January 2011 Issue
Energy Tip: Two New Tips from Donna for the New Year
Case History: EM to Alleviate an Auto-Immune Disease
EEM Foundations Program
InnerResources Interview with Donna
A Victory for Energy Healilng

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Greetings and a Happy New Year.  As we delve into 2011 we have exciting news and a fun year of Energy Medicine classes ahead.  We are heading into our fifth year of the EEM Certification Program, have new local training opportunities, and are holding an Energy Medicine cruise that will go through the Caribbean (March 2011).   Just to see how much fun a cruise to
Donna and David in Alaska
Donna and David on the Energy Medicine Crusie in Alaska
learn EEM with Donna and David can be, look at the photo to the right! 

If you are of a mind to travel to Europe, or if you are already there and wondering how you will ever get to see Donna and David without crossing the Atlantic, we bring the EEM training (Five Day Basic Training and other shorter classes) to the United Kingdom in June 2011.

As we expand our training Energy Medicine is making accomplishments in the health-care field.  Read below about a victory for Energy Medicine with the National Institutes of Health and find out what we mean by "one and a half million touched; three hundred million to go."

This spring we will launch a new opportunity for deeply studying Energy Medicine.  Our EEM Certification Program originally required that you come to Phoenix to study EEM in depth.  Now there are 20 regional programs teaching the same content at a very high standard.  Up until this year, you had to make a 2-year commitment when you entered the EEMCP.  Now you can take the first year as a one-year Foundations Program, locally, as a complete course of study in itself.  Or you can go on from the Foundations Program to complete the second year of the Certification Program in Phoenix and become a Certified EEM Practitioner.

Also you will find below an article regarding the self-application of Energy Medicine to overcome an autoimmune illness, more from Donna's highly personal interview with InnerResources, new simple EM techniques you can apply today, and much more.

Love & Radiant Energies,

Donna & David
 Two New Simple Techniques from Donna for the New Year

Balance Your Energies for a More Balanced Lifestyle

What is your resolution for the New Year?  To lose weight, eat better, or be less stressed?  Energy Medicine can help you to achieve all these goals.

For a new year we introduce two new techniques that Donna has naturally added to her practice and teaching of Energy Medicine.  Wake-up, get grounded, and implement a new pattern or habit with these two techniques.

The Fourth Thump

  • Wake-up & Grounding
    4th Thump

    Donna Eden with Janie Chandler demonstrating the location of Stomach 2, the Fourth Thump.

  • Stomach 2 ~ Cheek Bone
  • On Stomach Meridian 
Donna teaches the Three Thumps (pp. 74-80) as part of the Daily Energy Routine (pp. 72-100).  In a recent interview with Janie Chandler, Donna explains the Fourth Thump that she says "came around organically."

The Fourth Thump is on Stomach 2, the cheek bone below your eyes.  Tapping on the Fourth Thump, after tapping
along with tapping the K-27, Thymus, and Spleen points energizes you while at the same time grounding you.


The Imprint Line

Janie saw Donna using the Imprint Line at workshops and asked her to explain it.

Use the Imprint Line if you want to implement a new thought, or a new thought pattern, new pattern, or habit. The Imprint Line is located on your forehead, going from the bridge of the nose
Imprint Line

Donna and Janie illustrating the Imprint Line 

up to the hair line. 

To use the Imprint Line:
  • Push in with some pressure, moving up the Imprint Line, while you think of the new thought, pattern or habit. 

Visit our YouTube channel for a video demonstration of these two techniques presented by Donna with Janie in Ashland, Oregon, December 2010.

References are to Donna's book Energy Medicine, 2008 Tarcher.
Case History: Using Energy Medicine Basics to Alleviate an Auto-Immune Disease

A new student recently attended a training session with Donna in San Diego.  Before she arrived for the training, she had already successfully used energy medicine for the relief of a restrictive and debilitating condition in her shoulders, back, and upper arms.  Disciplined study and diligent practice over a 4-month period resulted in the alleviation of an auto-immune disease which she'd been told could only be treated with a steroidal medicine.  Read on ...

The Launch of the New
EEM Foundations Program

It Just Got Easier to
Deepen Your Studies in Energy Medicine! 

The EEM Year 1 Foundations Program is designed for

Heaven Rushing In
Heaven Rushing In at Omega 5-Day Training

those participants who desire to:

  • Integrate EEM methods into their professional practice.
  • Enhance their efforts as care-givers with family and friends.
  • Expand their self-care skills to build a resilient energy system.
  • Continue to Year 2 and become an EEM Certified Practitioner.

Coming to Phoenix, AZ, and a
Regional Location Near You!

The classes are open to people who want to learn Energy Medicine without pursuing certification.  Graduates of Year 1 will receive a certificate of completion from Innersource.

Learn More About the Program | Find a Class Near You 

InnerResources Interview
with Donna

The 7th of 8 Installments

The following excerpt is from an interview conducted by Jana Messing with Donna Eden for the Spring 2010 issue of InnerResources.

Continued from previous editions of the energy e-letter.

Jana: Is there more you can say about your goals?

Donna : I passionately want more and more students to become teachers and spread the word far and wide so that people have the power in their own hands to heal themselves and so we can all heal one another. I hope that this will spread so far that people rely on energy medicine before ever reaching for pharmaceutical medicines or going to see a doctor. They will know when it is actually necessary for Western medicine interventions. And that is another part of what I want: that Western medicine partner more and more with energy medicine and other natural approaches to health care. Everyone will benefit. Read More ...
A Victory for Energy Healing

In our Sept. 2010 e-letter we sent out a plea that you write the National Institutes of Health's Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine.  The Center sets national priorities in complimentary health care for research and had just released a draft of its 5-year plan for public comment.  We asked you to respond to this invitation for public comment and tell the Center -- whose plan neglected any mention of energy medicine, energy fields, or biofields -- how important research is in these areas.  A number of you followed through and forwarded your notes to us.  Thank you!!!  Many other Energy Healing groups did the same, and it appears our messages were heard. 
The Center's posted article on "What Is Complementary and Alternative Medicine," updated November 2010, now has a paragraph that begins "Some CAM practices involve manipulation of various energy fields to affect health."  While this acknowledgement is an important institutional victory, the paragraph also tells us that we still have many fields to plow.  It mentions a survey conducted in 2007 showing that only 1/2 of 1% of adults in the U.S. had used energy healing, which was defined as "the channeling of healing energy through the hands of a practitioner into the client's body."  While we would bet that this number has increased substantially even in the past 3 years, for those of you building practices in Energy Medicine, there is still a lot of fresh opportunity.  Or to put it differently, one and a half million touched; three hundred million to go.