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These newsletters have been created with the aim of keeping you informed of any key changes and updates to the regulations and guidelines applicable to the conduct of Non-Interventional Studies (NIS) and other Real World Evidence (RWE) Studies

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  • NIS Considerations - August 2014
  • CHCUK: Why Wait for NIS News When You Can Get it Live?!.
    Article Headline
    EFPIA: Video Introducing the EFPIA Disclosure Code
    Austria: Pharmig Code of Practice Updated
    UK: NRES Website Closing Soon
    UK: Research Governance Framework to be Replaced
    UK: NHS REC Booking & Submission Changes
    EU: Revision 3 of the ENCePP Guide on Methodological Standard
    Ireland: The IMB is now the HPRA
    UK: Proposed Single Approval for Research in the NHS
    EU: EMA Releases Best Practice Guidance on Parallel Scientific Advice with HTAs
  • NIS Considerations - May 2014
  • CHCUK: Why Wait for NIS News When You Can Get it Live?!.
    EU: EMA Releases Guidance on Parallel Advice with HTAs
    EU: Revision 3 of EMA Guideline on Good Pharmacovigilance Practices (GVP): Annex I
    U: Revision 1 of EMA GVP Module XVI Published on 25 April 2014
    EU: Revision 1 of EMA GVP Module V Published on 25 April 2014
    U: Regulation Regarding Post-Authorisation Efficacy Studies
    CHCUK: 2014 Update to the NIS Considerations - Australia
    CHCUK: 2014 Update to NIS Considerations - France
    UK: MHRA Guidance on Medical Device Stand-Alone Software - Including Apps
    EU: EMA Launches Pilot Early Access Program
    EU: European Medicines Agency Publishes First Summary of a Risk-Management Plan
    Russia: New Requirements for HCOs who Conduct Clinical Trials
  • NIS Considerations - February 2014
  • CHCUK: New "NIS News & Articles" Webpage
    CHCUK: Why Wait for NIS News When You Can Get it Live?!.
    CHCUK: NIS Considerations (Europe - Part 2)...It's here at last!..
    New CHCUK NIS Promotional Video
    Romania: New ARPIM HCP/HCO Disclosure Code.
    Romania: ARPIM HCP Code Revised in Dec 2013
    Romania: New National Ethics Committee..
    Slovenia: Two New Codes of Practice Published in Dec 2013
    Croatia: Hundreds Charged with Corruption
    EMA: Draft Guideline on Key Aspects for the Use of Pharmacogenomic Methodologies
    EMA: Revision 2 of the Guideline on Good Pharmacovigilance Practices..
    France: Update on the 'French Sunshine Act'.
    Switzerland: Regulation Law on the Federal Act on Research Involving Human Subjects.
    Norway - LMI Rules for Marketing of Medicinal Products Revised in November 2013
    UK: ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry 2014
    UK: MHRA Good Pharmacovigilance Practice Compliance Report Template Now Available
    Finland: New Code for the Disclosure of Transfers of Value
    Estonia: APME Code of Ethics Revised
    Bulgaria: ARPharM Adopt Code for Disclosure of Transfers of Value by Pharmaceutical Companies to HCP
    Bulgaria - ARPharM Code of Ethics Amended in Nov 2013
    CHCUK: 2014 version of the Country-Specific NIS Report for Bulgaria Now Available.
    Germany: Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) Launches New Website
    Germany - New BfArM/PEI NIS Guidance Coming Soon
    Germany: NIS Reporting Requirements in Germany - Are You Ready?
    India: New Audio-Visual Consent Guidelines
    Medicines Australia: Transparency Reporting
    Medicines Australia: HCP Consultant Reports to be Submitted by 30 April 2014
    Australia: Privacy Law Reforms Effective from 12 March 2014
  • NIS Considerations - November 2013
  • CHCUK: NIS Considerations (Europe)
    CHCUK: NIS Training - Try Before You Buy
    CHCUK: Late Stage Submissions Plan (LSSP).
    CHCUK Ltd: New Company Name
    EFPIA: New Code of Practice
    France: Disclosure of Agreements with and Advantages to Healthcare Professionals
    Poland: Belatedly Implements Directive 2010/84/EU
  • NIS Considerations - Septmber 2013
  • CHCUK: NIS Considerations (Europe)
    EMA: Revision of GVP Module VI.
    UK: MHRA Guidance on Non-Serious Reactions
    ISPOR: ePRO Validation Guidelines
    ISPOR: Pediatric PRO Instruments for Research to Support Medical Product Labeling
    FDA: Guidance on Risk-Based Approaches to Monitoring
    Ireland: Code of Practice 2013
    ENCePP: National Data Protection Requirements
    ENCePP: Second revision of the ENCePP Guide on Methodological Standards in Pharmacoepidemiology
  • NIS Considerations - June 2013
  • CHCUK NIS Webinar 1: How do the Recent Changes to the EU PV Legislation Impact NIS?
    EMA: Revision of GVP Module VIII
    EU: Safety Reporting Requirements for NIS
    France: Disclosure of Agreements with and Advantages to Healthcare Professionals
    France: New Laws Impacting NIS Delayed to 2016
    WMA: Declaration of Helsinki 2013?
    Hungary: Approval Requirements for NIS
  • NIS Considerations - April 2013
  • EMA: New EU Pharmacovigilance Legislation - Key Concepts
    CHCUK: New NIS Webinar Series
    France: Transposition of the European Directive 2010/84/EU Regarding pharmacovigiance
    Greece: Simplification of Approvals and Contract Execution
    Italy: General Authorization to the Processing of Genetic Data
  • NIS Considerations - Feb 2013
  • New CHCUK Resource: NIS Considerations (Basics - 2013)
    EMA: New Guideline for NIS PASS Study Reports
  • NIS Considerations - Dec 2012 - Erratum
  • ERRATUM - Germany: New Notification Requirements for All Non-Interventional Studies
  • NIS Considerations - Dec 2012
  • Hungary: Overview of New NIS Regulatory Requirements
    Germany: New Notification Requirements for All Non-Interventional Studies
    Austria:...Updated Guidance for the Conduct of NIS
    Brookwood Academy:...Practical guide to post authorisation studies - requirements and concepts
  • NIS Considerations - Nov 2012
  • CHCUK: New Important Milestone
    CHCUK: NIS eLearning
    CHCUK: Country-Specific NIS Reports
    CHCUK: New Free NIS Resources.
    Europe: New EU PASS Protocol Guidance
    Europe: EU PAS Register
    Hungary: Reporting of Post-Authorisation ADRs
    Germany: New Requirements for Non-Interventional Safety Studies
    Spain: Updated Post-Authorisation Study (EPA) Q&A Document
  • NIS Considerations - Sept 2012
  • 2012 Edition of NIS Considerations (Europe): Part 1
    New NIS Considerations Reports
    New NIS eLearning Courses
  • NIS Considerations - June 2012
  • Italy: Use of Data without Consent
    Italy: 2012 Code of Ethics
    Greece: 2012 SFEE Code of Practice
    Belgium: 2012 Code
    Denmark - Danish Medicines Agency
    Denmark - New Data Privacy Rules
  • NIS Considerations - May 2012
  • CHCUK NIS eLearning Now Available
    Slovakia: 2012 COP
    France: 2012 LEEM Code of Ethics
  • NIS Considerations - April 2012
  • CHCUK NIS eLearning Now Available
    NIS eLearning - NIS Basics (Europe).
    France: New NIS Requirements
  • NIS Considerations - Feb 2012 (Suppl)
  • Sweden: 2012 LIF COP
  • NIS Considerations - Feb 2012
  • UK: 2012 ABPI COP
    EU: Introduction of New PV Legislation
    France: New NIS Requirements
    EU: GCP app for iPhone and Android
  • NIS Considerations - Dec 2011
  • Slovakia: New Clinical Trials Law
  • NIS Considerations - Oct 2011
  • Spain: AEMPS Website Updated
    Switzerland: Human Research Law
    Switzerland: NIS Approval Requirements
  • NIS Considerations - Aug 2011
  • Europe: EFPIA COP Updated
    UK: 2011 ABPI Code of Practice
    Norway: LMI Marketing Rules - 2011 Amendmentland 2011
    Norway: Translation of NIS Guidelines
    Slovenia: A Re-cap of the Requirements
    NIS Report (Part 2): 2nd Edition
  • NIS Considerations - June 2011
  • Denmark: Who do I Notify?
    NIS Considerations: Finland 2011
  • Considerations - Mar 2011
  • Czech Republic: Experience in NIS Data Collection
    Austria: Updated NIS Guidance
  • NIS Considerations - Jan 2011
  • France: Proposed NIS Regulations Loom Closer
    Latvia: Regulation 289 (2010)
    Spain: 2010 Code of Practice
    EMA & ENCePP Launch E-Register
    ICH: New Website
    Cyprus: Code of Practice
    Turkey: 2010 Code of Practice
    Switzerland: 2010 Code of Practice
    CHCUK: New NIS Training Slides
    Advertising Opportunity: NIS Report - Europe Part 2
    CHCUK: Bespoke NIS Reports
  • NIS Considerations - Oct/Nov 2010 (Supp 1)
  • Austria: New Reporting Requirements for NIS
  • NIS Considerations - Oct/Nov 2010
  • Latvia: New NIS Regulations
    Romania: Updated COP
    GRACE Principles
    UK: Proportionate Ethics Review
    Advertising Opportunity: NIS Report - Europe Part 2
    CHCUK NIS Regulatory Map

  • NIS Considerations - Aug/Sept 2010
  • NIS Report (Part 1): 2nd Edition
    Germany: 2010 Version of BfArM & PEI Recommendations for NIS Released
  • NIS Considerations - June/July 2010
  • NIS Report (Part 1): 2nd Edition
    Greece: 2010 SFEE Code of Practice
    Sweden: Updated LIF Code of Practice
    EC Pharmaceuticals Website Updated
    Austria: New NIS Ordinance
    Latvia: New NIS Regulation
    Norway: Updated Code of Practice
  • NIS Considerations - April/May 2010
  • NIS Report (Part 1): 2nd Edition
    NIS Report (Part 1): Advertising Opportunity
    UK: Data Protection Audits
    EFGCP Reports: 2010 Updates
    Turkey: New Guidance Document
    Germany: 2009 Update to the FSA Code of Conduct Published.
    Poland: INFARMA COP
    Switzerland: VKlin Amended
  • NIS Considerations - Mar 2010
  • Italy: Register of Obs Studies
    Seminar: Practical Guide to PAS
    NIS Resource: CIOMS Ethical Guidelines
    India: Ethical Considerations for NIS
  • NIS Considerations - Feb 2010
  • NIS Reports: Clarification
    Turkey: Obs Study Guidance
    Spain: Draft Guidelines Finalised
    Sweden: LIF COP Updated
    Switzerland: Unifying Human Research Law
  • NIS Considerations Jan 2010
  • NIS Report (Part II): Now Available
    Updates to the NIS Reports
    Free Clinical Research Resources
    Eudralex: New Address/New Format
    Your Input: News & Views
  • NIS Considerations Dec 2009
  • ENCepp Public Consultation
    Sweden: Change of Address
    Sweden: Broken Links
    Data Protection: Sweden
    Data Protection: Belgium
    NIS Report (Part II): Now Available
    NIS Considerations: UK
    Germany: AWB
  • NIS Considerations Nov 2009 (Amended)
  • Broken Links
    Data Protection
    Data Protection: Germany
    Data Protection: Portugal
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