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Case Study: Halle's Noise Phobias
"Halle started out as your normal dog 11 years ago. Her "issues" began at about age 5.  She first started reacting to thunder, lightening and fireworks.  Then it was my husband watching sporting events on TV.  Then wind blowing a door shut.  Then the sound of wind itself, for fear it would slam a door shut. 

"We thought at first she had separation anxiety, because she would jump the fence, so we locked her in the house.  Then she began jumping out our 12 ft. high windows...first through the screens...then through the GLASS!" Continue

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Dear Dog Loving Friends,

The goal of Through a Dog's Ear is to improve the quality of life for dogs and their people. By providing information about how sound affects the canine and human nervous systems, a new sound awareness becomes possible. In this issue, you'll find three articles:
  • A Sonic Inventory helps you tune into what your dog hears everyday. This short exercise will help you create a comfortable sonic environment for your furry friend(s).

  • Music for the Canine Household is a new Dog's Ear release, designed for the entire dog house, including people. This 60-minute CD helps you stay awake while your dog relaxes.

  • This month's Through a Dog's Ear excerpt, "Canine Behavioral Issues: An Overwhelming Problem?" gives a peek into the extent of canine anxiety issues in America.

We have received the most heart-warming and sometimes surprising stories about personal experiences with sound and animals. You can find them in the Shared Sound Stories section of our website. Please keep these stories coming.

Finally, Camp Unleashed is something you want to know about if you live on the East Coast. We wrote about Annie Brody and Hero in Through a Dog's Ear. Annie is a sound aware dog guardian. She has created a wonderful weekend oasis for city dogs and people. Camp Unleashed (Where City Dogs go to Ruff It) is located in the Berkshires and a limited number of spaces are available for September 25-28, 2008 and June 4-7, 2009.

Musically yours,
Lisa Spector and the Dog's Ear team (including my yellow lab, Sanchez)
Take A Sonic Inventory of Your Environment
Living Room
Sound is like air. We rarely notice these two common elements unless the air suddenly becomes polluted or the sound becomes chaotic. This Sonic Inventory is one way of becoming aware of the noise in your dog's environment.

Start by taking the following steps:
  1. Sit quietly for 30 minutes, pen and pad in hand.

  2. Tune into the sounds you hear inside your home and outside on the street-the hum of the fridge, the cycle prompt of the dishwasher, the beat of a dryer, the alarm clock, hair dryer, vacuum, television, telephones, computers, video games, traffic, car alarms, air traffic, screaming children, stereos, etc.

  3. Notice your dog's behavior. Does he actively respond to the sounds? Is there a lack of reaction, or an overreaction to sounds you take in stride? When TV, radio or music is playing, does your dog move closer to the source or away from it?

  4. Rate the sounds from one to ten, ten being the most disturbing, one the least noticeable. Use two columns-one for your pooch and one for yourself. The goal is to have the lowest numbers you can.

  5. Ask yourself how you can make your home a calmer, more peaceful place. Which sounds can you change? Which can you avoid, turn down, or mask? Often, just by listening, we become more sonically aware, an important first step.

  6. We highly recommend that canine professionals-veterinarians, groomers, kennel and shelter operators, trainers, etc.- also take a Sonic Inventory of their environments.
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New: Music for the Canine Household: Music for Dogs... and their People!

Canie HouseholdMusic for the Canine Household is designed for humans and dogs to share together, even as it affects each in a different way. Canine Household has the tone, tempo, and patterns necessary to gently stimulate the human brain while keeping two-and four-legged heart rates in a relaxed state. This music has been clinically demonstrated to create a positive sound environment for dogs-one that does not exacerbate anxiety issues.

The classical selections on Canine Household are specially arranged for cello, English horn, oboe, and piano. Sometimes these orchestrations are solo, other times in duo or trio. This rich tapestry of sound facilitates a state of awakened awareness in people-leading to creativity and/or productivity-while simultaneously providing a canine relaxation response in your dog. Herein, sophisticated sound therapy meets canine behavioral training.

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Enjoy a Free download of Franz Schubert's gorgeous Serenade. This four-minute track will be transferred directly onto your computer for you and your pooch to listen to whenever you like. Enjoy!   Also, see sales special below. 1/3 off sale for one week only.
Through a Dog's Ear Book Excerpt: Canine Behavioral Issues: An Overwhelming Problem?
TADE book
 "As many as 90 percent of people who bring their dogs to a vet discuss some type of canine behavioral issue. Dog behavior problems range from mild anxiety to severe aggression.

"Estimates suggest that more than ten million dogs have separation anxiety. To put this in perspective, one out of every seven American dogs currently suffers when left alone or separated from their main person(s). At the opposite end of the behavioral spectrum is aggression, a complex issue.

"Through a Dog's Ear suggests that we examine our environments to determine if we are creating the best sensory space possible to support behavioral balance and health in our dogs
-and, subsequently, in ourselves. These sensory concepts should not be construed as a pampering; rather, they are about finding solutions to the growing problem of constant stimulation-an issue few have recognized."

Learn more about Through A Dog's Ear

This excerpt is from Through a Dog's Ear: Using Sound to Improve the Health & Behavior of Your Canine Companion, by Joshua Leeds and Dr. Susan Wagner. Used by permission of Sounds True, publisher. 2008 Joshua Leeds and Susan Wagner. All rights reserved.
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