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Moving Confidently Ahead on The Path Thanks to Synchronicity
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Why It Can Seem Difficult to Write Your e-Newsletter by Rog Wyer
What the Heck is a Plugin?
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Joyce S. Kaye, The Computer Spirit
Joyce S. Kaye
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Joyce S. Kaye, MSW,
The Computer Spirit (known as The Computer Therapist in a prior lifetime), is a computer geek and people-person who understands business and computer applications and thrives on the challenge of communicating that understanding clearly. Specializing in Constant Contact e-newsletters and "living" WordPress websites, Joyce brings her creativity, love of people and Spirit*, and computer expertise together to empower individuals and assure them they are not alone. 
sidebargodword * Read a little bit more about Joyce's meaning around such words as Spirit, God, The Presence.
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"Give a person a fish
and they eat for a day.
Teach a person to fish
and they eat for a lifetime."
- Old Chinese Proverb
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Inspiration and Contemplation
Inspiration & Contemplation
"Knowledge may provide information, but imagination provides inspiration that leads to action." - Daniel Schantz
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Vol. 1, Issue 7  |  July 2012
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During our recent event, a conversation and work session about "Know Thyself: Become the Expert in Your Field", it became clear to me that no matter what one's vocation is, we are all here to help progress healing in others. This, of course, helps in our healing as well.

So whether I coach people in newsletter and website development, or you design jewelry, provide therapeutic massage, are an author, or a banker, when we meet our client, it is an encounter for healing. An opportunity is present for awakening.

Of course, it doesn't matter if the encounter is in the context of business - that's really just a facade, an excuse if you will, to meet - or social. For "...where two or more are gathered in My name...," it is a holy encounter indeed.

How does this concept fit in with your work? Your life? I'd love to hear from you via email or you can leave a comment (commenting is fun - try it out!).



Joyce's signature 

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Moving Confidently Ahead on The Path Thanks to Synchronicity

As you may know, I changed my world view and came to believe in God/Spirit/The Presence - my Higher Power - via synchronicity. Coined by Carl Jung, synchronicity points to an acausal connecting principle, thus making 'coincidences' hold a meaningful connection or link to reality for the person involved.

Our Grasshopper Friend... As Rog and I progress in rebirthing our business and leave behind a regular paycheck, fear of doing the right thing and being financially sustained (at the minimum) had started to creep into my psyche. With my faith lacking, I sure needed some sign - uh hum, signs - that we were on the right path and would prosper. Our beautiful spring-green grasshopper (you may have read about him in Rog's recent edition of "Reaching Out") who'd been 'living' with us since before July 4th, proved to play a key role in increasing my faith and peace.

We finally got to research our little fella after we saw his shedded skin sitting on the Black-eyed Susan flower. Many synchronistic events have transpired since then and sharing them hopefully will give you a sense of the wonderment and deliciousness of it all. And, perhaps it will inspire you, grow your belief that something much greater than we is running this universe.

It is proving difficult to keep this brief, so please click here to read further about the adventure...
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General Computer Tips 
Business and Personal Scheduling

Scheduling people A colleague told me about Doodle, a free online service you can use for business and personal scheduling to eliminate the chaos of scheduling. It will save you a lot of time and energy when you're trying to find a time to bring a number of people together. Doodle enables you to propose several dates and times and the participants can indicate their availability online.  Check it out at Doodle.com.

Tech Support

We've come a long way in our communications technology... And, gratefully, Tech Support has been around perhaps just as long. Enjoy this video... can you relate to this?
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Why It Can Seem Difficult to Write Your e-Newsletter
by Rog Wyer 


Here are some of the reasons we hear about why writing an e-newsletter is so difficult:
  • Writing I'm not a good writer.
  • I have nothing interesting to write about.
  • I don't know what to write about.
  • People don't read e-newsletters; I don't read e-newsletters.
  • I'm afraid something I write will cause me to lose business.
  • I'm not offering any events or workshops this month. 
Do these reasons sound like stories designed to stop you from connecting with your clients and potential clients? it's not unusual for people...
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Website Development/WordPress
What the Heck is a Plugin?  


WordPress plugin In computing, a plugin is a set of software components that adds specific abilities to a larger software application. It enables customizing the functionality of an application. Plugins can have many different functions.

Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine. When I run up against a new and different task I want to accomplish in WordPress, Rog will hear me say: "There MUST be plugin for that!" And, there always is.

Some examples of how plugins can enhance your adventure with WordPress are:
  • Allowing you to place categories in the order that you want
  • Creating photo albums
  • Inserting images in a widget without having to know HTML code
  • Enhancing search engine optimization
And, so many more. There are literally thousands of plugins - last count was...
Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image
Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image
This is a time of escalating excitement and adventure, not just in my world but throughout the Universe.

peace sign Here's affirming that we can enjoy the ride, grow in faith amid the uncertainty, and be at peace.

Until next time...


Yours in Spirit, 
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Joyce S. Kaye
(AKA The Computer Spirit)
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bottomgodwordJoyce "came to believe" in a Higher Power about 22 years ago.  Thanks to hearing the novel idea that one could choose their own concept of God, and the workings of synchronicity, Joyce embarked on a new way of thinking, a new way of living, a new way of being in the world and with others.  Since that time of commencing her conscious spiritual journey, she has endeavored to remember The Presence in all that is, all whom she meets, and all that she does - including working with others and their computer projects!

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