February 2012 ~ Honey From The Heart   

Food can be a powerful transmitter of the heart's energy. Ever tasted the love in a dish prepared by someone who cares about you?  Their intention adds something special ...
Rainbow over farm
Photo courtesy of Sherry Ott.

So it is with our honey, and many other artisanal products: handmade

by people who care about their work and its impact on the world.  


 At Volcano Island Honey Co., we have long believed that honey's hygroscopic property (which allows it to absorb moisture from the air) may also help it absorb subtle energy from the environment. For this reason, we consciously do our best to focus on positive thoughts and feelings when working in the honey house or out with the bees.     

While this may sound unconventional, consider that many ancient cultures hold that intention can significantly affect the outcome of  

block print
Our company logo is an original Hawaiian block print by local artist, Dietrich Varez.

one's work.  


In Hawaiian, hana 'ino, or bad work, can refer to a case in which someone's negative energy leads to a poor end result.  


But if the relation between negative energy and negative work is true, surely the same is true regarding positive energy, as well!  


Here at VIHC, we believe our honey absorbs the love and joy of all who produce it -- from beekeepers to bottlers -- passing that heart energy on to you. And as we work with the honey, the bees, Hawaii's incredible natural resources and, of course, wonderful people, we are reminded of that vital interconnection among all beings.   


So, if you can taste the aloha in our honey, now you know why ...      


To add a little more aloha to your Valentine's Day, we leave you with a poem and a pie ...                 

The rose is red, the violet's blue   

The honey's sweet, and so are you 
Thou are my love and I am thine 
I drew thee to my Valentine 
The lot was cast and then I drew 
And Fortune said it shou'd be you.


- Gammer Gurton's Garland, London, 1784

Raw Honey Lover's Pie pie

This recipe, developed by one of our employees, has a salty-sweet crust made with brown butter and smoked sea salt -- a great contrast to the 100% raw, organic honey center.       



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"The difference between a worker bee and a queen is ... the perfect analogy for Volcano Island because it's that same quality of input and care that creates this precious, rare honey."  


- Chef Aida Mollenkamp  

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