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Last month, Murray Premises Hotel celebrated an important milestone.....Ten Years!  We definitely celebrated.  Our Open House was a huge success and the highlight of the month. But not to be outdone, we have another birthday to celebrate. The Murray is One Year Old!  Twelve months ago, we started a project to reach out and connect with the most important people that we know - you!  The response to our little project has been fabulous.  To all of you who read and respond, thank you.  We appreciate it!  




by Kelly Finlay - General Manager


Over the past few weeks, we've had lots to celebrate, it seems like the celebration never ends.  The Murray turned one year old, how time flies.  It seems celebrations and making memories are part of staying here at Murray Premises Hotel.  We have lots of stories that we could share with you, some funny, some sad.  We thought you'd like to hear about our most recent memories that not only impacted those that stayed here, but our team as well.


Just a few weeks ago, a wonderful lady checked into the hotel - balloons and cake in hand.  I was fortunate to meet her at the door and helped her take some of her things to her room.  Of course, I had to ask, "What's the special occasion?"  She replied that it was her husband's 50th birthday, and she was surprising him with a night at the hotel and dinner.  Once we arrived at her room and after a little more small talk, she told me about how she had been taking radiation treatments at the hospital for the past couple of months and was about to finish up her treatments in the next few days.  I was speechless and believe me, that doesn't happen often.   I was so honoured that she had chosen to spend this special night at our hotel.  When I met them upon their departure the next day, she was headed for another treatment but she was so happy.  They had had a wonderful night, she said, it was a great distraction and they would be back.  I look forward to her next arrival.


The last story is a little sad, so ladies, and gentlemen, you may need a tissue for this one.  Just last week, we had a group of Military staying with us, they had just returned from their tour of duty in Afghanistan and were with us for one night on their way home to the US.  They were leaving early the next morning, so Debbie, our breakfast hostess, came in early to make sure they had breakfast before they left.  Debbie had just come back into the room when a tall, handsome soldier stood up and addressed the group "Come on boys, let's go home".  With that the group stood up and followed him out the door.  Debbie's eyes watered, she commented "I felt I was in the middle of a movie, it was so surreal.  I don't think I have ever felt so much pride watching them leave, knowing they had served their country and that they were going home."


Moments like these are precious and while these are just a couple of stories, it just goes to show how our hotel helps make great memories for our guests and our staff.


Employed since:  January 2009

Favourite Movie:  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Favourite Room:  Room 224

Why?:  It's really spacious with the great stone wall and the 2 person air massage tub.

What I like best about working at the Murray Premises Hotel:  It's so hard to find any business or building with a wealth of history and a wealth of future.  The Murray Premises has both.  It's very interesting to see the old world preserved with the new world qualities.



Congratulations to:  Marina Abbott - Winner of our May Contest. 


....and now for your chance to win a night of pampering at the hotel. 





Above you can see a picture of an artifact that can be found hanging on the wall in the lobby of the hotel.  Can you identify what it is?  Send your answers to The Murray.  Contest closes June 30th. 

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