A Modern-day 'Silver and Gold Have I None' Illustration

The Ted Williams Story

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A Modern-day 'Silver and Gold Have I None' Illustration

The Ted Williams Story




Ted Williams
Ted Williams - Homeless

This past week the incredible redemptive story of Ted Williams (AKA) as the Homeless man, alias the man with the 'golden pipes' touched tens of millions of people in America.  The homeless man was literally a homeless beggar on the streets of Columbus, OH when a reporter for the Columbus, Oh newspaper, thought subconsciously, "silver and gold have I none; but what I have access too, I give to you.'  The newspaper reporter videotaped Ted Williams and aired his voice and story on the Internet. This non-standard response to a homeless man made Ted Williams an instant household name and modern day miracle with 100s of great job offers within a few weeks. Ted went from homelessness to being seen on every major news channel across America all because the newspaper reporter did what he could for a homeless person.    

This story was a perfectly timed story that America needed. For a split-second America became less focused on the political scene, sports world, bad news, and recession and reminded that miracles do happen. It sub-consciously reminded Americans that deep down we as people love 'underdog stories." And, we need to see the modern day miracles to take our sight off the problems of the day.


This bulletin is meant to encourage every reader to pay closer attention to the Shifts that are occurring on a regular basis. It includes:

         Explaining the 'silver and gold' Analogy

         A reminder of God's personal and heavenly make-over season

         A reminder to watch for God's transaction in your time of necessity

         A reminder that God loves the underdog  

The Silver and Gold Analogy


"Then Peter said, "Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk." Acts 3:6

I believe the Columbus newspaper reporter (like many of us) want to help people, but also realize that money alone has never solved the world's problems. The Apostle Peter realized the same concept; therefore when approached by a beggar for a job or money, stated "Silver and Gold have I none, but what I have I give to you, in the name of Jesus take up your bed and walk."  Peter boldly took what he had, which was 'Power in the Name of Jesus' and then watched God fulfill his faith with a miracle that changed the beggars life forever.

People in Peter's day got accustomed to giving hand-outs and money to the people in need, but Peter stepped-up-his game and gave a life changing gift called authority and healing. 

The newspaper reporter from Columbus, Ohio did not just give money, but he gave something that would make a difference. He took his gift of reporting ... videotaped the voice of the homeless man and then aired it on the Internet. This reporter performed a modern-day miracle by giving what he had. The miracle actually occurs because money was not the transaction that Ted Williams needed at that moment.  The transaction that Ted and the reporter made was actually a transaction of faith.

We all need to be reminded that money is nice, and appears to take care of problems, but is not the transaction that heaven responds to. Faith is the transaction that moves circumstances, issues, and mountains in both heaven and on earth.  The Ted Williams faith met by the faith of the reporter moved the multi-year mountain in Ted's life. Silver and gold could not solve his problem!  But, the gifts each man had mixed with faith launched a New Years Miracle that America needed to hear.  Money is a poor substitute for faith.  Faith will produce money, but money can't produce faith.  The faithful works of Ted and the reported produced and changed the circumstance that Ted had. If the reporter gave money, it would not have produced the faith.

This is a perfect illustration of 'faith combined with works' as described in James 2:17-20. Many people confuse works with the act of giving money, only to make the mistake of saying the Bible talks more about money than any other topic. However, the Bible without a doubt talks, illustrates, and proves more about 'faith' than it does about money.

A Reminder of God's Personal and Heavenly Make-over


Pam and I were grateful about the story of Ted Williams as we had just written the article about a Personal and Heavenly Make-over. Call it coincidence, but we call it God honoring His Word. We are living in a season of time where God is willing to make-over and redeem with anyone who is willing. The sign held up by Ted Williams was clearly an indicator that Ted was asking God for a make-over. He clearly gives God honor on his personal sign.  I personally think God is pleased with people who publically give honor to His Name.  The pictures below are truly a heavenly before and after his miraculous make-over pictures.

Ted Williams
Ted Williams Before the Make Over - After The Make Over

To review the message on a Personal and Heavenly Make-over click here.  Lastly, make sure your eyes are ready to witness more make-overs and be ready to hang-out your sign stating that you are ready for a 'make-over.'  Your sign does not have to be a physical sign, but a pleasant glow, smile, act of kindness, and/or word of knowledge for a person to hear.  

A Reminder of Watching God's Transactions in Your Time of Necessity


In December, 2009 Pam and I wrote a spiritual bulletin stating the need to start watching for God's transactions during your personal time of necessity.  Pam and I laughed as we heard the Ted Williams story and said "He must have read that Bulletin or heard about the concept."  Ted was ready, willing, and able to show his time of necessity and receive God's transaction. Ted's life was truly transformed in a split second due to God's transaction(s). 

 The end result created 100s of transactions that occurred once the first transaction of faith occurred. Needless to say, Ted no longer has the same need he did back in December.We trust the Ted Williams story will get more people paying attending to God's transactions.

 For a reminder of the full story of God's transaction click here.  

A Reminder that God Loves the Underdog


The story about Ted Williams should remind us that the core of humanities nature includes kindness, redemption, and joy over the news of an underprivileged finding favor.  

This is not surprising when you consider that God said that he created man-kind in His own image. If we are created after God's image, we should consider that in our most innocent and pure form we want to treat people like God does. In addition, when we are under God's influence of Salvation, we strive to become more Christ-like and join in when the 'song-of-the-redeemed' is being played.    

Without a shadow of a doubt there is great rejoicing in heaven when people are spiritually redeemed, and start giving Glory to God. In the case of Ted Williams, there is no doubt that his sign held out a message that he believes in God.  God has, and always will help anyone who states that they need help; whether it is a physical sign or verbal sign. We all need to cry out and speak out the reality of our need at various levels.  It is God's good pleasure to bless His children, and he loves to show the under-dog that their circumstance is no problem for Him. There is no doubt that the Ted Williams story brought a lot more people in to a deeper awareness of man-kind's and God's goodness.

Last year Pam and I wrote two article that shows this kind of redemptive power called "Slumdog Christian-heir's; God loves the underdog."  Click below to read the articles.


Imagine the increased hope, cheer, and change if we all start paying attention to God's transactions, and make-over's. It is God's good pleasure to meet people's needs when our faith makes a statement that God loves to redeem every aspect of life!   Pam and I believe the secret to experiencing and seeing more of these transactions is to understand that God's ways our not our ways, or His thoughts our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9.)   Our human nature is prone to be creatures of habit, as well as process life in a linear fashion.  This means there is a mismatch between my human understanding and God's way of thinking.  This is the reason why the majority (if not all) of God's miracles were done in a non-linear fashion. For instance, when Jesus turned water into wine, He skipped the linear process of 'fermentation' and made the best non-alcoholic wine taste better than alcoholic wine; a true non-linear miracle was performed.

As you watch over the past few years, the linear method of meeting our needs world has scaled to its linear end. The only way to solve many of the modern day issues is to look to God for non-linear answers, also known as 'miracles.'  Ted Williams needed a non-linear transaction that was not 'business as usual.'  Another $20 hand-out would have been a traditional and linear response that solved a temporary need. Ted received a non-linear response of a video tape that became an internet 'viral' success - also known as a non-linear miracle. This method created a true non-linear result that no one could have planned or orchestrated.

God is well pleased when we look to the efforts that come from a higher-power than only what we can provide by ourselves.  This is the essence and result of faith.


In Christ Love,


Mike and Pam Mathews

[email protected]


 My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.  Psalm 45:1 (NKJV)

For the time will come when all the earth will be filled, as the waters fill the sea, with an awareness of the glory of the LORD. Habakkuk 2:14