink Boots Society out into the world. (2) To get the information generated at the seminar out into the world, and (3) To drive interest in our educational seminars.
Why Drive Interest?: The first time we offer an educational seminar, attendance is restricted to our members and the media, and attendance is free. We hope to gain skill in giving seminars, and our first seminar is like a dress rehearsal. The second time we offer a particular seminar, our goal is to open attendance to the entire Beer Industry. Our goal then is two-fold: (1) To get the information out to the industry at large, and (2) To raise money for our scholarship funds. Therefore, once we open a seminar to everyone, advance registration and payment will be required.

WHEN: Saturday September 18, 2010  

Lower Level Bar-Area of Denver Marriott-City Center

TIME:      10:00am - Noon
WHAT:    Committee Board Meeting & Educational Seminar Brainstorming Session. (What do you want to see at next year's Educational Seminar?)
WHO:      All interested PBS members may join us.
- PBS Committee Chairs meet to brainstorm and help each other with ideas to keep PBS moving forward. 
- The 2011 GABF meeting Educational Seminar will include both technical and non-technical programming. Current topic ideas include:
::Designing Beer Recipes for Competition vs. for your Customers.
::How I Became a Professional Brewer: Creative ideas to jumpstart your career.
::The Top 5 (or 3) beer off-flavors: How to identify and prevent them.
::How to Start a Barley's Angels Chapter: Chart of ideas to keep your BA meetings fun, fresh and educational.
::Why beerline cleaning is so important to your customer's experience, and how to do it right.
::Whatever else we brainstorm up.
Our sponsors are the companies that donate money or meeting space to keep the Pink Boots Society growing.
Meeting Sponsors:
Meeting Sponsorship funds are used to defray the costs of our luncheon meetings, so that we can keep the expense to our members to $15 or less. This encourages the maximum number of members to attend.  
Seed Sponsors:
Seed Sponsorship funds are used for the costs of incorporating as a nonprofit, trademarking (servicemarking) our name, the new logo art, email newsletter services, website hosting, and all those administrative and legal requirements that will get us IRS tax-exempt status. Any extra Seed Sponsorship funds beyond these expenses will go straight into the Scholarship Fund.
Friend of the PBS Fundraiser:
Anybody can hold a fundraising event and send Pink Boots Society the money. Please note we are a legal nonprofit corporation registered with the state of Oregon, however we do not yet have IRS tax-exempt status [501(c)3], so we cannot yet offer a tax deduction for your donation.
We are working on getting a PayPal donation button, but something got screwed up. A team of volunteers (me) is working on it!
   Coming up fast...
Scholarship Deadlines:

November 11, 2010: Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Scholarship at the American Brewers Guild for their Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering course Jan-July 2011.
December 1, 2010: John G. Doble III Memorial Scholarship at the Siebel Institute for their WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology.
January 15, 2011: MBAA William A. Hipp Scholarship to the Brewing & Malting Science Course. 
April 20, 2011: Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Scholarship at the Siebel Institute.
April 2011: Greg Noonan New England Brewer's Scholarship at the American Brewers Guild. 
June 30, 2011: Siebel's AB Vickers Scholarship for the Concise Course and Diploma Program.
June 30, 2011: Seibel's World Brewing Academy Scholarship for the WBA International Diploma Program.
August 1, 2011: MBAA William A. Hipp Scholarship to the Brewery Packaging Technology Course.

Master Brewers Association of the Americas: Many MBAA Districts have their own scholarship funds. If you are a MBAA member, be sure to ask a local officer if this is true for your district.
Deadline not listed: Professor Michael J. Lewis Endowment Fund at UC-Davis. 
Future Scholarships: From the Pink Boots Society. We're working toward that goal together!

March 23-25, 2011:  Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conference, San Francisco, California.
Oct. 14-16, 2011:     Master Brewers Association MBAA Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
May 2-5, 2012:         Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conference & WBC, San Deigo, Calif.
July 28-Aug.1, 2012: World Brewing Congress, Portland, Oregon.
September 17, 2010: Pink Boots Society's Technical Education Seminar in Denver, Colorado.

Siebel Institute of Technology & World Brewing Accademy
   Master Brewer Program (20 weeks)
   Too many other courses to list. Click here for the list.

American Brewers Guild  
   Craft Brewers Apprenticeship (28 weeks)
   Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering (23 weeks)

Master Brewers Association of the Americas
   Malting & Brewing Science Course (2 weeks)
   Brewery Packaging Technology Course (2 weeks)
   Other MBAA courses and dates. Click here for the list.
Cicerone Certification Program: Beer Cicerone (Beer Steward) Certification
Institute for Brewing & Distilling's The Beer Academy, London: Course Schedule
Barley Course: Introduction to Statistical Experimental Design at the Northern Crops Inst. at NDSU
Lager School: at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
Oregon Beer Odyssey: Consumer Beer Education in Portland, Oregon.
Barley Field Day: Held at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon in May each year.
Institute for Brewing & Distilling's Learning Resources.
Hop School: At Hop Union in Yakima, Washington. Last full week in August each year.
Four Steps to fully connect with the Pink Boots Society: If you qualify for membership as outlined on the website, here are 4 things you'll want to do now:


1. Email your Contact information (as described on the link above) to Anita Lum at Your Contact information is for PBS use only. (Anita is pictured at right.)


2. Separately email your Profile information (as described on the link above) to Anita Lum at Anything you send for your Profile becomes public information - this includes any email and phone numbers you list. Please be specific if something should not go on your Profile. (Your Profile is a linked page all about you.)


3. Subscribe to the PBS e-Newsletter from the website or from any PBS e-Newsletter (see archives at


4. Join the PBS Yahoo Forum at We recommend you sign up for the Daily Digest.


Optional extra connections:

5. Read archived e-Newsletters at to learn about upcoming or repeating PBS activities and plans. 


6. Follow PBS on Twitter at

7. Friend PBS on Facebook at

8. Pour your self a nice glass of beer and e
njoy your new membership status!

- Have you attended a Pink Boots Society meeting? If so, you qualify to host your own Regional Pink Boots Meetings.

- Do you wish PBS meetings were held more often and closer to where you live? Go ahead and host one in your own town.

Email for a "Regional PBS Meeting Kit," read the Guidelines first, and follow the directions. Then have fun and meet your fellow local members.

The PBS is getting more and more mainstream press, and is mentioned by name in each of these articles: 

The Pondered Pint: From Bud Girls to Craft Beer Women, by Travis E. Poling
Beer: The Mothers Day Pour, by Greg Kitsock in the Washington Post
Real Women Drink Beer, by Ezra Johnson-Greenough
The Girl's Guide to Beer, by Nicole S. 
Women Drinking Beer, by Sebbie Buhler
Brewer's Share Beer for Oregon Craft Beer Month, by John Foyston
Radio: Beer O'Clock Interview, by Lisa Morrison
"For the Love of Beer" Documentary Trailer Release, by Angelo Deleso 
The Pink Boots Society suggests you buy Mom a Pint, (at bottom of page) by Chantal Martineau
Pink Boots Society: Ten Fine Beers Brewed by Women, by Ludwig Roars
Radio: HRN Beer Sessions #9 (see third section/Sours), by Jimmy Carbone & Samuel Merritt
Top 10 Beers Brewed by Women, by Emily Haile
Draft Magazine Names Top Ten, by Suzanne Woods
Women and Craft Beer, by Jen Muehlbauer on the Yankee Brew News Cover!
Beer for Mothers Day? An Answer, by Stan Hieronymous
Radio: Beer & Feminism-Together at Last, by Ellie Gordon-Moershel
Institute of Brewing & Distilling - Professional & Trade Associations

Do you like these links? They're fresh each issue and take a lot of time. If you want to see them continue, email If nobody emails me, you won't see them again.
We got a lot of support for our first annual Bring Mom Out For A Beer campaign on Mother's Day. From Portland, Maine to San Diego, California (and many points in between) brewpubs, breweries, beer gastropubs, bottle shops, and restaurants came up with creative ways to get their customers to bring their moms in to discover the amazing world of great beer.

Plan your event for 1:00-4:00pm. Next year's dates:

UK: Sunday, April 3, 2011 (Mothering Sunday)
USA: Sunday May 8, 2011 (Mother's Day)
Everywhere Else: Sunday May 8, 2011 (Mother's Day)
FOAM AND FROTH (Bits & Pieces)
Potential Marketing Tool: Voice of the Brewer Program, by Great Brewers
No Glass Ceiling for the Best Job in the Whole World, by David Kesmodel
2010 International Beer Bloggers & Online Media Conference, in Colorado.
"Beer Like Your Mom Used To Make." Slogan from Flagstaff Brewing Co., Jeff Thorsett, Owner-Brewmaster.
If you are a woman distiller, contact Denise at to join the Clear Boots Society.
Do you like these links? They're fresh each issue and take a lot of time. If you want to see them continue, email If nobody emails me, you won't see them again. 
As we (or you) have ideas for new programs and committees, we make plans and find volunteeer members to carry out the new goals. Photo at left is Lisa Morrison, our new Director of the Barley's Angels program. Other new volunteers and chairs include:
Lindsay Ann Samuelson - Mentor Program Committee Chair
Alexandra Nowell - Social Networking Committee Chair
Kathleen Finn & Abby Sherrill - Co-Regional Oregon Meeting Coordinators.
Alexandra Nowell & April Anderson - Co-Regional Northern California Meeting Coordiinators.
Tonya Cornett & Whitney Burnside - Mentor Program Guinea Pigs (Mentor & Protege).
Apologies if I missed anybody. Please let me know if I did!
Road Brewer New Logo
Pink Boots 'n All Column still open for members: Tony Forder, Editor of Ale Street News publishes a column called "Pink Boots 'n All," where he wants you, the women in the beer trenches, to write about beer from the women's perspective. He would love to hear from you. Contact, or visit   
Did you know we have an Employment section on our website?

Are you a business with a beer-related job opening? Are you a member looking for a job? Send a very brief description with your contact info to our website designer Postings come down after three months. Free!
Also if you are an MBAA member, a benefit of membership is their MBAA Job Postings board.
Lindsay Ann Samuels of Anheuser-Busch in Fort Collins, has volunteered to Chair our new Mentor Program Committee. When you attend your next meeting you'll see a few mentor-protégé questions on the Contact Update form. Your answers will help Linsay and Teri formulate a plan to create one-on-one mentorship opportunites. Tonya Cornett (photo at right), has agreed be mentor to Whitney Burnside, protégé. Tonya is Brewmaster at Bend Brewing Co. in Bend, Oregon, and Whitney is Assistant Brewer at Upright Brewing Co. in Portland, Oregon. Their feedback on their experiences will also help us design a successful one-on-one program. 
Barley's AngelsBARLEY'S ANGELS
Ever since Cinzia Wallace and Sue Smith-Troy spoke about their Ales-4-FemAles women's beer education club at Left Hand Brewery, we have wanted to help our Brewery Owner members develop that concept.
Lots of pubs and breweries have already started their own clubs, but we feel an international network of women's educational beer clubs would be an asset to our members. 
Lisa Morrison, Director of our Barley's Angels program is working on guidelines and a "kit" to get new Barley's Angels chapters off the ground. An advantage of becoming a Barley's Angels chapter is that your women's beer club would be registered in the network and potential attendees would be able to search online for a Barley's Angels chapter near them, and will find you. More soon...
The names Barley's Angels and Pink Boots Society have been submitted for trademark registration. This reserves both names for our members' qualified use as a benefit of Society membership.
Barbara GerovacIMAGINE! 
    Imagine... a woman brewing your beer. Not so far fetched anymore, is it! 
         ... Now imagine lots of women making informed consumer choices and  
                                                  drinking your beer!
We are the female movers and shakers in the beer industry. We get the beer brewed and fermented with the highest possible quality. We also own breweries, package the beer, design beers, serve beers, write about beer, and cover just about any aspect of beer, and we are all women.  
Any woman anywhere in the world who earns at least part of her income from beer is automatically a Member of the Pink Boots Society. However, you must send your contact information to to register and get into our database and onto our online Member List at Members can be elevated to voting status by attending one or more meetings. 
To maintain membership in the Society, a Member must be actively employed in the Beer Industry, seeking reemployment in the Beer Industry, or be retired from a long career in the Beer Industry (like Inge Russell). Once a Member has attained voting status, she maintains voting status as long as she maintains her membership criteria and keeps the Society current with her email address, as future elections will likely be held via email.
The PBS e-Newletter list is handled separately, so you must subscribe separately at The e-Newsletter is the best way we have to stay in contact with our members. Anyone interested in Pink Boots Society activities and news is welcome to subscribe as well.
We make every attempt to include all members, but we can't chase you down, even if we know you personally. If you got missed and you are not on the membership database list, then please email
The Pink Boots Society is not limited to craft brewers, or even to brewers, but it was founded by craft brewers. We are not size-prejudiced. You just have to earn income from beer.

The Pink Boots Society began in 2007 as a list of every woman brewer I met or heard about during my 13,000-mile cross-country road trip ( We had our first meeting during the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego in April 2008, where the women on that list voted to become a membership organization.
Our subsequent meetings have been inspirational and it is always fun to connect with other women beer professionals.
If you earn income from beer, I encourage you to attend a national or regional meeting. Our educational seminar is held each year right after our Great American Beer Festival meeting. 
You gals are making this happen, and it is exciting and rewarding to be a part of it. Cheers to you!

Teri Fahrendorf, President
Pink Boots Society
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