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Case Study:
Hot spot relief
"My Golden Retriever, Jaeger, was suffering from a large and vicious hot spot on the underside of his tail. He was on medication and restrained from getting at it by an e-collar. Nevertheless, he was frantically trying to reach the spot, growing agitated and frustrated. His body was tense and he was panting rapidly." 

From Linda
in San Francisco, CA

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Dear Dog Loving Friends,

Calm Canine cover Vol 2In March 2008, Music to Calm your Canine Companion, Vol. 1 was released to tremendous professional and public acclaim. The 2nd volume of Calm your Canine Companion was just released and expands your canine music library. Now you and your dog will now have two hours of clinically tested music to enjoy. Tested on 150 dogs in shelters, clinics, and homes, the two volumes of Calm your Canine Companion reduce canine anxiety behaviors - twice as effectively as conventional classical music! How about this picture of the Bassett Hound? Another fine photograph by Amanda Jones.

In this issue, you'll find three articles: 
  • Our new Donation Program for Non-Profits is a great win/win. For every Dog's Ear package ordered through an approved non-profit, $10 goes to that organization. Do you know an animal advocacy group that would like to be a recipient of this program?

  • Visitors in the home for the holidays? Learn how Dog's Ear music helps keep dogs calm during the festivities.

  • This month's Through a Dog's Ear excerpt, "Using Music and Sound for Behavioral Issues," looks at an important behavioral concept known as generalization.
From all of us at Through a Dog's Ear to you, the loving and sound-aware animal guardians... our heart-felt wishes for healthy, happy holidays for two- and four-leggeds alike!

Musically yours,
Lisa Spector
Donation Program for Non-Profits

In conjunction with approved non-profit animal organizations, we offer a donation program resulting in revenue to the non-profit agencies. At a time of corporate and foundation grant cut-backs, Through a Dog's Ear is honored to help support the extraordinary organizations, and the people behind them, who are the guardians of our animal's public welfare.

For each Dog's Ear package originating from a link on the non-profit website, $10 will be donated to that organization.

This is how it works... A non-profit's customers click on a Dog's Ear link on their site that comes to a special page on ThroughADogsEar.com. Customers will pay a $5 per package premium (above regular "Special Offer" prices while still saving 10%) and we will match it - bringing a contribution of $10 per package. All orders ship within 24 hours of purchase and donations are forwarded to the non-profits on a monthly basis.

If you know of an organization that would like to participate in this program, have them email Lisa@ThroughADogsEar.com and they will be up and running within days.

View a sample Donation Program page.
How to Keep Dogs Calm During the Holidays

Christmas DogsThe holidays are upon us and we all know that they can be a joyous time of year and often stressful for us, as well as the animals in our household. The groundbreaking Through a Dog's Ear research showed that the same music that calms the human nervous system also calms the canine nervous system.

We suggest you listen to Music to Calm Your Canine Companion, Vol. 1 and 2, frequently while you are preparing for the holidays. It not only will help your dogs deeply relax, but it will also greatly lower your stress level, which your animals will appreciate.

When you are expecting holiday visitors, we recommend that you start playing Calm your Canine for two hours or more before the doorbell starts ringing. If your dog has not been trained to greet visitors without jumping, barking, or running out the door, we recommend you read The Other End of the Leash  by Patricia McConnell - particularly in chapter 8 - "Mind Your Manners at the Door." It's filled with terrific, simple, canine training tips. If your dog has had some positive training in this arena, then Calm your Canine will help in keeping her calm and relaxed after visitors have entered.

Tip! Since Calm your Canine is designed for very deep relaxation (and often makes people drowsy), we recommend that once your dog is calm, you change to Music for the Canine Household. These specific sequences are designed for the enjoyment and relaxation of people while still creating a positive sonic environment for dogs.

The DOG'S EAR HOUSEHOLD HEAVEN 3-PAK contains the two volumes of Calm Your Canine and Canine Household. Buy together and save 20%.
Through a Dog's Ear Book Excerpt: Using Music and Sound for Behavioral Issues
TADE book
"There are some common reasons for using music to calm your anxious canine. Before getting started, it's very important to review a significant behavioral concept. Generalization happens when the animal (or person) learns to be afraid of something similar to the original source or cause of fear. It also occurs when they associate fear with something that has occurred during a stressful time. It can also be linked to the place where a stressful event occurred. For example, your canine may now be afraid to stay in your home, because that's where she was when a terrible storm hit.

"Behaviorists tell us that the key to modifying any fear-based behavior is to create a situation that lessens fear. That might seem like common sense to you, but here's the catch. It's not whether you think it's a peaceful situation, it's how your dog is feeling that matters. So, you may put on the enclosed music CD, feel calmer yourself, and think that your dog is going to settle down as well. If her anxiety is so severe, however, that the music is not enough, she may now associate the music with her fear. When you play it the next time you work with her behavior, the music makes her anxiety worse.

"Here are guidelines for you to follow to ensure that your canine creates positive association with the music you are playing:

  • Play calming music first when your dog is not experiencing anxiety. This will allow him to associate the calming music with a positive state of being.

  • Once you have done this, you can proceed to using the music in anxious situations.

  • If the music doesn't keep him calm, stop and use it several more times when he is not fearful.

  • Take the time to learn what behaviors your dog shows when he is fearful. Don't hesitate to ask an animal professional for help in distinguishing these behaviors. Is he panting, whining, restless, or pawing at you? These are subtle signs you might miss if you're not paying attention.

    "No matter the behavior you are working on, it's important that your canine achieves relaxation and a sense of safety. If the music relaxes her to the point that all of her fearful behaviors are gone, proceed. If not, her anxiety may be too severe for music alone to help. Enlist a positive trainer or behaviorist to assist you. With a combination of a caring professional, music, and integrative modalities, you and your beloved canine will be supported through the process of addressing behavioral issues."

Learn more about the book, Through A Dog's Ear.

This excerpt is from Through a Dog's Ear: Using Sound to Improve the Health & Behavior of Your Canine Companion, by Joshua Leeds and Dr. Susan Wagner. Used by permission of Sounds True, publisher. 2008 Joshua Leeds and Susan Wagner. All rights reserved.
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