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Reaching Out
Vol. 6  Iss. 2 |  July 2012
It's been awhile since I've reached out in this way, so I'm welcoming myself back! I missed the feeling of connection.

The rains are coming - but they're not here yet. It feels like the sky is remembering how to do it. I am confident!
coffee and dessert Here's a deep dark question: what's your favorite coffee shop in Arizona? I'm not asking in order to get you to reveal your true nature - I already know who you are. Joyce and I are planning a tour or Arizona coffee shops and we want to make sure we visit your favorites. Maybe we'll see you there!

For a coffee shop to make the cut, I think it's important that they're really good at one thing at least - coffee, for example. Some can do pastries and dessert very well too - some breakfast and lunch. Some provide great spaces to work or gather. Some are aesthetic or even beautiful. Some are funky - some wild. Would you email us your favorites? And, please tell what makes each one special to you.

Joyce and I are always on the lookout for great resort coffee - a place to relax and celebrate - to feel successful. Recently, we landed on the patio at L'Auberge, a rustic, old-style resort overlooking Oak Creek in uptown Sedona. The coffee was delicious - in white china cups and saucers - and the service was terrific - we're talking mandatory valet parking, no tips allowed. It's hard not to feel grateful and uplifted among the trees, herons and ravens, and the sound of the creek - especially sipping great brew.

On the other hand, it's still the case that, day in and day out, my favorite coffee is the cup I'm sharing with Joyce at a morning or afternoon coffee vacation in our living room. Ahhhh...
OD Learnings
people "OD" stands for Organizational Development. For many years, it's been a passion of mine. I've even speculated there's something OD in my genes since it's the same work my father did for many years. But I grew tired of seeing the waste in business and tried to end this part of me. It didn't work.

Not too long ago I was challenged with this question: "What lies beyond OD?" I had never even considered the possibility there Was anything beyond OD. But in my recent work, I've finally made a shift. A colleague spoke about the distinction between an "organization" and an "organism" - one being an artificial structure laid on and controlled by humans; the other an organic structure already in existence and guided by the environment. 

So I began looking at OD as Organism Development. My colleague's idea is that this version of OD means developing leaders in order to build sustainability. I'm thinking it's more like nurturing leaders in a field of thriving communication and growing relationships, and great work. But then, I realized, I already knew all this. I've even written about it.

I don't have to fix or improve organizations any more - I just don't believe organizations matter. People matter.
Garden Mouse
Our Grasshopper Friend... We have a mouse in the garden and we're getting along fine. He messes things up a little bit and he eats a little bit - but that's all. I don't mind sweeping and I don't mind sharing.

We also host one grasshopper. A pretty green one who is always found sitting among the flowers of the same plant. I can't find any sign of damage done by this one.

This is much different than the pestilence visited on past gardens or on gardens of friends - much different than javelinas trashing whole gardens in a night or gophers pulling entire plants into their underground lairs.

In the past, I have railed against Nature for acting irresponsibly. After all, when critters tear up the garden, there's just one dinner and it is over. It's just wasteful! This time, I have accepted and enjoyed the presence of all Nature in the garden and we're getting along fine.

Arising Two of the books I wrote returned to life recently. In one instance, I was able to use what I had written in "Choosing Joy at Work" to bring home the idea of using Nature as a metaphor for business. Like joy, Nature is always, already here. We know it and can speak about it. When we come from joy, work shows up differently - and everyone benefits. When we come from Nature, applying the concepts and laws of Nature to business, business shows up differently - and things work better.


Earlier this week I hosted a meaningful conversation around another old writing - "Become The Expert in Your Field." This all began with a handout setting forth ideas about what it means to be an expert and how you might know if you are one. It's grown to provide exercises to help pinpoint your field and prioritize actions you can take to show up as the expert therein.


It's interesting to me - maybe I'm just getting older - to watch what had looked like somewhat distinct and loosly related pieces of my life come together into a tapestry. As Joyce and I often say: "Ya neva know!"

After being both a bit isolated and then a bit over-involved - re-devoting myself first to my spiritual life and then to an OD job, I'm glad to feel moved to reach out again. Joyce and I have a new venture growing - one which we imagine will take us around Arizona. Hopefully, we'll connect in person soon. Until then...



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