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June 8, 2011
                                 Volume 9 - Issue 8
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Mark your calendars for the 39th American Birkebeiner® from
Feb.  23-25, 2012!

The 2012 events include the 50K Birkie Skate, 54K Birkie Classic sponsored by Becker Law, and 23K Kortelopet Skate and Classic races sponsored by Marshfield Clinic of Hayward. 


Birkie 2012 also features shorter races, events and festivities for:

  • men, women, teens and kids
  • families
  • skijor enthusiasts 
  • the super fit
  • the super enthusiastic
  • those vowing to get in shape
  • those wanting pure and simple recreation
  • those wanting to meet like-minded fitness buffs
  • those wanting challenge, excitement and fun
  • those wanting to support friends, family and skiers from around the world! 


Find out more at  or call us at 715.634.5025. We're eager to hear from you!

American Birkebeiner Trail Run, Relay & Trek

Sept. 24, 2011

The 2011 American Birkebeiner Trail Run includes you choice of: 

  • NEW! 26.2 mile Individual Marathon  
  • 26.2 mile Marathon Relay
  • 13.1 mile Individual Half Marathon
  • 13.1 mile Birkie Trail Trek
  • 5K Fun Run/Wlak

Learn more visit 

or register today for the Birkie Trail Run, Relay or Trek. 




January 21, 2012  

Come out, ski and enjoy the Birkie and Birkie Classic Trails and participate in the BirkieTour!

The tour is an untimed, non-competitive, "open-track" event open to skiers age 13 and older.
  Birkie & Korte Tour Distances
Registration will be available this Spring!

Learn more visit 

The Birkie®:
  39 Years of Inspiring Skiers
to Live Fit, Healthy Lives!

February 23-25, 2012

 In our house, winter is a journey whose destination is the BIRKIE!   


"The Birkie has been a factor in my life since the first time I skied the trail in 1976. My philosophy is to do whatever we can do to foster participation in the overall event. I want more people on the snow and enjoying the weekend." 

~ Ned Zuelsdorff, Executive Director, Cable, WI

For almost thirty years, it has been a blessing in my life! THANK YOU.

You guys run a world class event. It is the most fun you can have while torturing yourself.

See you at the start, race you the finish...hoping to have the time of my life along the way!
-Jim Reker

To me the day is close to a religious are excited but respectful, almost reverent to the course and the challenges of the day.
The people you are skiing with are all comrades on a mission to soak up the day and dig within to see what we all have down deep.

Better than Christmas. I will be skiing the Birkie every year I'm alive on Earth. It's that special."

THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who make this race possible!!!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the volunteers!

Love skiing with over 8000 of my closest friends.


BIG THANK YOU to the Birkie staff and volunteers and the citizens of Hayward and Cable for making this wonderful event possible and a BIG THANK YOU to the fans for making the experience of skiing up Main Street second to none.

~Chris Jones


Thank you for giving us all something to focus on all winter long!



Birkie day is the gretest day of the year in my mind, ranking above Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Packer Sundays, Badger Saturdays, opening day of fishing season and even ahead of opening day of gun deer season.  


Birkie day is the ultimate Wisconsin experience.


The best organized 'signature' sports event I have ever been involved in. Excellent experience!!! Thanks to all the volunteers!!! They are wonderful!!!




 Skier Praise for
2011 Birkie Events!



Love this event, love the organization, love all the people who are involved. Thanks! Keep up the good work.


Birkie is an A+ event and I hope to be back next year!



A million thank you's to all the outstanding volunteers is not enough. They are the reason the race continues.



This was my first Birkie and it was AWESOME!!! I will definitely be back next year and many years to come...I want my purple bib!!



Extremely well organized, volunteers and locals really make you feel welcome.



GREAT JOB everyone. Really impressive series of events for three days.



The Birkie was an epic race! I hope I can be back next year with more experience, more training,  

and better technique.
(And hopefully warmer weather!)



Best organized event I have ever done. Volunteers are great people. Well done!



This was my first year and it will not be my last. It was a great challenge and I am all ready thinking about what I can do to improve
my time for next year!
Bravo and thank you very much!



I really enjoyed my first Korte. Thanks to all the volunteers and event staff!


Another great year of Birkie events. Thank you all so much for your efforts. See you next year.



I would like to thank all who made this race possible and to all the volunteers who gave their time and
braved the cold.



This was my first endurance race of any kind, and I had a blast! Everything was great.
Thanks for the memories!!



Fantastic event - Great people - great organization and lots of fun!





Thanks for a wonderful family event!



I'm hooked on the Birkie now.
Many thanks!

  Greetings from the Birkie®!

Hi Skiers and Friends!


The heat has been turned on in the Northland as Summer nears. The forest has really greened up during the last few weeks. The Birkie trail is available to you for running, hiking, and mountain biking.Trail mowing will start within the next week to keep things in great shape throughout the summer season.


We continue to get ready for the Birkie Trail Run & Trek events on September 24. The Individual Marathon, with the companion Half Marathon, Marathon Relay, 5K, and Birkie Trek--Nordic Walk  will make for a fun and challenging day with great food afterward for all participants. It is a beautiful time of the year to be on the trail, so think about being part of it.


See you on the Trails and stay fit!


Ned Zuelsdorff

Executive Director

  Birkie® News
Birkie Ski Training Clinic

June2011ClinicOut There Nordic and the American Birkebeiner are presenting a Training Clinic with instructor and long-time coach Inge Braten on June 24-26, 2011.

Inge Braten has been coaching Nordic skiing for over 30 years. From Head Coach of the Norwegian, Swedish, and Swiss National Teams to coaching athletes such as Bjorn Daehlie, Vegard Ulvang, Thomas Alsgaard, Marcus Hellner, and more.

For More Information:
Space is limited. Get complete Clinic Details then Register Online.

Questions: Email
Enter the 2012 Birkie T-Shirt Design Contest  2011 Birkie T-Shirt


Help us design the official T-shirt for Birkie 2012. Over the past two years we have hosted a T-shirt design competition. Many talented artists and skiers have stepped up with innovative designs. The winner receives a prize package that includes a complimentary Birkie or Korte race entry and a VIP Parking Pass to the race start, as well as a brand new pair of skis--skate or classic--complete with bindings and mounting. 

All T-shirt design submissions must be received at by August 1.


See the complete T-shirt design contest details and rules and be part of this year's search for another Birkie original.


You've Skied It ... Now RUN the Birkie!   

Birkie Trail Run, Relay & TrekRegister now for the 9th annual Birkie Trail Run & Trek on September 24. 


Choose from these events:

  • Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon Relay Teams
  • Trek--Nordic Walk
  • 5K Fun Run/Walk 

Course Description

The Birkie Trail is ideal for running. It is grassy with even footing along the entire course, even the hills. There are no roots or obstacles. The Marathon and Marathon Relay start at Hatchery Park, immediately join the Birkie Trail at Rosie's field, and head north. The Half-Marathon and Birkie Trek--Nordic Walk start at the "OO" trail head and goes north. All events finish at Telemark Resort. The 5K Run/Walk starts and finishes at Telemark.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the Birkie trail you love in a whole new way. Get all event details here.

Birkie Trail Work

Trail work has started. We're removing downed trees and mowing the trails. There will be several Trail Work Volunteer mornings and evenings planned throughout the Summer and Fall. Send your email address to if you'd like to receive notice of these volunteer opportunities.


Planned and proposed trail projects for 2011 include:

  • Repairing erosion ruts on the downhill at C25K on the Classic trail likely caused by a "hunter" truck last Fall
  • Repairing erosion resulting from mountain bikes and last year's heavy rains, at several trail locations
  • Mowing the trails in June and September
  • Removing overhanging branches and side brush from the entire trail system
  • Building small warming and storage buildings at the Timber Trail and Mosquito Brook food station areas 


American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation 

Become a Member

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation is a membership organization. There are membership levels for individuals, families, and businesses. To learn more about becoming a member,
click here.

Annual Meeting
The Foundation Annual Meeting for all members will be held on Saturday, August 13, 2011. Location and time to be determined.  

*Foundation members will receive ballots approximately 30 days before the annual meeting and may vote by mail or drop their ballots off at the Birkie office in Hayward. These ballots must be received at the Birkie office by Friday, August 12, 2011.

Board of Director Elections
Every year several Board Members' terms expire. Candidates interested in running for the Board of Directors must submit a completed Candidate Profile. In addition, all non-incumbent candidates must submit a Nomination Endorsement form that contains a minimum of ten signatures from current ABSF members. All application materials are due in the ABSF office no later than Friday, July 8, 2011 and are available here. Please submit your materials by email to  

 Event Registration

Race Registration Now Open for All Birkie Events  

Visit the  Events Section and select your event from the left hand column. Most events offer online registration as well as printable registration forms.

Reminder to Provide Emergency Contact Information

NEW: When completing the paper race registration, you will now find the Emergency Contact Information on the back of the form as part of the Waiver. Please be sure to complete this information providing an emergency contact and phone number.

  NEW!  in July Issue

Meet the Birkie Trail Friends
  Birkie Trail Friends

A big thank you to the Birkie Trail Friends who have come on board to support the trail. In appreciation, we look forward to recognizing one individual, group, or organization each month right here in Carpe Skiem. Look for our first "Birkie Trail Friends Snapshot" feature in the July issue.


Annual trail maintenance cost now exceeds $150,000 each year. You may be aware that a portion of these expenses are covered by the ski trail fees and donations, which we greatly appreciate. TheBirkie Trail Friends program also helps significantly. You, your family, business, or a group of  friends can sponsor a kilometer on the trail system. Birkie Trail Friends have already sponsored many Birkie and Birkie Classic Trail kilometers, but more Ks still need sponsors.   


Learn more at Birkie Trails Friends

  Birkie® Fever

"Do I Want To Be Cold Again?"

By David Novak    


One of the coldest places on the planet the last Saturday in February has to be the Birkie start line. Dressed cold, skiers jump up and down, arms flailing, prancing as well as anyone can attached to skinny skis. Cold seeps in along clothing seams and sneaks around gloves and stocking caps.  


Few realize there has to be a start line before there's a finish line. Just getting to the start line represents the culmination of months of training and the wherewithal to drive through northern Wisconsin in time to line up with the right wave.

And the people ... oh, the people. How can 8,000 skiers mill around in one place at one time and ... continue reading.   

Share Your Birkie Fever Story

We know you have a story to tell. Whether you are a skier, spectator or volunteer we want to hear from you.  Afraid you can't write? Don't let that stop you. We can take your words and weave them into a great Birkie Fever story. Send us your story in about 300 word and a photo to
  Birkie® Training

June Training Article  

By Jay Tapper

What is your body language telling you-during and after exercise? Videotaping is used for improving cross-country skiing technique; maybe the camera should keep rolling to watch the body language when you're not skiing. Paying attention to your exercise body language will improve your fitness and performance. Here are some tips.



Birkie Training Plan - June  

By Bill Pierce 

The focus of the workout sessions this month is to develop the muscle groups that apply power during poling and kicking and that improve your balance. See the complete Birkie Training Plan and Strength Training Videos for June.

Enjoy this opportunity to learn more about how to train, live, and enjoy the sports that are the Birkie. Check it out!
 The Birkie®

The Birkie is a year-round lifestyle choice for thousands of outdoor fitness enthusiasts of all levels. From its signature ski race--the legendary American Birkebeiner--the Birkie has grown into an exciting array of fitness and recreational opportunities. The 88-kilometer Birkie Trail system attracts skiers, runners, bikers, trekkers, and hikers, from casual day-trippers to elite superstars. Located near Hayward and Cable, Wisconsin, the Birkie is now an outdoor sports mecca, a series of great races, a fitness destination, and a Lifestyle. Ski . Run . Live!

Becker Law2009 Birkie Trail Run Half

Upcoming Events

Saturday, August 13, 2011 ABSF Annual Meeting

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Birkie Trail Run, Relay & Trek

Saturday, January 21, 2012 BirkieTour

Thursday, February 23-Saturday, February 25, 2012 Birkie 2012