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  Is your track record showing?        

trackrecordParents always want evidence that a tutor has been successful and effective. Because parents invest a lot of time, energy and money in their children's education, they almost always want a tutor with a proven track record. They want some assurance that shows other students have benefitted from a tutor's assistance.

When a parent inquires about a particular tutor's success, we, at Tutoring Match, like to provide potential clients with references, testimonials and support information on that tutor's behalf. Frequently, the deciding factor or "tipping point" for a parent's choosing a tutor usually comes down to whether or not a tutor's prior successes are available.

Unfortunately, tutors who have neglected to provide us with references, recent referencetestimonials, resume, reviews or recommendations are frequently passed over for tutors who have either posted them on their profile and/or provided us with evidence.

When a tutor becomes a member, Tutoring Match asks each tutor to provide at least 3 names and email addresses of those who can vouch for that tutor's success. If you haven't supplied us with this information, then it may be time for you to email or mail it to us.


How you can build your file so parents/students are more likely to select you.

  • Ask your references to send us a short email about your tutorial successes.
  • Send us your references' name and email address and we will contact them. Always check with your references beforehand to make sure they don't mind being contacted by us.  
  • Share and forward any previous recommendations or emails you have received.  
  • Send us copies of complimentary letters from parents of previous or current tutees.
Other alternative suggestions:
  • Post testimonials on your profile. Sign in to your tutorial account to post them. If you are a Premium member, placing your testimonials in your account will help us build your credibility with us.  Remember, only +Plus and Professional members have these become visible and shared with the public.
  • Supply us with a background check that we can put on file and indicate to parents.
  • Receive tutor certification and add that to your profile.  
  • Send us and/or post a updated resume on your profile. 
  • Request an interview with Tutoring Match. This will give your profile a pre-screened icon. 
When we contact references, we send them an email request for information. We keep a record of all responses. When parents ask if they can contact one or more of your references, we will contact you first to see which references are appropriate for a particular request..

For +Plus and Professional Members, we will activate the symbol on your profile that says you have references on file with us.
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