September 2010 Issue
Case History: Unbearable Phantom Pain
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Radio Program: Tapping to Success
InnerResources Interview with Donna
Does Energy Healing Alter Gene Expression?
Message to NIH's Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Energy Testing Precautions
Energy Tip: Working with Spleen Meridian


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Donna Energy Testing a Class Participant



Spleen Neurolymphatic Points

Energy Medicine
Figure 3
p. 59



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If anything illustrates that an energy field (or "biofield" as scientists are now calling it) provides the infrastructure of the physical body, it is phantom limb pain. The arm is gone but palpable, often intense, sensations remain exactly where the arm had been. If these were just a perceptual construction of the nervous system, these sensations would not respond to energy work. But excruciating phantom limb pain can be quickly subdued by sedating the meridians where the limb used to be. Read about such treatment below in what is one of the passages from Donna's first book that has received the most comment from medical personnel. Also learn more about Donna in the latest installment of her interview with InnerResources. This issue also presents some important precautions about Energy Testing. We recently had a situation where one of our students was physically injured by an energy test. This was 100% unnecessary, so we are wanting to educate everyone in our community about it. 

If we had to choose the Donna Eden and David Feinsteinenergy pathway that needs the most attention in the greatest number of people in our culture, it would be Spleen meridian. Learn several quick ways to keep Spleen meridian strong and balanced. A new understanding of how Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology heal people involves "gene expression." By being able to precisely impact which genes get expressed and which are kept inactive, you are able to repair damage and foster health at a whole new level. Energy healing holds uncommon promise in this area.  Finally, there are so many things to be irritated about when it comes to government bureaucracy, but we're afraid we have another for you. Learn about one that impacts Energy Medicine directly, and what you can do about it.

Autumn is Donna's favorite time of the year. We hope it is turning into a wonderful season for you.


David and Donna
Case History:
Unbearable Phantom Pain

By Donna Eden "from her book Energy Medicine"

A good-looking man who had lost both of his legs in  Vietnam was brought to me in a wheelchair. No one had been able to help with the pain at the end of where his right foot had been. He vividly recalled the scene of stepping on a land mine and watching the bones and flesh of his right foot explode into pieces. The pain he now had was massive. The sensations were so similar to the original shock that he could never get relief from the traumatic memories. The relentless pain also led to terrible nightmares. His left foot wasn't as painful. It sometimes itched, but it was a mild discomfort compared with the area of his right foot. Read on ...

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The Next Segment from the
InnerResources Interview

with Donna

The following excerpt is from an interview conducted with Donna Eden for the Spring 2010 issue of InnerResources.

Continued from previous editions of the e-letter.

Along these lines of wondering how others could function, not seeing energies, you've mentioned something from the stage about also wondering how anybody knew who to trust when they couldn't see energies.  Can you tell us more about how your seeing energies has affected your trusting?

I think I trust others more than most people.  Maybe it is more natural for me, because their energies show me their deeper dimensions, their conflicts, their struggles, and their strengths. Read More ...

InnerResources Magazine
Does Energy Healing
Alter Gene Expression?

David's Latest Paper

Gene expression is among the hottest topics in medicine.  Recent research has demonstrated that our genetic heritage is only part of our story. The other part, biologically, is whether or not the genes we inherit get expressed. The expression or suppression of specific genes is a strong influence on who we become, both physically and psychologically. 

Identical twins who are virtually indistinguishable at age 5 may look vastly different and have entirely different health issues from one another at age 50 due to the influences of life style, environment, and personal experiences on gene expression. Health care programs are being developed that literally turn off genes that cause illness and turn on genes that promote health.

A paper about to be published in the Review of General Psychology, a journal of the American Psychological Association, suggests that:
  1. Effective psychotherapies turn on or turn off the expression of genes that underlie psychological conditions and psychological health, and
  2. Energy Psychology is one of the most potent and precise therapies available for influencing gene expression.
Titled "Modulating Gene Expression through Psychotherapy: The Contribution of Non-Invasive Somatic Interventions," the paper was written by David Feinstein and Dawson Church.  It will appear in the journal's December 2010 issue.

A free pre-publication copy is available from David also has a paper on the neurological mechanisms involved in the successful treatment of PTSD using Energy Psychology appearing this autumn in another APA journal, Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training. Download from

Yes, both papers are appearing in highly selective scholarly journals of the same APA that prevents psychologists from receiving Continuing Education Credit for studying Energy Psychology. Go figure.
A Message to NIH's
Center for Complementary
and Alternative Medicine
... And an Invitation

NCCAM spends millions of dollars to investigate and develop "alternative medicine" approaches, but their agenda has been remarkably conservative, with Energy Medicine not even on their radar in recent years. As a government agency, they have asked for public input on their priorities for the next 5 years. To our disappointment, these priorities still do not include Energy Medicine. David has sent them the following:

"I speak as the Executive Director of the non-profit Energy Medicine Institute in Oregon, which has 25,000 constituents nationally, all active subscribers to our e-letter. NCCAM has, by our standards, failed the public by aquiring substantial tax funding for complementary medicine yet doing so little to research the human biofield and other subtle energies and their applications in health care. We agree with Dr. Mehmet Oz that "Energy Medicine is the next great frontier in medicine." But NCCAM has not only neglected this area, it is not even in your draft. Now is the time for you to self-correct before finalizing your strategic plan. It is uncoscionable to not have Energy Medicine as a national priority in developing Complementary and Alternative Medicine."

You can read their proposed priorities for the next 5 years by visiting

We hope some of you will write a brief note saying that the omission of Energy Medicine in the NCCAM Strategic Planning Draft is not acceptable to you as a taxpayer or as a health care professional, if you are one. The deadline is September 30 and the link to their little feedback form is
Energy Testing Precautions
By Donna Eden

Energy Medicine is known for being a high-powered yet non-invasive approach. People are not hurt by it. Two places, however, where practitioners must take great care to maintain this status are when working neurolymphatic reflex points and when energy testing. Working with the neurolymphatic reflex points releases toxins into the blood and the lymph system. If not done in moderation, this can cause discomfort and mild illness.  It can be more disruptive with people who are highly sensitive or who have an autoimmune disease. 

Energy testing involves touch, intimacy, and placing pressure on another person's limbs. Sensitivity and awareness are required if you are to do it safely. Here are some guidelines.
Energy Tip:
Working with Spleen Meridian

Spleen meridian deals with metabolism. Metabolism is often taken for granted, but it is more vital to health than is sometimes recognized. It doesn't matter if a particular food contains the best nutrients on the good green Earth. If your body can't metabolize them, can't break them down to make use of them, they are just another poison your body has to get rid of. 

Spleen meridian, however, plays many more roles than just metabolizing what we eat. We usually think of food when we think of metabolism, but Spleen meridian also governs the "metabolism" of, or ability to process, pollutants, environmental energies, stress, shock, and even thoughts and emotions. These are vital functions for our health and sense of well-being.  In addition to governing metabolism, Spleen meridian also plays an important role in the immune system, including the prevention of infections and enhancing their positive ways of protecting and healing the body.

Spleen meridian's opposite force on the Meridian Flow Wheel (p. 140) is Triple Warmer, which is the other meridian that co-governs the immune system. Because of its central role in the body's survival, Triple Warmer is always pulling energies from other meridians. But because Triple Warmer pulls from Spleen meridian first (because Spleen is its partner from across the Flow Wheel), depletion of energy on Spleen meridian is almost epidemic. When Spleen meridian is depleted, we don't have our full vitality, we are more vulnerable to illness, we put on weight that our body doesn't need, and we are less resilient if we do become ill.

Spleen meridian, along with Stomach meridian, is on Earth Element. Stomach meridian governs worry and life's everyday stresses. Triple Warmer governs survival-level stress. The fact that Spleen meridian's two closest partners are affected by stress makes stress a double whammy for Spleen meridian. Conversely, keeping Spleen meridian strong provides both Stomach and Triple Warmer meridians with more resources for dealing with stress more effectively.

Here are some techniques for working with Spleen meridian:

Nip An Illness in the Bud: If you're starting to feel sick, you can give your immune system a quick but potent boost by thumping the Spleen meridian neurolymphatics points (pp. 59, 79-80). Find five additional energy techniques for reversing an ilness at onset on p. 25 in the book Energy Medicine.
The Back Scratch:  Simply scratching all over your back is a most pleasant way to activate Spleen meridian.

The Spleen Meridian Stretch:
  1. Stretch your arms straight over your head.
  2. Turn your palms forward, grab one wrist, and inhale.
  3. On a slow, deliberate exhalation, lean to the left -- stretching your right side.
  4. Repeat, leaning to the right this time.
Sedating Triple Warmer:  Because of their relationship on the Meridian Flow Wheel, releasing Triple Warmer sends that energy to Spleen meridian. So another way to strengthen Spleen meridian is to sedate Triple Warmer. Chapter 8 of Energy Medicine details numerous techniques for doing this, but one of the easiest is called "Smoothing Behind the Ears" (pp. 252-53).

Page numbers refer to the book Energy Medicine.