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Fall Dance Schedule
What is Afro Cuban Dance Exercise?

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Coming SOON!
Introduction to Rueda de Casino
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Rueda de Casino classes with Felix are set to begin October 27 at Artisan's Courtyard.

The folks in the advanced rueda de casino class can't wait for all of you to participate!

To prepare for advanced dancing these are the steps:

1. take basic salsa classes - now ongoing on Friday's at 7 pm

2. take the introduction to rueda de casino and intermediate rueda de casino classes

3. Know the rueda de casino vocabulary
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Do you want intermediate level classes??

If so email
[email protected]


Folks, the fall weather is gorgeous and many people have come back from Iraq so this is a time to celebrate.

And DJ ATM has celebration parties for all of us to enjoy this weekend!

  • Friday, September 18 - That is TODAY - Lesson with Felix at 8:30 pm and hot latin music with DJ ATM at 9 pm - $5 for lesson and $5 for cover.
  • Saturday, September 19 - That is TOMORROW! More music with DJ ATM at Gallo's at 9 pm for the REAL Mexican Independence Celebration.

And NEXT WEEK - MORE DANCING with FELIX and DJ ATM and the Latinos Unidos del Norte Annual Gala.

  • Friday, September 25 - Party at Boston's - Lesson - 8:30  pm - Music  - 9 pm
  • Saturday, September 26 - Latinos Unidos del Norte annual GALA HISPANIC HERITAGE CELEBRATION - 7 pm to 1:30 pm - $15 adults $7 children under 12.  Come see Felix and his Project Cuba Alaska perform.

Now, a word to beginning salsa students! Don't be shy! Come on out and celebrate life with us!

Finally, a HUGE welcome back to the STRYKERS. This is a joyous time for many families. Let's celebrate!

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Wednesdays starting Aug. 5, 2009

7-8 pm - Afro Cuban Dance Exercise

8-9 pm - ADVANCED Rueda de Casino
(prerequisites are basic and intermediate rueda de casino or permission of instructor)

Thursdays, starting Aug. 13

10-11 am - Morning Exercise with Felix

Fridays, starting Aug. 7

          6-7 pm - Afro Cuban Dance Exercise

          7-8 pm - Beginning Salsa


 All classes are $12 for drop in or $60 for a block of six classes.

Classes are held at the Artisan's Courtyard - 1755 Westwood Way.

What is Afro Cuban Dance Exercise?
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This high energy workout
including popular musical rhythms that came to the Americas from
Africa to:

- improve flexibility and coordination
- reduce stress
- relax and strengthen muscles
- develop the ability to relax throughout the day
- improve the ability to move in rhythm with music

All this is seamlessly combined into an
exhilarating hour of nonstop movement.

You'll LOVE dancing in continuous rhythm.

 You'll DISCOVER the ability to move in ways you never have before and

You will get a great workout!