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Join our highly trained Chocolate Fairies on one of their motivational and inspirational courses near you to get all the practical strategies, information and support you need to change the way you approach weight-loss and body confidence forever.

27th Feb - London
20th March - Poole
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27th March - Norwich
27th March - B'ham

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With Sophie & Audrey

19/20 June - London
The Overeating Workshop

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Individual sessions with Sophie
One to one sessions with Sophie, co-author and founder of Beyond Chocolate either at her practice in London or by telephone.

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"With Sophie's help it all started falling in to place. Her kind, gentle way and fabulous sense of humour made my first ever experience of 'psychotherapy' a motivational and inspirational experience." RC London 
Cook with
the Kitchen Fairy
Let Audrey, co-author and founder of Beyond Chocolate, show you how to solve the never-ending dilemma of what to cook - week in week out - in the comfort of your kitchen.

She will teach you to cook things that you like and will make over and over again.

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Drop a dress size in two weeks or
go Beyond Chocolate in half an hour?

We dedicated a whole newsletter to the Special K 'Drop a Jean Size" Challenge recently. Since then, we've decided to set a Beyond Chocolate challenge. They guarantee you can drop a dress size in 2 weeks, we guarantee that you can transform your relationship with food in half an hour.

Oh, and you don't have to buy anything and you can eat whatever you want.

The 30 minute 'challenge'

We've come up with 10 actions that take less than a minute to do. We guarantee that if you do one action for at least one minute a day for 30 days you can completely change the way you eat. You will have a much greater awareness of how and why and what you eat and you will be more in tune with your body. In just half an hour you will have the information you need to stop overeating and lose weight for good.


How do I take part?

- Take a look at the Action List below.

- Commit to doing one action for at least a minute a day for 30 consecutive days.

- Pick one action a day and rotate them so that you end up doing each one 3 times

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We have been invited to hold a workshop at the Mind Body Spirit festival coming up in May. We'll be introducing the most crucial Beyond Chocolate principles and getting the audience to join in as we always do. Don't miss out on this opportunity to work with Sophie & Audrey for just £30

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Beyond Chocolate Fairy!Beyond Chocolate in 10 hours

Join one of our Chocolate Fairies for the best 10 hours of your life. An intensive and powerful introduction to the Beyond Chocolate principles with lots of opportunities to experience them first hand under the  guidance of our passionate and supportive Fairies.

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The Action List

Remember: one, once a day, just for a minute.

Day 1: Today, once before you eat, tune in to your hunger signals. Scan your body from head to toe for any physical sensations connected to hunger. How are you feeling about the fact you are about to eat? What are you telling yourself about the food?
Day 2: Today, rate your hunger once before you eat: are you starving, very hungry, hungry, peckish, not hungry?
Day 3: Today take a minute to make a list of all the foods you crave and overeat. Put a tick next to all the ones that you think are fattening and you shouldn't be eating. What does this list tell you?
Day 4: Today spend the first minute of a meal completely focused on the food. Take a good look at it, smell it, take a bite, chew slowly and let the subtle tastes and textures develop on your tongue. Swallow slowly and follow the food down into your stomach as far as you can. What do you notice?
Day 5: Today, rate your satisfaction once after you've eaten: are you very satisfied with what you eaten? satisfied, not very satisfied or dissatisfied?
Day 6: Today spend a minute enjoying one thing you eat. Give yourself 60 seconds to relish, savour, taste,  appreciate. Enjoy it.
Day 7: Today take a minute to list as many adjectives that you use to describe your body as you can think of. Put a tick next to the ones that are kind, loving, supportive, respectful and appreciative. Give yourself a pat on the back for each tick.
Day 8: Today, listen to 'Free 60 secs to Perfect Posture' created by movement practitioner Liz Bussey of BodyMap. Get it now at
Day 9: Today take one minute to think back over the last nine days and appreciate yourself for all the actions you have taken. Formulate the sentence and actually say it to yourself: What I appreciate about myself in the last nine days is...
Day 10: Today take a minute, once, to ask yourself the following questions about the food you are going to eat:
- Do you like it?
- How did you choose it?
- What do you know about it?
- What do you know about the ingredients?
- Do you think it's healthy, unhealthy or 'neutral'
- How often do you eat it?
- Why are you eating it now?
Day 11 to 30: Repeat from Day 1