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June, 2010
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Louis Emery
Conway Stewart meet the team!

Hi Everyone. I hope you find this article as interesting as the rest of the newsletter!

My name is Louis Emery and I was born in Plymouth where I have lived all my life. I left school with good GCSE's in several subjects but my particular interest lay within geography and electronics.

After careful consideration I eventually opted for an engineering career and to this day I believe I have made the correct decision...

Louis Emery


Anecdotes from a
75 year old ex-employee of Conway Stewart

Image of Hilda

In the first part of Hilda's anecdotes - we asked Hilda what it was like when she first began working for Conway Stewart.


"My first day was in January 1949.  It was standard practice I believe at that time for new employees to be examined by a doctor as soon as possible after starting. I was examined and for some reason my temperature was quite high, so I was told to go home and have a couple of days off until it had come down. I didn't want to go home and I didn't want to have any days off as I was enjoying myself. But I had to.

My starting pay was 2 8s 9d per week and I began work at 8am and finished at 6pm with an hour for lunch (45 hour week)...

Please give us your feedback!

We welcome your comments and questions!

Conway Stewart
"The Book of Numbers"

The "Book of Numbers" is a great reference source for vintage Conway Stewart models. 

It was created by Jonathan Donahaye in collaboration with some of the finest and most knowledgeable Conway Stewart collectors;
Stephen Hull, Alexander Crum Ewing, Max Davis, Barry Martin, Andy Russell, Barry Rose,Tina and Hans Seiringer, and David Wells.

If you have a vintage Conway Stewart writing instrument and seek information about the reference number on the barrel, when the pen was made, the colour/clip/cap band variations, etc., then the "Book of Numbers" is the place to visit!

The "Book of Numbers" can be viewed on the web by clicking on the image below.

Questions submitted from readers of our
May newsletter

We received many questions from readers of our May's newsletters. 

Click on the following link to view questions from Tony Holt (UK), David Nelson (US),  Chris Chalmers (Australia) and Thomas Connell (US) -- readers who specifically wanted to be answered through our newsletter service.

Size Matters!

You asked and we made it happen.

Register your
Conway Stewart

Every Conway Stewart writing instrument is engraved with an individual identification number which is carefully documented before leaving our factory in Devon, England.

Each writing instrument is housed in our luxury packaging and includes a Certificate of Authenticity Guarantee. To activate your warranty, please return by mail the Guarantee Registration Form or register your Conway Stewart on-line by clicking here.

The on-line registration process has been created for your convenience. We will acknowledge receipt of your details and effect the Conway Stewart guarantee and warranty service.

Do you have a question concerning Conway Stewart writing instruments?
Let us help!

Submit your question by using the following link and get the answer highlighted in our future newsletters.

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June 2010 and across our screens, radios, bars and almost everywhere you go there seems to be some major event taking place. No it's not the launch of the Conway Stewart Wellington Givitah edition but it is of course the World Cup. With most teams having played their opening games - it is still very much up for grabs with many teams impressing early on. Here at Conway Stewart we are not biased...but come on England.
Whilst the vuvuzelas have been making a noise across South Africa - it is a little dog called Barney which has been making a noise within Conway Stewart these past few days. Barney the Managing Directors dog, popped in to say hi to the team and it was pleasing to hear someone else barking out the orders other than Glenn!
The Detection Collection
Coming soon....

Conway Stewart is delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of the 'Detection Collection' a new series of limited edition pens to celebrate the very best in crime fiction.


Each pen is a collaboration between Conway Stewart and famous crime writers, with the model, the colour, and even the decoration selected by the author to complement their own favourite style of writing instrument. To celebrate each novelist, the barrel will have a facsimile of the author's own signature engraved, and the cap end will have the new Detection Collection logo inscribed.


Each pen will be supplied in the exclusive Conway Stewart packaging, with an ink chosen by the author, but also with a unique short story, published for the first time with this pen. Each short story will be signed and numbered by the author.


Conway Stewart's Managing Director 'Glenn Jones' is eagerly anticipating the launch, 'the calibre of authors involved with the Detection Collection should not only appeal to crime fiction fans but also pen collectors. We all have high hopes for the collection'.


The first author within the collection will be announced next month.

Wellington Givitah
Limited to 50 pieces world-wide

Only 5 remaining!
Please place your orders now to avoid disappointment

Conway Stewart Givitah

Praise for the Wellington model:
The writing experience alone is enough to recommend this pen,
because it is one of the best I have ever tested..."

Glen B. Bowen, publisher
Pen World World Publications May 2008

Conway Stewart is pleased to announce the latest new colour on the popular Wellington pen - Givitah with 18 carat solid gold trim.

A limited edition of just 50 numbered pieces available in a choice of fountain pen or roller ball writing modes. Givitah - a new colour from Conway Stewart is a luxurious mix of rich tones, a bold statement of creativity and individualism. Both eye catching and adventurous, this finish is a hit for those who demand the cutting edge of design - truly a pen for the passionate.

Retail in Detail -- Andy's Pens
Kent, England
Andy's Pens -- Kent, England
Andy's Pens -- Kent, England
Retail in Detail -- World Lux
Washington, America
World Lux -- Washington, USA
World Lux -- Washington, USA
They have been selling Conway Stewart writing instruments for 10 years and we are delighted to announce their exclusivity for distribution within America for the European Edition series Bard, Finesse, Raleigh, Regency and the Winston.

Todd Craver talks about the history of World Lux,
their staff's passion for pens, the buying experience offered to consumers through their store and website and much more.

Pen World Special Subscription Rate

We are excited to announce that this magazine has generously agreed to offer our readers a special subscription rate.

Collectors Club Pen 2010
Wordsworth Blue Ripple Ebonite

Conway Stewart Collectors Club Edition
The new Wordsworth series brings a fresh, modern style in a mid size, superbly balanced fountain pen. With a slight taper to the barrel end and a gently rounded cap top, the Wordsworth brings the flat top design into the twenty first century, while still holding true to the classic styling cues that made the original Conway Stewart pens famous during the 1920s. This new regular edition will soon be available in a choice of several elegant finishes throughout the world and details of this new series will be released in our future newsletters.

Available exclusively to  members of our Collectors Club, Conway Stewart is making the Wordsworth model in the striking Blue Ripple Ebonite.

Only 100 pieces will be made and orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis. This colour will not be repeated on this model thereafter and will not be available as a bespoke pen.

Monthly Special Offers!

In addition to the many benefits of being a member of the Collectors Club, you will also have the opportunity to purchase pens featured in our Monthly Specials.

Availability is on
a first come, first served basis and in many cases we may only have one or two of each pen featured at the special prices.

Image of July special offers        

Click on the above image to view the special savings. Available only to members of the Conway Stewart Collectors Club
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Wordsworth Special Limited Edition
Conway Stewart Wordsworth Special Limited Edition

Do you have a friend who is passionate about top quality writing instruments as you are, well we would love to invite them to share in our Collectors Club membership as well. Simply click on the link below to fill in their details and you and your friend will automatically be entered into our competition to win a Wordsworth Classic Green Special Limited Edition -- a world-wide edition of only 75 pieces. Retail List Price 390 €490 $690.