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  • May 2013 Newsletter  (5/2/2013)
  • "CITRIS and Online Education" - Letter from the Director
    "University 2.0: Examining the Promise of Online Education"
  • March 2013 Newsletter  (3/5/2013)
  • "Doing More with Less" - Letter from the Director
    "The $10 Robots: Irresistible and Affordable"
    "Connected Corridors"
  • December 2012/January 2013 Newsletter  (12/13/2012)
  • "Rx for Cybermedicine: Collaborate" - Letter from the Director
    "PT Phone Home"
    "Sepsis Watch"
  • October/November 2012 Newsletter  (10/9/2012)
  • "Seeking Nature's Numbers" - Letter from the Director
    "Measuring Human Contributions to Urban CO2"
    "Quantifying Nature's Aquatic Requirements"
  • August/September 2012 Newsletter  (8/20/2012)
  • "Fueling Democracy with Data and Shrinking the Gap Between Little Patients and Big Treatment" - Letter from the Director
    "Can You Hear Me Now? California Tele-Audiology Program Brings Hearing Exams to Rural Newborns"
    "Data and Democracy: Building Tools for Citizen Engagement"
  • June/July 2012 Newsletter  (6/7/2012)
  • "Making Great Ideas Into Great Devices"
    "Taking Batteries Outside the Box"
    "Investing in an Inventive Environment"
  • April/May 2012 Newsletter  (4/11/2012)
  • "Electric Vehicles for Energy Storage to Stabilize Utility Grid"
    "Alberto Cerpa’s Optical Turnstile"
  • Feb/March 2012 Newsletter  (2/8/2012)
  • "Nina Amenta: Looking for patterns, and collaborations, in the data"
    "Solving the Brueghel Imbroglio"
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