2nd Quarter 2010




One of our goals this year for the chapter was to try new formats and new times for our programs. February's program took place at the usual lunchtime hours but had a roundtable peer-to-peer discussion format. April saw a totally new event (for us) -- speed meeting in the late afternoon. June's program will take place over breakfast with a single speaker. Education Day in September will feature a number of new features including a live Web broadcast of our state of the industry panel. We'll be on the road again in New Jersey in October.
I hope you've been able to attend these programs and are planning on making the upcoming ones. Your attendance is a crucial contribution to the success of these events - even when a program doesn't suit everyone, your feedback on what worked and what didn't is vital to our evaluations.

To those of you who completed the surveys on April's program, thank you. We've heard your comments and have already thought about the changes we'd make if we try this again. I'd ask all of you to give us your feedback and suggestions - remember, as a membership organization this is your chapter. Help us create the programs and events you want to attend by contacting us at new.york.area.chapter@pcma.org and let us know if you can volunteer on a NYPCMA committee!
As we approach the summer months, I hope you have a chance to catch your breath, rejuvenate your spirits, and relax your body.
Karin Sig

Karin Bagnall
President, NYPCMA
Associate Director, MLA Convention Programs

Are You An "Idiot" When It Comes To Email?
You Are If ...
by Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, CSPEduc Day Panel

If you're a fan of the television show, The Office, you probably remember Dwight Schrute's conversation with his boss, Michael Scott:

Michael : "What's the most inspirational thing I
     ever said to you?"

Dwight: "Don't be an idiot. It changed my life."

Dwight (as an aside): "Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, 'Would an idiot do this?' and if he would, I do not do that thing."
Great advice for email writers! Here's more ...      

Twitter Bird       
Get short, timely messages from SpeakerSue  on Twitter -- a rich source of instantly updated information. It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Join today and follow @SpeakerSue.

Inaugural 'Working The Network' Meeting ...

Our April chapter 'Working The Network' meeting debuted a totally new event format and time for us - speed networking in the late afternoon.  The concept was to provide planners and suppliers with uninterrupted one-on-one time - on a quick rotation to connect, learn and create business opportunities - in one convenient location.
Venue sponsor The Grand Hyatt provided the perfect setting with wine and light food fare to get everyone mingling. 
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While this inaugural event had some time management kinks and
was a bit light on planner attendance (possibly due to the (3:00-5:30pm time slot), many of the attendees surveyed said they liked that there was lots of time to network and the opportunity to have a real nuts and bolts conversation without doing the 'networking chitchat dance'.
The board is reviewing participant feedback and formulating improvements to provide greater opportunities locally for planner and supplier engagement.


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(L-R): Cara Tobias & Shawna Wellman, Travel Portland;
NYPCMA's Karin Bagnall; Julie Deweese, Oregon Convention Center; Doug Macgowan, Hilton Portland.

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Members Sound Off
Which Time of Day Do You Prefer to Attend
Chapter Meetings?2009 PCMA

We are trying a variety of meeting times this year and would like you to weigh in on your preference.

Click here to let us know when is the best time for you to attend a chapter meeting ... morning breakfast, mid-day lunch, late afternoon or evening reception ... and your comments are welcome!                     
Mark Your Calendar


September 10, 2010 ~ Hilton New York

Great sessions are in store for this year's Education Day! Plan on joining us for a day of networking, knowledge and insight on the latest technology, and industry experts talking about the trends and challenges we face. More information to follow.

Gregg Talley, CEO Talley Management

Deborah Sexton, President and CEO, PCMA
Gus Vonderheide, Senior VP Sales - Group, Hyatt Hotels
Monisa Cline, Staff VP North American Sales, Continental Airlines
Kati Quigley, PCMA Chairman of the Board &
Director of Event Marketing, Microsoft
Mary MacGregor, VP, Business Development,
BCD Meetings & Incentives

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2010 Educational Conference
If you're looking for an event focused on shared ideas and solutions to our industry's challenges, this is the event for you. PCMA has enhanced its popular Leadership Conference to a robust three day program designed to gather meetings industry professionals for a highly interactive program based on the hottest issues, topics and trends in meetings today.

June 13-16, 2010
Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth
Montreal, Quebec

Program & Registration Information...
In This Issue
Are You An 'Idiot' When It Comes to Email?
April's 'Working The Network' Meeting
Sound Off on Meeting Times
Mark Your Calendar - 2010 Education Day
Still Time To Register: PCMA Leadership Conference
Welcome New Members!
Member Spotlight
Meet Your Upstate NY Chapter Members
One City, Seven Reasons
President's Volunteer of Quarter
Make A Difference by Volunteering
Student Members Walk For Autism

2009 PCMA


Tuesday, June 8th  8:00-10:30AM

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Entrepreneur, Business Expert, and International Author

Credibility is at the center of the ability to influence others and provide strong leadership. This interactive session will illuminate why, in order to be successful, you must accept responsibility. Find out how accountability will make you a better leader of a stronger team.  

International leadership and accountability expert Sam Silverstein teaches the four phases of accountability, the five critical, but often overlooked, areas to apply personal accountability and how to infuse accountability within your organization.
Registration Information...


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Welcome to sixteen new members that have joined NYPCMA in March & April 2010!

They include planners and suppliers .... click here to see Who's Who ...




Upcoming Chapter Event Dates


Being a supporter of the NYPCMA Chapter creates goodwill between your organization and the membership.
NYPCMA offers opportunities for you to demonstrate your commitment to the professionalism and development of the meetings and hospitality industry, as well as access to a targeted audience, to showcase your products and/or services.
No sponsorship is considered too small and there are many ways to co-partner with other suppliers, or even planners, to make your contribution go even further.

There are still a few opportunities available for 2010: Network For The Needy, Educational Session during September's Education Day, Meeting Sponsor for November NJ Meeting.

For More Information Contact:

Rocco La Forgia
NYPCMA Sponsorship Committee Chair 
Phone: 212-820-1715

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Member Spotlight: Richard Lerman

By Leslie DiLeo, CMP
Director of Conferences, American Montessori Society

RL Spotlight
Richard Lerman loves the curmudgeons.

"When people are outspoken, you learn what the issues are," he explains.  "This applies especially to membership organizations like PCMA and membership associations like mine."  As President of the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD), he hears a wide range of opinions: his members make and distribute everything from postal and police uniforms to flight attendant, hotel staff and grade school kids' uniforms.  Richard wants to hear what all of his members have to say, and acts on their concerns accordingly.  "It's not just about what the larger members need.  There needs to be a way for everyone to be heard.  That's one of the benefits of taking an active role in an organization.  That's why PCMA is so valuable, too.  It's important for
people to participate on the local and national levels."

Richard and his wife Sharon live on Long Island and would like to travel more for leisure when they can find the time.  A social worker at the outpatient oncology department at Long Island Jewish/North Shore Medical Center, Sharon's intensely personal work helps to give Richard a sense of perspective.  "When a meeting planner or hotel staff makes a mistake, someone doesn't get a sandwich.  Of course we want to do our best for our members and clients, but other people deal, literally, with life and death every day."

The tagline on NAUMD's logo is "where function meets style."  Go to their website at www.naumd.com to read about the different kinds of uniforms created by NAUMD's members.

You can contact Richard Lerman, President of NAUMD at (212) 736-3010.
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Meet Your Neighbor Chapter Members In Upstate NY

By Dawn D. Rockas, CMP
National Sales Director, SDCVB-Northeast Sales Office

Visit Baltimore
Did you know that NYPCMA has 14 members in various areas within upstate New York? 

Here's a shout out to Albany, Ithaca, Lewiston, Poughkeepsie, Rexford, Rochester, Saratoga Springs, Syracuse and Verona!!!

In early June, a few of us will get together in central New York - Ithaca or Syracuse - for an informal NYPMCA reception ... the first ever!!!  Look for an update in our 3rd Quarter newsletter.

Say hello to your neighbors in New York State: 

Deborah Goedeke, Albany Convention Bureau
Kathleen Heider, NYS Bar Association, Albany
Donna Barsotti, DMG & Association, LLC, Ithaca
Nika Hsiao, Cornell University Hotel School Student
Edward Friel, Niagara University Professor
Deborah Hamill, IAOP, Poughkeepsie
Jennifer Colindres, Int'l Center for Leaders in Education, Rexford;
Wendy Ford, Visit Rochester
Kathlyn Denkenberger and Marie Moynihan, Saratoga CTB
Sandra Baker, OnCenter Complex, Syracuse
Katherine Magnarelli, Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Convention Center
Elisabetta Metot, Syracuse CVB
Charlene Edwards, Turning Stone Resort and Casino, Verona

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President's Volunteer of the Quarter

Anne Sheerin, CMP
Anne C. Sheerin, Inc.

I'm a big fan of people who pitch in and do what needs to be done. Anne Sheerin has fulfilled that role on the NYPCMA board on a number of occasions, stepping into whatever role we needed to have filled. This year the job was treasurer. She's dealt with the challenges of opening a new account for an organization with a board that changes every year, coordinated data with our chapter administrator, and kept our finances in order. For those of us who never balance our checkbooks, this last task alone is impressive!

Anne's more than just our treasurer though -- she's also good at asking the tough questions. Why are we doing this? What's our goal? How can we improve our offerings to our members? Anne will step back and consider the matter at hand as an outsider. During times when we all get overinvested in one particular aspect of a project, that is a skill crucial to making sure that the larger mission of providing great content to our membership is met. For her all her service to the chapter, Anne Sheerin is the president's volunteer of the quarter.
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Make A Difference by Volunteering!

Active contributors and short-term volunteers are welcome!

The Marketing/Communications Committee is always looking for enthusiastic members to keep the information pipeline flowing between our members, and the industry at-large.

We produce the quarterly chapter e-Newsletter and welcome members to contribute articles, help with editing, take photos at chapter and/or national events, or use your social media and marketing expertise to expand connectivity with our members.

Are you interested in interacting with people, have creative ideas or an opinion to express, enjoy digital graphic design, have the ability to meet deadlines? This could be the ideal opportunity to get involved -- and the time commitment is can be as little or as much as you'd like. 

What's In It For You?
  • Earn CMP Points - did you know that you can earn points towards your CMP application or recertification for either authoring published meeting management articles and/or serving the chapter on a committee?
  • Opportunities to meet new people -- both planners and supplier partners;
  • Work independently on the task of your choice;
  • An opportunity to do something different from your normal work day;
Please contact Hannah Wai, Director of Marketing/Communications Committee, at 646-228-2321 or via email hannah.wai@marriott.com, if you are interested in becoming a member of our committee!

Account Executive | Marriott International
O: 646-228-2321 | hannah.wai@marriott.com
University of New Haven PCMA Student Members Walk for Autism
by Mallory Jensen
NYPCMA Student Chapter Member
University of New Haven


The Autism Walk on May 2nd in Wallingford, CT was a wonderful experience. Everyone that attended the event was able to open themselves up to the challenges in the lives of people touched by autism. It was emotional for some because they actually knew an individual with autism. Others were there for general support. Either way, participating in the Walk was a very specific way to "give back" to the community.

PMCA students had our own team called PCMA Sweat Peas. Our team name came from the original Team Sweat Pea, a team who walked for a person a member of ours was close to. It was a really touching experience to watch the children that did have autism because this event was in their honor and put a face on to the cause. This event put smiles on their faces, and that's what the event is really about: being able to support individuals with autism, whether it's by walking, donating, having a table set up for the children. Every act of generosity is for a truly good cause. I believe that the PCMA members enjoyed their time at this walk. It was a two-mile walk, and we were there for a couple of hours; everyone was so thankful for our support. Participating in community events like the Autism Walk means something to the community and gives something back to the participant: because you're taking action to show that you care. And I believe that everyone in PCMA can say that they care.

UNH Walk for Autism

  'PCMA Sweet Peas' Student Member Team Walks For Autism

San Diego CVB

2010 NYPCMA Student Sponsor


PCMA New York Area Chapter's main purpose is to represent PCMA on a local level by offering quality educational seminars, along with the opportunity for members to contribute their time, knowledge, and experience through networking and committee involvement to further the professionalism of the meetings industry.
NYPCMA Communications / Newsletter Committee

Director, Marketing/Communications: Hannah Wai, CASE, Marriott International
Production Editor:  Lynne Nordone, CMP, LAN Events
Copy Editor:  Leslie Di Leo, CMP, American Montessori Society
Contributing Writers:  Stacey Courtney, Modern Language Association

Contribute an article and earn CMP application and re-certification points.
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