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Austria: New Reporting Requirements for NIS




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We're sending this special supplement to the October/November newsletter to keep you up to date with recent changes in the regulation of non-interventional studies in Austria.

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Austria: New Reporting Requirements for NIS
Regulation 180/2010 Sets Down New Requirements for NIS in Austria
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Regulation 180/2010 which was published on the 17th June 2010 and came into force on the 1st September 2010 sets down new requirements for the conduct and reporting of non-interventional studies in Austria.

According to Regulation 180/2010:
  • The competent authority (The Federal Office for Safety in Healthcare - BASG) must be notified electronically before such a study can start - This information will be included in an electronic register managed by the BASG
  • The NIS can start immediately if a positive ethics committee opinion has been given, or
  • If the opinion of an ethics committee is submitted pursuant to Section 41b of the Medicines Act, then the study can be started 21 days after filing
  • BASG must be notified of any substantial amendments to the study protocol
  • A final study report/report summary must be submitted to BASG 6 months after completion of the study

According to the Order of the Federal Minister of Health on the reporting of non-interventional studies, the following data in the register are published and publicly available:
  • Name and address of the person responsible
  • Description of the medicinal product / s: n-collection of medicinal products are separated by a comma.
  • Projected period, estimated start and completion (In the event of a national study is the date of expected completion in Austria to enter it is a multinational study, the estimated date of completion is entering the world).
  • Planned regions following political districts
  • Estimated number of participating patients
  • Status of the NIS (active, canceled, terminated, completed)
  • At the request of the person responsible - if the NIS was canceled - a relevant justification.  This requires the selection "If the grounds of abandonment to be published?" Filled with "yes"
  • Summary of the Final Report (pdf document)
  • Comments of the BASG if necessary
The following is the link to the BASG NIS Registry/Database:
In August 2010, the BASG also published a comprehensive guidance document: "Research Guidelines for the Implementation of NIS in Austria" (In German)

The BASG Website also contains a comprehensive list of NIS-related questions and answers: BASG NIS FAQs

Acknowledgements: Dr Julie Meeson of J3i Quality