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The Countdown is On!

September 18, 2009
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Coming Events - Winter Trade Show Next Week
The T-shirt
The FCCM Store at the Winter Trade Show
Thank yous to ALL!
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Winter Trade Show

You'll find our t-shirt for sale in luscious new colors at the Carlson Center on Sept. 25, 26 and 27.


Breakfast Series

Organic Pancake Feed featuring local berries

Ken Kunkel Community Center
Sunday, October 4
11 am - 2 pm
 $10 for adults and
$5 for children under 12
Free for children under 5

 The purpose of this breakfast series is to exchange information and ideas, as well as raise funds.

View our powerpoint presentation and visit with board members.

Committee  and Board Meetings

Saturday, August 26
Board Meeting
5:00 pm

2371 Hawthorne Ct.

Tuesday, Sept. 29
Communications/Outreach Committee meeting
5:30 pm
2371 Hawthorne Ct.

Thursday, Oct. 1
Operations Committee
6:30 pm
2371 Hawthorne Ct.

Dessert Auction
 The date has been set for our second annual Dessert Auction and musical fun night.

Saturday, November 21
Morris Thompson Visitor's Center

Put it on your calendar!

Keep Up to Date

Check our BLOG often for more info.
Shaun shopping
As of September 18 2009
FCCM has
1200 Founding Members
153 who are Full Members
and approximately
$35,000 in savings

The Goal

500 Full Members and $100,000 by Nov. 1

and a Co-op grocery store in 2010!

Help this number grow!

Make your capital investment now!
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The T-shirt
t-shirt logo
Thanks to Sue Sprinkle and all who colloborated with her for this t-shirt design!

Visit us at the Winter Trade Show, August 25, 26 and 27

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Harvest Fair was a grand success, a new board was elected and the money keeps flowing in! Folks, we are going to have a food co-op!

As of my last count we have 35,000 dollars in the bank, close to 1,200 founding members with upwards of 150 people who have become full members.

But, that is only 1/3 of the way! We want to see 500 full members and $100,000 in the bank by November 1.

If you haven't made your capital investment in our food co-op yet you can do so now by clicking here.

You can pay in installments through the Pay Pal button on our website or pay in full.

If you don't want to pay the Pay Pal fees just send a check to :

Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market
PO Box 81765
Fairbanks, AK 99708

We have a full schedule of events ahead of us this winter as we raise funds to build our grocery store plus a lot of people to thank so read on!

The FCCM Store!

FCCM is selling several fundraising items
to raise funds to pay for our membership drive including our now famous "Locally Grown" t-shirt.

Visit us at the  Winter Trade Show on September 25, 26 and 27 or you can also purchase them by emailing

Imagine the day we have a food co-op that looks like this!
bulk section of a coop

Harvest Fair Thank You's
Fair booth
It took many hands to make our Harvest Fair the wonderful community event that it was.

First I would like to thank those who entertained us!

Enormous thanks to Steve Brown and the Bailers, Laura Vines, Barney McClure and "Musical Rumours", Felix Bambury Webbe and "Project Cuba Alaska", Susan Chapa and Lara Lotz with "Tundra Caravan", Jean McDermott, and Krista Katalenich. You made the afternoon a real delight. And to Amy Angaiak, you stole the show and we thank you for keeping the kids entertained.

Then there was the kitchen crew! Sue Sprinkle and Sharon Alden led the charge to make the lovely table runners and cloth napkins. You will see these at many coming events as we build and develop our food co-op. Helen McClean and Cora Kelley rounded up the team that made sure food was on the table.

Thanks also go to those who helped at the membership table, you are too many to name (but watch the applause section of the newspaper.)

Rob Leach not only designed our fundraising booth but he also put it together and took it apart  at the end of the day. Plus, a team of people helped with that. Thank you all.

Many vendors displayed their wares and made our fair more colorful and interesting. Huge thanks to Morgan Macchione and Leila Ryterski for finding such great vendors!

There are many more people to thank but especially we thank all of you who participated! It was a spectacular day!

Please Spread the Word

1. Invite your friends
to our Facebook Group

2. Twitter about us.

3. Call a friend and invite him to join.

4. Click on the share link at the bottom of this email and link to your favorite social networking site.

Together we will realize the dream of a Food Co-op in Fairbanks!

The Board
Robert Leach
Hans Geier
Sharon Alden
Cora Kelley
Helen McLean
Rich Seifert
Mary Christensen
Morgan Macchione
Mike Emers

Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market