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Volume 4, Issue 9
 September 2011

Virginia Earthquake Hits Close to Home:

Actively Preparing for Uncommon Events


Recently as we sat in (ironically enough) an emergency preparedness meeting, an event occurred with which we are not accustomed here in Central Virginia.  The whole world started shaking.  For several seconds, we glanced at each other with 

VA Earthquake
Virginia 5.8 Earthquake

raised eyebrows, quickly analyzing the event at hand.  

Explosion?  Plane crash?  Meteor? As the overhead projection unit suspended from the ceiling continued swaying back and forth 

and the coasters on the table bounced about, we suddenly grasped the reality of the situation - earthquake.


The epicenter of the Mineral, Virginia earthquake occurred along the Central Virginia Seismic Zone just 37 miles from our corporate headquarters (as well as a mere 7 miles from the North Anna Nuclear Power Station by the way).  It was felt from central Maine down to central Georgia and as far west as Detroit and Chicago.  Gratefully, damage to our facility was minimal and no injuries were sustained.  Sadly, others were not so fortunate and our hearts go out to them.


We have thought a great deal about this experience (the continuing aftershocks have also pushed the topic to the forefront) as it relates to being actively prepared for uncommon events.  The last earthquake of this magnitude in the Central Virginia Seismic Zone was December 22, 1875.  Earthquakes just aren't something that we regularly drill for in Virginia - or along much of the eastern seaboard for that matter.

So how do you incorporate the unexpected into your emergency preparation plans?  Here are a few important ways to prepare for the unexpected.

Emergency Preparedness 

Technology Briefing

Drinking Water for Disaster Recovery Operations:

Potable Water for Individuals thru

"Whole of Community"


Invitation Graphic

We will be pleased to host Mr. Rick Arnold, Product Development Manager for McNett Corporation and consultant to McNett's subsidiary Aquamira Technologies Inc., an emergency water solutions company. Mr. Arnold is a retired Chief MSgt USAF Pentagon Air Staff Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Manager.  Click here for his complete biography.

Mr. Arnold will be joined by Mr. Dan Ward of Hydration Technologies, Inc.


Topics for this briefing will include:

  • Water's vital relationship to human physiology
  • Dangers of dehydration
  • Health risks of contaminated water
  • Water-borne diseases, pathogens, creatures & critters
  • Provisioning individual, family, group & communities with emergency water supplies
  • Extended shelf-life, prepackaged water manufactured using high-temperature pasteurization technology
  • Micro-filtration technologies
  • Chemical water treatment options
  • Forward osmosis technologies
  • Emergency water filtration & treatment equipment technology demonstrations & taste tests!
  • Date: Thursday, September 29, 2011
  • Location: Ruckersville, VA
  • Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm (lunch served)
  • Dress: Casual Professional
  • Cost: An on-site $10 donation to the Virginia Mountain Region of the American Red Cross is requested.
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Disaster Icons


Editor's Corner

Flood Image  

As unprecedented flooding contaminates fresh drinking water across the country from recent tropical events, new light shines on the old adage "water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink".  In our day and age, however, just about all the water around us is consumable regardless of contamination by floods, tidal surge, damaged sewer systems or compromised water tables. It all comes down to having the right technology at hand.


In fact as significant flooding events impact parts of the country that are typically not accustomed to such experiences, we have seen an increased interest in the topic of water filtration. Although our Technology Briefing this month focusing on this very topic was scheduled several months ago, the timing could not be better.


The ability to filter and purify water should be an element of every emergency preparedness plan. There are many such options available on the market to fit just about every budget requirement. Forward osmosis technology allows you to pull water from even turbid sources, resulting in a drink that is free from contamination and as palatable as Gatorade. 


Chlorine dioxide, the very same chemical used in water treatment plants across the country, is now available for the consumer - no more of that nasty iodine flavored water or the after taste resulting from swallowing chlorinated pool water.  There is no chlorine taste at all in water treated by chlorine dioxide.  In fact, treating water with this option can actually improve the taste. You also can't overdose treated water when using chlorine dioxide.


We know many are unable to attend our Technology Briefing this month on water filtration technologies available to the emergency preparedness community. If you are interested, however, simply email us and request our whitepaper on water filtration. We will send it to you at no charge and no strings attached.

Website of Interest

With recent flooding events across the country, it is prudent to be aware of flooding risk to your own business or home. The resources available on this website and help you assertain your personal risk as well as providing important information about flood preparation. Does your current insurance cover flood damage?  Most policies do not. You'll find important information on this topic as well.

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Safe Drinking Water for Disaster Recovery & SAR 

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