Focus On Heaven - Revelation Bulletin - No. 2
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Treasures From Your Past
The Noise in Heaven is Changing
The First and Last are Being Exchanged
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Re-connecting with Your Past to Gain Your Future!


Over the last few months we have communicated on the exchange and re-connection processes that God has been showing among His servants. Many of God's servants are being re-connected with people from years prior and wondering how and why this is taking place.  My wife Pam and I have seen this re-connection take place first hand throughout 2009.   The re-connection process is happening through friends, family, along with a new awareness of God by people you never thought were listening.  
This revelation bulletin attempts to pull together a few of the realities of why the re-connections are occurring. It is intended to encourage you to sharpen your eyes and ears to what is happening.  The bulletin is broken into the three parts:
  1. Treasures from your past
  2. The noise from Heaven is changing
  3. The 'First' are being exchanged with the 'Last'
1. Treasures from your Past  

God has every desire to glorify His name through His saints. According to Isaiah 45:3-5 one way He will do this is by putting treasures in our path from dark and secret places (i.e. our past).  "And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that you will know that I, the Lord, which calls thee by name, and the God of Israel." (Isaiah 45:3).  As part of the fulfillment of this passage God will put people from your past back into your life. These are the relationships that you invested in that seemed to be wasted. However, God is bringing them back and giving you opportunity to get back your and His return on investment. In fact, according to the Dake Study Bible, treasures in the Old Testament times were buried and dug up to be used in times of necessity.  We are living in times of extreme necessity and God is bringing the treasures to His people. These treasures need to be claimed and redeemed in our day, but you have to be aware and see them, and believe in them. God is not willing that anything you invested in becomes lost. The treasures are his way of redeeming all things.

Hairabedian Family Recent Example:  A dear friend, David Hairabedian spent approximately 20 years in prison and was re-connected with his two biological twin boys, adopted from the womb of their biological mother, who disappeared from David's life after becoming pregnant 24 years ago. The twins who now are in their early twenties were recently going to Canada on business trip. Because it was their first trip outside the USA, it required them to locate their birth certificates. During this process they discovered a one page adoption document which for the first time showed them to see the names of their biological parents. Unbeknownst to David the biological mother had listed David as the father. The twins told the adoptive parents "We already know this David guy as we have been in business meetings with him on four different occasions during the past 2 ½ months concerning our software." During the meetings neither party knew there was any type of relation as David never knew about the pregnancy or the births. They now laugh now as they recollect the thoughts about some of the resemblances and nuances during those first meetings. The photo above shows David (center) with his two sons.
The miracle of the re-uniting was astonishing. David states "God knew he needed to outsource the raising of my children, or I would have probably messed it up when I was 22 and derailed their destinies."  The twins are extrodinarily bright, and are known in the high-end technology world as the "Tech-Twins". The twins and David have an earnest desire to set-up an organization to help rescue orphans and provide them with good families, homes, and education like they received.  They have learned to be thankful in all things.
David was released from serving his prison term a year ago now serves the Lord with all His heart, mind, and soul; and oversees a ministry that provides leather-bound Study Bibles to prisoners in over 837 Correctional Facilities. -  
This miracle of re-connection defies logic and possibly makes some self righteous people feel this is not fair. However, it is God who grants and reveals the treasure to prove that He is truly God.  David is a humble servant who stands in amazement of the reconnection process. God revealed this hidden treasure of the twins to David and is ready to collect on His investment in both David and the twin's lives. Go back to Isaiah 45:3 and make the connection.  For more information on David Hairabedian visit
2. The Noise in Heaven is Changing

HeavenA few people have recently shared visions and dreams they have had about pure running water. One vision was as if a huge ice berg in the heavens burst and the purest water began to flow as heavy rushing water. These visions are not strange but a means for God to say things are changing and Christ is getting ready to come back.  In fact, Revelation chapter 1:15-16 states that Christ's voice will sound like the rush of many waters before His return.


The changing of noise is due to the nearness of Christ's return and the excitement being created in the heavenlies. This new noise will cause people to hear things they have never heard before, and act like they never acted before. For instance we are hearing numerous reports how husbands, wives, or lost friends or families are literally doing tremendous things they would never had done before. It is as if they are listening to something or someone different. All these years their spouse's have desired them to change or do something different is now coming to pass.


This noise from heaven will accelerate and intensify up until Christ's return. In fact in John 5:28 states that the noise will change to the extent that everyone in the graves will hear His voice. (remember it sounds like rushing waters). "Marvel not at this: that the hour is coming, which all that are in the graves will hear his voice." (John 5:28).


Step back and stand in amazement that people will be re-connected, re-united, and find their treasures by listening to the shift in noise. This is probably the very reason that Jesus stated 'He that has an ear let Him hear what the Lord is speaking to the Church."  (Revelation 2:29) and "And when these things become to pass, look up for your redemption draws near."  (Luke 21:28)


Recent Example:  About sevenyears ago Pam and I were hosting a Marriage Seminar in a small rural area in Wisconsin. Through this one particular outreach we had seen God heal a marriage for an elderly couple who attended. In December 2009, this couple met with us and stated that they have witnessed our ministry, and now desire to put us as administrators over their estate and assets when they go home to be with the Lord. They want us to distribute all their assets to accountable ministries. They insist they have heard from God and desire Kingdom work to get their inheritance versus their six kids.   This couple has re-connected with us, heard a different sound then they have ever heard before and now want to be thankful for what God has done. There was a true exchange in their desires and whom will receive their inheritance.

3. The First and Last are Being Exchanged:

lastThe re-connection and noise changing in the heavens is one of the ways that God is fulfilling his promise that "The last will be first and the First will be last" Matthew 19:30; 20:16.   I have always admired, respected, and gotten excited to know that God loves the underdog. He literally is starting the process of allowing the underdogs of this world to move up in the food chain; or should I say spiritual chain. The rationale for God doing this may be as simple as the reality that those who are currently considered to be last are not to busy, proud, religious, or rich to listen to the noise in heaven or look for the true treasures God has prepared for them.   I have stood back and watched as 100s of the people labeled as first in the sports world, financial world, or religious circles have been exposed and lost their standing. They have went from first to last in a matter of days.  At the very same time God is raising up those people who have been favored by Him and may have been classified as second fiddle. There is a literal exchange process taking place and it will continue to intensify. God gave humanity fair warning of this process and it has now been activated ... Praise be to God!


$7B Recent Example:

  In early December two penniless brothers, Zsolt and Geza Peladi from Budapest, Hungary (in their 40s) who were poor most of their life inherited $7B. Through their upbringing they became estranged from their family due to some issues their mother had. After years of being separated and poor they were re-connected with their grandmother from West Germany at the time of her death. Their grandmother left them $7B as an inheritance. That's correct seven billion dollars. This reconnection is one of great magnitude, but there are millions of others that are taking place, but you have to be paying attention with your belief system. Imagine the listening that needed to take places for these estranged twins to hear about their grandmothers wishes in a completely different country. To read the full story visit


It has become apparent to me that the re-connections, blessings, and exchange from last to first are directly proportionate to how thankful you are toward God. The process of being thankful starts with thanking God for your past. By thanking God for your past, you are allowing Him to heal your past. This is critical because if your past is not healed, God cannot connect your whole life which includes your present and future. Pam and I have seen this principle in our life and many others.  Our present and future is literally being created as we let God heal our past. I do not know all the details of how it works, but I wonder if it is just an act of faith. When I thank God for my past and all the sufferings, trials, tribulations, and blessings I am admitting that my life was in His hands and He paved the way; which includes sufferings, trials and tribulations. This pleases the Father to know that we are not perfect, did not lead perfect lives, yet we are willing to thank Him so He can redeem my future with my past experiences.  I guess it blesses His heart the same way an earthly parent is blessed when children thank them for their upbringing, even though there were failures mixed in the successes. It simply makes the relationship going forward that much brighter, joyful, and blessed.  


May we all sharpen our eyes and ears to receive our heavenly blessings from our past and future!


In Christ,


Mike and Pam Mathews



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"Great teaching attracts people to the teacher; but revelation attracts people to Jesus"    ~David Hairabedian
Spend time this Christmas thinking about the affects of the two dreams Mary and Joseph had for their family; realizing that dreams can save lifes!