Winter Honey Eco-Packs! ~ July 2012 

In Hawaii, flowers bloom all year round, and the nectar of each

variety can be ripened into a unique honey. Each year, when the kiawe flowers in Puako (where we harvest our White Honey) start to wane in autumn, we move our hives to another part of the island where winter flowers bloom. This gives our bees a winter food source and varied diet, which is important for their health. When we're lucky, it also gives us a winter honey harvest!   


A seasonal product, each batch of winter honey may vary, depending on the particular flowers in bloom. This Winter Honey came from an organic macadamia nut orchard. In addition to macadamia flowers, some of the other winter blooms in the area include avocado, eucalyptus and clover.  This limited honey is delicious and fruity, with a delicate amber color and soft creamy texture.  Like all our honeys, this winter honey is unheated and unfiltered to preserve its natural color, flavor, enzymes and thick, spreadable texture.


We are now offering:  


~Winter Honey Eco Packs ~ $60 (regularly $90)  

~White and Winter Honey Eco Packs ~ $84 (regularly $96) 

~White and Winter Honey Case Price ~ $159 (regularly $192) 


What to do with all of that honey?  Scroll down for some delicious recipes featuring our Winter Honey! 


Aloha -- and may your summer be filled with sweetness, 


French Toast with Bananas Foster   Like us on Facebook  
(serves four)
French Toast with Rare Hawaiian Organic Winter Honey Banana Foster

Our honey makes everyday french toast special.  Make this recipe with your favorite bread, or use our quick and easy Whole Wheat Honey Bread recipe!

Bananas Foster   Like us on Facebook 
Banana Foster with Rare Hawaiian Organic Winter Honey 

Serve Bananas Foster on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or use your favorite vanilla yogurt for a healthier version.  Also makes a great topping for french toast and pancakes!



breadrecipeWhole-Wheat Honey Bread   Like us on Facebook 

(Makes two loaves)


Whole Wheat Honey Bread made with Organic Winter Honey     

Serve warm, with butter and honey.  Save the second loaf for our fantastic french toast recipe


  Winter Honey Pancake Syrup   Like us on Facebook  
  Rare Hawaiian Organic Winter Honey Pancake Syrup 


Make a delicious and easy alternative to pancake syrup with our Organic Winter honey! 

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Rare Hawaiian Organic Winter Honey Eco Pack 

Winter Honey Eco Pack 





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