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Corsair Artisan Distillery

Like many craft distilleries, Corsair in Bowling Green, KY would benefit with an intern.

Michael Jackson Education Fund & Internship

Sponsored by ADI and the American Institute of Wine & Food

Michael Jackson was a writer, lecturer, thinker, and champion of beverage alcohol. The English-born Jackson almost single-handedly created the modern categorization of beer
styles now used throughout the world, and his work in whiskey, including the seminal "World Guide to Whisky" (1988), was among the first to elevate discussion of distilled spirits to that level long associated with wine. His writing, lecturing, and public
appearances over the course of three decades educated a worldwide consumer audience, and also proved hugely influential with a new generation of artisan producers. Among Mr. Jackson?s many awards was the "Master of the Quaich."

The Michael Jackson Education Fund was initially created by the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Wine & Food during the early 1990?s. Mr. Jackson himself participated in a number of guided tastings, all proceeds of which were donated to the
fund. The Michael Jackson Education Fund is now managed by the AIWF Foundation and the ADI has partnered with the AIWF to build a fund to sponsor internships in all aspects distilled spirits manufacture. As this is the first announcement of the program we will briefly describe the competition for internships as well as our fundraising efforts tosupport these internships.

The Michael Jackson Internship is intended to foster scholarship in all aspects of distilled spirits manufacture. Potential topics we consider appropriate include, but are not limited to, aspects of fruit and grain production, mash processes, fermentation, distillation, spirit aging, still production. While the fund is based in the United States, we consider the world of distillation to be international and as such, we seek both international applicants as well as international internship hosts. Applications for the Michael Jackson internship will be reviewed by a committee of distilled spirits professionals drawn from the spirits production, spirits sales and spirits writing communities. Depending on the availability of
funds we anticipate funding at least one internship per year. The internship will be awarded at a special dinner in honor of the Michael Jackson Fund in conjunction with the annual ADI meeting.

Complete application packages will consist of the following:

I. A four, to a maximum of ten page, proposal that includes the following elements:

a) Title page
b) Statement of the prospective intern's background. This might include both professional as well as nonprofessional material as considered appropriate by the applicant.
c) Section describing the motivation for applying for the Internship as well as the
prospective intern's goals both within and post the Michael Jackson Internship.
d) Detailed description of the proposed project and the reasons for choosing the host
institution. The application will be judged on the soundness of the project as well as the appropriateness the host institution for the project.
e) Detailed description of a final project. As a condition of the funding the successful applicant will present to the ADI a final project based in the fellowship. While this could be as simple as a talk at the annual meeting and a written document for the ADI newsletter it could be more detailed and we invite the applicants to use this as an opportunity to further knowledge in the broader distillation community. For instance we imagine additions to the ADI web site, elements for ADI short courses and multimedia contributions all to be well within the material we consider reasonable for a final project.

II. Conflict of interest statement. This is to be a short statement addressing any preexisting relationship between the potential intern and the host distillery. While a preexisting relationship in no way disqualifies the potential intern, failure to disclose this, is grounds for disqualification.

III. A letter of support from the prospective host institution acknowledging, at a minimum, that they have read the proposal and support both the intern as well the project. A section addressing the feasibility and appropriateness of the project to the
workings of the host institute will also be considered a plus. The letter should also include a description of any support that the host will provide the intern. Support from the host will be considered as matching funds for the consideration of the award and will add positively to the application's prospects. Host support might
include, but is not limited to, a small stipend, funds supporting special ingredients, a special mash or fermentation or, housing. Note however, that matching funds while beneficial to the application, are not required.

IV. Budget and Budget justification. At present, the fund will fund individual interns to a maximum of $2,500 however in exceptional cases this limit may be exceeded.

Budget items that are considered reasonable for reimbursement include: Travel to and from the host site, accommodation and meals, tuition, and specialty supplies not normally used by the host institution. However, general production materials should be furnished by the host institution and thus, are not typically considered reasonable budgetary items. The budget justification is limited to 1 page maximum.

Applications for the Internship can be sent to:

Daniel Farber
Chair of the Internship Committee
Osocalis Distillery
5579 Old San Jose Rd.
Soquel, CA, 95073

Furthermore, in order to support the Internship program, the ADI is looking for industry partners in fundraising for the Michael Jackson Fund.

At present we are soliciting input from ADI members and the wider distilled spirits community to support the following three events in 2010. V. A award dinner at the annual meeting with all proceeds going to the MJF. In this regard we are looking for industry partners to help support the event as well as contributions to be used as part of the dinner.

VI. An auction of hard to find and rare items to be held in concert with the awards dinner. Here again, as all the proceeds will go to the MJF, we hope that ADI members will dig deep, to donate to this auction to help fund the interns.

VII. Finally, we are interested in receiving proposals from ADI members for events and hosted events in conjunction with the ADI to support the Michael Jackson Fund.

This could be a short course, a special tasting or a special tour etc. However, we would like to see these be something special and something that people will pay to attend. For example, following the 2009 ADI annual meeting, Osocalis Distillery donated a one day hands on brandy production short course which included catered
lunch and dinner, wine tasting and wines from the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation and a tasting following dinner of classic brandy styles with brandies from as far back as 1929. We hope others will follow this lead and propose other events in support of
the events Michael Jackson Fund.

Please submit all proposals for support of the Michael Jackson Fund to:

Daniel Farber
Chair of the Michael Jackson Internship Committee
Osocalis Distillery
5579 Old San Jose Rd.
Soquel, CA, 95073
America is in the forefront of a global micro-distilling boom, with more than 200 licensed artisanal distilleries. 42 of them are producing whisky, and many have received guidance from Bill Owens of the American Distilling Institute. Bill shares some of the benefits and potential pitfalls of starting a distillery in this episode. In the news, new Scotch whisky regulations will take effect later this month, Diageo changes course in the Canadian market, Glen Grant prepares for a U.S. debut, and if you missed out on tickets for Malt Advocate's WhiskyFest New York, there's a preview of this week's Philadelphia Whiskey Festival.

Come see me in Paris

First Bill Owens solo exhibition in Paris, a new and unpublished work, that documents the rise of the campus protest movements in San Francisco in 1967/68. Bill Owens has always been involved in socio-anthropological aspects of the American culture and uses photography as a kind of 'visual anthropologist'.

The exhibition is conceived as a special project during ParisPhoto, and is realized in collaboration with aMAZElab, Milan and Claudia Zanfi, curator of Bill Owens' Archive.

ph: Bill Owens, Riots, 1968

21st November - 20th December 2009
Galerie de Multiples, 17 Rue Saint-Gilles, Paris

Just Four Weeks Until ADI's Whiskey & Moonshine Distilling Class will Occur at Stillwater Spirits in Petaluma, CA
(Limited to 14 Students)

Yes, even a small distiller can char his own oak like Tom Herbruck of Tom's Foolery in Chagrin Falls, OH

For more information and to sign-up for the Hands-on Workshop, go to

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