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Three Tips for Trial - Submission of Evidence
How to successfully navigate through EAMS
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* PANEL DECISIONS: Credit, New & Further Disability
* BLOG ROUND UP: fraud, CCCs, Workers' Comp 20/20
* NEWS HEADLINES: Budget impasse impacts benefits for injured workers
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Top 25 Blogs for Workers' Compensation and Workplace Issues: A Call for Suggestions. 
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trial tips

Colleen Casey

Three Tips for Trial - Submission of Evidence, by Judge Colleen Casey. Robert Gallagher once said: "Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine." Last time I looked, EAMS was nothing like a vending machine... although, wouldn't that be cool? Get your ice cold Coke and two OCR forms to go... Anyway, back to the concept of change. EAMS has mandated quite a few of them in the past couple of years. Some people are still a bit unfamiliar with the more esoteric changes, so I've set forth below a few tips for navigating successfully through this new system. > Read more.

how to achieve medicare secondary payer compliance

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Credit; Overpayment of Permanent Disability. Defendant was not entitled to a credit under LC 4909 for permanent disability advances paid to applicant, when applicant's permanent disability was apportioned between three dates of injury (2000, 2003, 2007) pursuant to SB 899 and Benson v. W.C.A.B., resulting in a smaller monetary award to applicant than if permanent disabilities from all three injuries were combined; allowing a credit for permanent disability advances for 2003 injury against permanent disability due for 2007 injury would unfairly result in applicant not receiving any "new money" for 2007 injury. Read Dunehew panel decision.


Petitions to Reopen; New and Further Disability. WCJ erred in finding that applicant, who received award based upon her stipulation that she suffered a neck and back injury, suffered a compensable consequence psychiatric injury but that psychiatric disability was no greater at time applicant sought to reopen stipulated award for new and further disability than it was at time stipulated award was issued, when WCJ improperly "went behind" prior stipulated award to conclude that applicant was barred from asserting injury to new body parts and an increase in her disability merely because evidence existed prior to time of stipulation which could have supported a finding that applicant only had neck and back injury. Read Santillan panel decision.

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Fraud SignWorkers' Comp  Fraud Blotter 9/30/2010 - recent arrests, charges, convictions, investigations. Read it.         

Cal Comp CasesCalifornia Compensation Cases October Advanced Postings 9/29/2010. Read it thumbnailWorkers Comp 20/20: Will Congress Overhaul Workers Compensation? by Peter Rousmaniere. Read it.
> CA: DWC Posts Revised Draft UR Regulations For Comment
> CA: AIA Comments on Governor's Veto of Licensing Medical Review Physicians
CA: Gov. Vetoes Bill Preventing Denial Of Claim Based On Discriminatory Characteristics
> CA: WCIRB Amends Jan 1, 2011 Pure Premium Rate Filing
> CA: DWC's Non-Substantive Amendments To Medical Provider Network Regulations Is Approved
> CA: DWC Says 2,700 Workers May Not Receive Benefits Due to Budget Impasse
> A.M. Best: Workers' Comp Industry Continues Downward Underwriting Performance Trend
MMSEA: Reporting of Risk Management Activities to CMS
> Gina M. Garcia Becomes Manager of CompPartners' PPO Networks
> Arthur J. Gallagher  Takes Over GAB Robins TPA Business
> Firefighters May Face Higher Risk for Heart Disease Due to Ultrafine Air Particles
> Law Review Article: Social Networking and Workers' Comp - Ethics, Privacy, Discovery, Evidence
> AIA Asks CMS to Delay Rule for Data on Product Liability Claims Relating to Medical Devices
> MSP Case Law: Federal Judge Dismisses Six Defendants in U.S. v. Stricker Case
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