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April 2010 (Pre-CBC)
The Pink Boots Society is an international charitable trade organization created to inspire, encourage and empower women to become professionals and advance their careers in the
 Beer Industry through education.

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This ninth issue of the Pink Boots Society e-Newsletter updates you on our upcoming fifth meeting, which will be held during the Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago
Too busy to read this now? Print it off and read it on the plane to Chicago!
Please welcome our newest $500 Seed Sponsor, the Arizona Brewers Guild. Also the Fifth Quadrant/Lompoc Brewpub in Portland, Oregon, held a fundraising event and raised $142.50 for PBS.
Thanks to the generous donation of meeting space by the Brewers Association, we will be able to hold our Chicago meeting free of charge to members. A $5 donation is suggested. 
Please support the businesses that support us!
We now have over 323 registered members. A big welcome to all our sisters. We all have knowledge to share, and we can learn from each other. See List.
E-Newsletter Archive
              All women who earn a living from beer in any way.
WHAT:            General meeting, meet & greet, progress, goals and
                      review of GABF Seminars.
WHEN:            Friday April 9, 2010.
TIME:              11:30am - 1:00pm (sharp!)
WHERE:          Conference Hotel, in Michigan "B" on Level 2,
                       behind the Table-Top Exhibitors.
COST:             Free, but please bring a $5 donation to help with PBS operating costs.
BRING:            Swag to give away. $5 donation. Sorry, you cannot bring your beers to share.
HOW:              CBC Attendees: Grab your lunch and a beer at the Trade Show on the  
                       Prominade at 11:00am. Bring your plate and glass to our meeting promptly.
                       Local Non-Attendees: You won't get lunch. Just come to the meeting room.
BOOTS:          Please bring and wear your pink boots (or any color boots) on Friday, as there
                      will be an author taking photos for her women brewers beer/food pairing 
                      cookbook, and there will be a documentary filmmaker shooting film of our
                      meeting for her documentary "For the Love of Beer" on women in the beer
                      industry. Show your colors!
NOTE:             Please be on time! This is a short meeting. We must vacate the room with our
                       empty plates and cups by 1:00pm sharp.
EVITES:          Will be mailed this week. If you have not yet sent us your contact info, please
                       send an e-Vite request to Megan Parisi at
                       Please reply to your e-Vites promptly so we have an accurate head count.
Ladies, this is a great way to meet and mingle with your fellow female beer professionals. If we have time, we will show part of the DVD video from our 2009 GABF Consumer Beer Education Seminar. We may also be taking orders for copies of the DVD of this seminar, depending on how it looks J. 100% of revenue from any Seminar DVD sales will go to the Pink Boots Society. Bring extra cash if you want to order a copy (we haven't determined a price yet). Additionally, we will give highlights of our upcoming 2010 GABF Technical Education Seminar.
Mark your calendars. Our next meetings will be:
Friday, September 17, 2010:  1:00-5:00pm - PBS Meeting & Technical Education Seminar.
Held during the week of the Great American Beer Festival at Wynkoop Brewery, Denver, CO.
Friday, March 25, 2011:  11:30am-1:00pm - PBS Meeting at CBC. Location TBA.

Friday, May 4, 2012:  11:30am-1:00pm - PBS Meeting at CBC. Location TBA.
See you in Chicago!
Our sponsors are the companies that donate money or meetnig space to keep the Pink Boots Society growing.
Meeting Sponsors:
The Brewers Association is our CBC meeting sponsor. They donated a room so we can meet onsite. If you already have a CBC Seminar Registration or a Trade Show ticket, you can get your lunch in the Trade Show, then bring your plate to our meeting room. The charge for this meeting is zero, but a $5 donation to the PBS is recommended.
FYI: Meeting Sponsorship funds are used to defray the costs of our luncheon meetings, so that we can keep the expense to our members to $15 or less. This encourages the maximum number of members to attend.  
Seed Sponsors:
We have money in the bank to keep us growing, thanks to a seed sponsorship donation by the Arizona Brewers Guild ($500). When drinking a beer that is not your own, please support the Arizona breweries that support us by buying their beer. Thank you to member Melissa Osborne for encouraging the Guild to help us!
FYI: Seed Sponsorship funds are used for the costs of incorporating as a nonprofit, trademarking (servicemarking) our name, email newsletter services, website hosting, and all those administrative and legal hoops you have to jump through to become a legal nonprofit. Any extra Seed Sponsorship funds beyond these expenses will go straight into the Scholarship Fund.
Friend of the PBS Fundraiser:
Anybody can hold a fundraising event and send Pink Boots Society the money. Our first Friend of the PBS Fundraising Sponsor is Fifth Quadrant/Lompoc Ales of Portland, who threw a comparative Maris Otter tasting event for Teri's birthday and raised $142.50 for PBS. When drinking a beer that is not your own, please support the breweries that support us by buying their beer!
   Coming up fast...
Scholarship Deadlines:
April 20, 3010: Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Scholarship at the Siebel Institute.
April 30, 2010: Greg Noonan New England Brewer's Scholarship at the American Brewers Guild. 
August 1, 2010: MBAA William A. Hipp Scholarship to the Brewery Packaging Technology Course.
November 2010: Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Scholarship at the American Brewers Guild.
January 15, 2011: MBAA William A. Hipp Scholarship to the Brewing & Malting Science Course. 

Master Brewers Association of the Americas: Many MBAA Districts have their own scholarship funds. If you are a member of the MBAA, be sure to ask a local district officer if this is true for your district.
Deadline not listed: Professor Michael J. Lewis Endowment Fund at UC-Davis. 
Google "brewing scholarships" to see what other options come up. Be sure to look several pages in for the lesser known scholarship options.
Future Scholarships: From the Pink Boots Society. We're working toward that goal together!

April 7-10, 2010: Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago, Illinois.
June 15-21, 2010: MBAA & ASBC joint Brewing Summit in Providence, Rhode Island.
September 17, 2010: Pink Boots Society's Technical Education Seminar in Denver, Colorado.

Siebel Institute of Technology & World Brewing Accademy
   Master Brewer Program (20 weeks)
   Too many other courses to list. Click here for the list.

American Brewers Guild  
   Craft Brewers Apprenticeship (28 weeks)
   Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering (23 weeks)

Master Brewers Association of the Americas
   Malting & Brewing Science Course (2 weeks)
   Brewery Packaging Technology Course (2 weeks)
   Other MBAA courses and dates. Click here for the list.
Cicerone Certification Program
   Beer Cicerone (Beer Steward) Certification

Barley Course
   Introduction to Statistical Experimental Design at the Northern Crops Inst. at N.D. State Univ.
WHAT: Lunch, beers, meeting, networking & technical seminar 
WHEN: Friday, September 17, 2010
TIME: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm 

Mark your calendars now and plan to attend our Great American Beer Festival meeting and Seminar!
The 2010 educational seminar will focus on the technical side of brewing. Current topic ideas include beer recipe development, simple lab procedures for small breweries and brewpubs, how to build an incubator and do HLP testing, simple HACCP quality procedures, and whatever else we can come up with. 
<The Technical Committee will meet in the hallway after our Chicago meeting to make sure we are all on track with the 2010 GABF Technical Education Seminar program.>

Beer Media Friendly: Our 2010 Technical Education Seminar will again be open to GABF-credentialed media who have registered with us in advance. The purpose of inviting media is three-fold: (1) To get the message of the Pink Boots Society out into the world. (2) To get the information generated at the seminar out into the world, and (3) To drive interest in our educational seminars.
Why Drive Interest?: The first time we offer an educational seminar, attendance is restricted to our members and the media, and attendance is free. We hope to gain skill in giving seminars, and our first seminar is like a dress rehearsal. The second time we offer a particular seminar, our goal is to open attendance to the entire Beer Industry. Our goal then is two-fold: (1) To get the information out to the industry at large, and (2) To raise money for our scholarship funds. Therefore, once we open a seminar to everyone, advance registration and payment will be required.
A NOTE ABOUT OUR EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS: A primary focus of the PBS is to educate, train and inform our members, in other words, each other. A secondary focus is to help increase the general knowledge levels about, and within, the beer industry. Our goal is to tap into the incredible knowledge base of our members, so these seminars will be taught by our members, and will be presented to our members. We wish to complement, not compete with the educational offerings already out there.
We had a great meeting and seminar during the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. We estimate about 45 attendees coming and going for the meeting and/or the seminar. Thank You to Maui Brewing and Lost Abbey Ales for donating swag for the Raffle. 
Another big Thank You to our members who donated beer for our meeting: Maui Brewing, Moylans Brewery, Stone Brewing, Windy Goat (England!), and Lost Abbey Brewing. Unfortunately Denise Jones of Moylans will lose her perfect streak of donating beers to our meetings: the Chicago meeting cannot take beer donations because of conference and hotel restrictions.

A big Thank You to Megan Parisi (Cambridge Brewing), Sue Smith-Troy (Left Hand Ales & Ales 4 Females), Kate Baker (Cambridge Common Restaurant), Suzanne Schalow (Cambridge Common Restaurant), Sebbie Buehler (Rogue Ales), and Teri Fahrendorf (Great Western Malting/Country Malt) for their work preparing for and speaking at our meeting and first Beer Education Seminar!

And Thanks to all of You who shared who you were at the meeting, and why beer is such a beautiful part of your life.
Janine Webber (Dry Dock Brewing) took the meeting minutes.
We are continuously working on our new website. We want to expand the usefulness of the Member List, by allowing members to have a Member Profile page (optional). Visitors to our new website would find your Member Profile page by clicking on your Name on the Member List.
One reason for having a Member Profile page, is because journalists often look for local brewers and beer folk to interview, so this profile will give the media a sense of who you are.
If you want to have a personal profile page linked to your name on the membership list, then please send the following to Please keep your responses as short as possible!
Photo: (Head shot - Please resize to 200 x 300 before sending !)
(If you want a page without your photo, you can send your company logo instead)
Company Name:
Company Website Link:
City, State, Country:
Your Email Address: (If you desire this to be completely public! Most people do not.)
Former Career: (Journalists like to ask this question.)
Favorite Beer Memory:
Proudest Beer Moment:
Hobbies and Other Quirks:
Resume Link: (if hosted elsewhere)
Short Biography:
Our new website, rebuilt and maintained by Anita Lum of Maui Brewing is up at (Anita's photo is above right.)
Currently our membership rolls are over the 300 member mark. The new online list is current as of February 22nd. Click here to see the Member List.  
Also, our 1,000th subscriber to this PBS e-news just signed up. How cool is that!
The PBS is getting more and more mainstream press, and is mentioned by name in each of these articles: 

The Pink Boots Society: Women with a Passion for Beer, by Ashly Quibodeaux 
Beer and Feminism, Together at Last, (podcast), Ellie Gordon-Moershel and guest host Marie Lomax interview Teri Fahrendorf
A Gathering of Ladies That's Thirst Class, by Magdalena Wegrzyn
Calling All Women Brewers, by Marty Nachel 
She's The One, by Tristan Scott 
GABF: Focus on Pairing, by Jennifer Helber
With All the Awesome Beer Chicks, by Christina Perozzi
Best Golden Ale in Canada, by Cassandra
Pink Boots Society, by Hoppy Pipper
Pink Boots Society, by Rate Beer
We have our own Forum on Yahoo groups, which is your place to publicize your beer events. We've also had great discussions, stuff we'd be afraid to send to the Brewers Association Forum, like "How do you protect your unborn baby from chemical exposure in the brewery when you are pregnant?" Join us at Yahoo Group, "pinkbootssociety":
Group home page: or
Group email address:
Send your posts to this email address or click on "Posts" in the left column once you are in. 

Please sign up at You can choose the Daily Digest, or how often you want forum posts to come to you.
FOAM AND FROTH (Bits & Pieces)
Beer U - Women Only, by Kathryn Bouscaren.
The Pink Glove Dance, on You-Tube. 
A gaggle of our members got their names mentioned here:
Women of Craft Beer, a Quick List, by Tammy Tuck and Bruce Falconer.
If you are a woman distiller, contact Denise at to join the Clear Boots Society.

Orignal watercolor painting above by Teri Fahrendorf. "Everybody wants beer made with love." 
April 24, 2010: Rubicon's 4th Annual Women in Brewing - Beer Festival, Sacramento, Californa.
11:00 am -11:30 pm. 
Featuring Beers from Pink Boots Society members:
   Laura Ulrich (Stone Brewing Company) Smoked Vanilla Porter
   Denise Jones (Moylan's Brewing Company) Dragoon's Dry Irish Stout
   Barbara Groom (Lost Coast Brewing Company) Tangerine Wheat
   Ruth Martin (Sierra Nevada Brewing Company) Schwartz Bier, Ruthless Hefe
   Tami Hucke Norgrove (Bear Republic Brewing Company) Surprise Beer
   Brenda Studabaker (Rubicon Brewing Company) Double IPA
   Darcie Quinn (Rubicon Brewing Company) Baltic Porter
   Lisa Ford (Auburn Alehouse) Scarlet Red
   Sarah Irwin (Sacramento Brewing Company) Double IPA
 Proceeds benefits W.E.A.V.E. and the fight against domestic violence.
(1) Member Virginia Jamison is writing a beer book and she is looking for quotations from women brewers around the world. She is looking looking for your thoughts, perspectives, observations, and experiences. Contact, or visit
(2) Tony Forder, Editor of Ale Street News has extended an amazing writing opportunity to our members. He has a column called "Pink Boots 'n All," where he wants you, the women in the beer trenches, to write about beer from the women's perspective. He would love to hear from you. Contact, or visit   

Did you know we have an Employment section of our new website?

Are you a business with a beer-related job opening? Are you a member looking for a job? Send a very brief description with your contact info to our website designer
Also if you are an MBAA member, a benefit of membership is their MBAA Job Postings board.
Thanks to David Edgar for these two links:

Thanks to member Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer for this link:
What Not To Do in a Customer Interaction.

Learn about keeping draught beer quality high. Your favorite brewer (and your favorite draft beer) will thank you! Download the Brewers Association's Draught Beer Quality Manual for free.

Depending on your profession within the Brewing Community, becoming a certified homebrew judge could help advance your career. (It did mine - T.F.) Just studying for the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) exam will cause you to learn amazing things about beer and brewing it. If you are interested in judging beer, or interested in talking about beer and better expressing your experience of tasting beer, these three websites can put words in your mouth:
Fal Allen's Extensive List of Beer Descriptors
More Words to Describe Beer Flavors
Laura Ulrich (Stone Brewing) has submitted our Service Mark (Trademark) paperwork to the US Patent and Trademark office. We are awaiting the final paperwork. 
Teri Fahrendorf (Great Western Malting/Country Malt) is embroiled in the lengthy legal process of becoming an official 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, as required by the IRS and a host of other government agencies. We are already an official nonprofit corporation.
Our Independent Executive Board (all volunteer) met on December 20, 2009. This group steers our nonprofit corporation to do everything that is legal and prudent, and is made up of:
Lynda Ramsey, Corporate Controller for GrainCorp.
Rebecca Morris, Contract Attorney for Oregon Public Broadcasting.
Lisa Morrison, Beer Festival Organizer, Beer Writer, and Beer Marketing.
Bob Wolfe, President, Oregon Pinot Noir Club.
Teri Fahrendorf, President, Pink Boots Society.
I am so grateful to our volunteer board members for generously sharing their precious time and expertise with us. I cannot say, "Thank You!" enough to them.
We are the female movers and shakers in the beer industry. We get the beer brewed and fermented with the highest possible quality. We also own breweries, package the beer, design beers, serve beers, write about beer, and cover just about any aspect of beer, and we are all women.  
Any woman anywhere in the world who earns at least part of her income and livelihood from beer is automatically a Member of the Pink Boots Society. However, you must send your contact information to to register and get into our database and onto our online Member List at Members can be elevated to voting status by attending one or more meetings.
To maintain membership in the Society, a Member must be actively employed in the Beer Industry, seeking reemployment in the Beer Industry, or be retired from a long career in the Beer Industry. Once a Member has attained voting status, she maintains voting status as long as she maintains her membership criteria and keeps the Society current with her email address, as future elections will likely be held via email.
The PBS e-Newletter list is handled separately, so you must subscribe separately at The e-Newsletter is the best way we have to stay in contact with our members. Anyone interested in Pink Boots Society activities and news is welcome to subscribe as well.
We make every attempt to include all members, but we can't chase you down, even if we know you personally. If you got missed and you are not on the membership database list, then please email
The Pink Boots Society is not limited to craft brewers, or even just to brewers, but it was founded by craft brewers. We welcome all who qualify as described above. A special welcome to our sisters employed by the large national breweries who recently joined us. 
The website list will be updated after our Chicago CBC meeting - probably in July or August 2010. You can see the current list here We're all volunteers here in this labor-of-love called the Pink Boots Society. So please be patient. 

The Pink Boots Society began in 2007 as a list of every woman brewer I met or heard about during my 13,000-mile cross-country road trip ( We had our first meeting during the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego in April 2008, where the women on that list voted to become a membership organization.
Our semi-annual meetings, held during the Craft Brewers Conference and the Great American Beer Festival are inspirational and it is excellent fun to connect with other women beer professionals.
If you are a member of any kind, I encourage you to attend our fifrth meeting during the Craft Brewers Conference, on April 9, 2010. 

Teri Fahrendorf, President
Pink Boots Society

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