Focus On Heaven - Revelation Bulletin 6 - The Kingdom is echoing "Where is the Return on My Investment"
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Biblical Evidence for the Return on investement
God's return becomes our return on investment
What types of people will get a return on their investment?
Do not stand in Contempt of the Kingdom
Balancing your past trials to get your return
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The Kingdom is echoing "Where is the Return on My Investment?"


During the past few months have you felt a renewed enthusiasm or hope for the current time, your past efforts, and/or your investment of your past?  Are you one of the many people over the last year who have been reconnected with acquaintances, friends, and/or co-workers from their past? We have personally experienced and heard 100's of stories where people are reconnecting old and almost forgotten relationships. In fact, we wrote an article a few months ago entitled 'Reconnecting with your past to enter into your future.'
In addition to the reconnections, there are many new connections occurring for those who are paying close attention. On top of these reconnections, and new-connections, there are de-connections taking place where God is forcing a disconnection from any fruitless relationships; where a return on investment is never possible.  The de-connections may be God's method of exposing people who have withheld or been a cog in the Kingdom wheel of progress.   In other words, there is a complete reshaping and shake-up of relationships that are beginning to bring forth a new source of enthusiasm and synergy.   A partial reason for all these reconnections, new connections, and de-connections is that God is echoing the following words throughout the Kingdom "Where is the return on my Investment?"  God is simply saying that the seeds that have been sown, the talents the have been issued, and the goods that He entrusted to you are now entering a validation and harvest phase. The validation and harvest phase is an exciting time for those who have done something with the seeds, talents, trials, training, mistreatment, and unfortunate circumstances that been invested in them.  God is making a proclamation that He is willing, ready, and able to bring forth His harvest as well as the multiplication of his investments in His servants.  It is clearly time to shore-up and review where your investments have gone to make sure there will be the greatest return on investment of all your circumstances, relationships, talents, money, and time.
This revelation Bulletin is focused on the Biblical reality that God is a shrewd master who demands that there be an account of what He invested in the people, organizations, and systems that were meant to grow His investment (Matthew 25).  The bulletin is broken into the following segments: 
 Where's the Biblical evidence?
  •  God's return on investment becomes your return
  • What kind of people will experience and see the return on investment? 
  •   Do not stand in contempt of the Kingdom
  •   Balancing your past trials to get your return
  • Summary
  • Biblical Evidence for the Return on Investement

    During the last few months we have been made well aware that God appears to be moving into the parable of the 'Talents' found in (Matthew 25:13-30).  This is an exciting time as God is attempting to validate where each of His servants either invested and multiplied his investments, or hid their talents and His investments. We have seen many people recently rewarded for their past investments in the Kingdom in the most unusual methods. On the other hand we have also seen people get many things taken away from them through the most unexplainable methods.  The parable of the Talents states "For the one who has will be given more,and he will have more than enough. But the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken from him." God is starting to review and validate His return on investment through His servants so he can use His multiplication theory in the last day's harvest. He is settling up and asking His servants to start looking at their past and present to see where they should begin looking for what they have invested. We believe this review or searching connects with Isaiah 45:3 "I will give you hidden treasures,riches stashed away in secret places, so you may recognize that I am the Lord, the one who calls you by name, the God of Israel." In this passage God is hinting that we should begin to look in the places where our treasure may be brought back to us. These places are dark places and secret places that you may have forgotten about, more than likely places from your past that are ready to be harvested.


    It is important to note that God states in this parable that he is a shrewd master who will may even decide to reap in places he has not sowed a seed.  For this reason we need to pay particular attention to where and what God is ready to harvest. This same concept is implied at the close of the parable where Jesus fed the 5,000 people with 5-loaves of bread and 2-fish. The fact that he had the disciples pick up 12 baskets of leftover fish and bread after feeding the 5,000 indicates that he will harvest in different methods, and that He is concerned that nothing be wasted. God eventually wants back more than was sown; as it is simply the proven process of gaining through a harvest. This principle is that you always get more than you planted or invested.


    For the readers who are thinking that this parable of the Talents is talking only about our reward and validation of our investment after we die, or when the Lord returns; please consider Jesus' words in Luke 18:29-30. He clearly states that those who have invested properly will receive many times more back in this lifetime. This means there is a return on the investment coming in this lifetime   "I tell you the truth, " Jesus said to them, "no one who has left home or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God will fail to receive many times as much in this age and, in the age to come, eternal life." It's a promise; so count on it, and start looking for it!

    God's return becomes our return on Investment

    We should not get concerned if God is echoing the words 'Where is the return on my investment in you."   Rather, we should get excited because whatever God's receives from His return on each investment will ultimately go towards your account in this lifetime, as well as the eternal lifetime to follow. This is the very reason He rewards the faithful servants with more things, more authority, and the very words of "Well done thy good and faithful servant, you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things, enter into the joy of your lord" (Matt. 25:21). I don't know about you, but I am excited that we are entering into this phase of our walk with the Lord. Our living generations, living in this decade will receive the reward of God's investment in them.

    What types of people will get a return on their investment?

    The reality that a return on investment comes after a season of time, and for those who view their struggles, trials, training, losses, and endurance as a seed that was sown indicates that only the expectant and thankful person will receive the return. 

    The people who are expectant will naturally begin to look, expect, and find their return and harvest. In fact, they will become so expectant that they will begin to 'Ask' God. This last piece will help them fulfill the scripture that informs us to 'Ask, Seek, and Knock.' This passage is found in Matthew 7:   but also includes a promise that if a good earthly father knows how to give things to his children how much more will your Father in heaven give to those who ask.  God did not say beg!  Expectant people ask for what is rightfully theirs; they never beg.

    The expectant and thankful people will start looking and listening to God's voice and leading toward the connections and rewards from their past. They will be the people who clearly understand that God's plan for humanity has always been reconciliation, redemption, and the law of retribution. The law of retribution is simply a faith that we will reap what we sow!  This is found in Galatians 6:7 "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows."

    This all sounds so simple and obvious, so let me explain why it is so difficult for some people.  The fact that you will reap that which God has sown into your life means that I must be thankful for my past experience, trials, hardships, struggles and losses. It is a positive confession that God was the author of my life, my faith, and eventually my finisher. Through the act of thanking God for all things, I am openly stating that I view the past trials and struggles as an investment that was entrusted to me. Without this thankfulness, I am accusing God of wrongful acts of investment.


    Do not stand in contempt of the Kingdom

    As a continuation of being thankful, I need to tell the truth about those who refuse to be thankful.  When I accuse God of the past, I stand in contempt of the Kingdom and remove my investments ... or hid them in the recesses of my mind by trying to forget the pain of them.  This hiding practice was exactly what the slothful servant did in the parable of the Talents; 'He hid the talents or investments, because He was afraid, guilty, shameful, or embarrassed of the investment of what God entrusted to him.' He may also been afraid of simply making a mistake based on a past track record of making a mistake.  In essence God was saying to him 'You are in contempt of my Kingdom and my investments; now it will be taken away from you and given to him who was thankful and invested in my Kingdom.'  This is the very reason why many ministers and others are having things taken away from them. They were in contempt of the kingdom!  They cannot be thankful and useful with the multiples of investments God gave them through struggles, trials, people, and relationships. They chose to hide the reality of these difficulties, became controlling and territorial over what God gave them through people to invest.  Because God is creative and will always get His return on investment, He literally redeems it by giving the little they had to those who have learned to be expectant and thankful.

    I have used the word Contempt a few times so let me explain what it means. It means that you have a state of mind of shame, or one that despises the situation, authority, or governing body (see Websters).  Too many Christians have been shameful and despised by their past experiences and cannot give thanks to God for the very trials and struggles that were to be considered an investment or talent for a latter day increase in return. The mere fact that they cannot thank God for His investment in them through these trials, has and will continue to rob them of their blessing, their return on the investment, and their harvest based on the trials or circumstances.  This is why James warns us  be thankful for our trials and struggles; Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 

    Many people are lacking today because they were in contempt of their blessings, the kingdom, and God himself. People who misunderstand their trials and sufferings often become shameful people that quickly try to get rid of the very thing they consider shameful; rather than being thankful for their unfortunate circumstance.   This is the very thing Jesus did when he was publically humiliated, violated, tormented, tortured, and eventually killed. He quickly counted it joy to be shamed like this so that God the Father and God the Son could instantaneously receive one of the greatest returns on investments, known to mankind; the salvation of the world.  It is perfectly described in Philippians 2:7-11.   If Jesus would have hid the trials, embarrassment, and misfortunes as shame; He nor we would ever have hope for a resurrected life; which is the ultimate return on that investment.

    Seeing that we as Christians are to be disciplined after Christ (Disciples), we need to be thankful of every experience that God had us go through for a future return. When you consider Jesus was violated (raped) of his dignity, emotions, intelligence, his body, position in God, authority in the Kingdom, his incarnate birth, and even His life on earth leading to His death; you must realize there is nothing short of death that you or I can't learn to be thankful and forgiving of, if we claim to be Christ-like.

    Balancing your past trials to get your return


    I realize many people will read this and embrace the concept and quickly redeem their past, and begin looking and hearing the details of their return on investment. However, there are some who have read through this and will still struggle with being thankful for their trials, struggles, violations, shame, guilt, and mistreatment from their past.  I beg of you to not stay in contempt of the Kingdom much longer, as you may be the one who suffers, rather than the person or people you want to suffer. Bitterness is like drinking poison; yet having a false expectation that the other person will die.

    Start the process of thanking God for all things. Scripturally we are privileged to this; scripture says that God created light and darkness and He also created peace as well as evil or calamity; there is no other God who creates like He does. (Please read Isaiah 45:5-8). This means I am actually holding God in contempt, when I stand in contempt. The good news is that I can't even hold myself in contempt! Rather, I can thank God as He is the only God that has birthed in me every detail, trial, test, circumstance, etc. And, even if I purposely left His will and created some of my own messes, I can quickly redeem and exchange it for his goodness.  This concept allows me to balance my past, heal my past, forgive my past, and no longer hide the investments of the past, even if they were bad experiences, calamity, evil, etc.    God desires this concept to become clear, so in Isaiah 45:8-9 He makes it clear that whoever argues with His maker is in grave danger. Read a few different translations on this passage and you will find that we walk a very fine line when we stand in contempt of God's position on why He does what he does with each clay pot (you); as he is the potter. 

    Again, please review your life, realize that God brings us through all things as He controls all things, redeems all things, and ends all things. We must not be shameful of our past, guilty of our past, disrespectful of our past, or we risk standing in contempt. At a mere prayer of forgiveness and thanksgiving for your past; you can allow a new investment to be recovered from your past misfortunes. You too can start looking for a return on investment!



    We know that we know ... that there is a different rhythm of music floating in the air of the Kingdom. The parables are starting to come to life, all things are being shaking and shifted, and it is happening right before our very eyes in our time. The shifting for God's faithful people is favorable, if we look to our redemption in its fullest capacity.  

    Last year we were re-connected with an acquaintance from over 18 years ago. This man of  God was serving God but had not been fully aware or receive His fuller gift of positioning in His community; which was 'The Favored Man of God.' Since receiving and believing in this position he has stepped up and seen his own return on investment start to grow through salvations, miracles, testimonies, and personal healing.  As this transaction was all occurring I could hear God saying that this was all occurring; because God is now looking on His return on investment. Through the process, we witnessed his former years of shame, guilt, and in-security be washed away as he became thankful for the experiences which were not earning a glorified return on investment.

    Pam and I are mindful that we must be thankful for everything, never stand in contempt of the Kingdom, quickly ask for forgiveness when we do; and start looking upward as our full redemption is starting to arrive. As we look upward we stay focused on where Christ will come back from.

    May you receive your fullest return as you work with God, as He will claim his return on investment not only through your obvious talents of money, gifts, blessings, but the hidden talents of your experiences, trials, mistakes, frustrations, and worldly misfortunes.  Please do not force Him to give your talents to others so He can claim them all because you want to hide them. God is far too creative and orderly to miss out on the full redemption and return of all things. The questions remains ... Which faithful servants will it pass through?

    In Christ's Love,


    Mike and Pam Mathews


    [email protected]


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