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December 9, 2010
                                 Volume 8 - Issue 13
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2011 Birkie Poster

2011 Birkie Poster

Be one of the first to have the 2011 Birkie Poster on display.
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Mark your calendars for the 38th American Birkebeiner
Feb.  24-26, 2011!

The 2011 events include the 50K Birkie Skate sponsored by Becker Law Office, 54K Birkie Classic, and 23K Kortelopet Skate and Classic races sponsored by Marshfield Clinic of Hayward.

Birkie 2011 also features shorter races, events and festivities for:

  • men, women, teens and kids
  • families
  • the super fit
  • the super enthusiastic
  • those vowing to get in shape
  • those wanting pure and simple recreation
  • those wanting to meet like-minded fitness buffs
  • those wanting challenge, excitement and fun
  • those wanting to support friends, family and skiers from around the world!

From the Barnebirkie to the Birkebeiner...Ski.Run.Live!

Find out more at
or call us at 715.634.5025. We're eager to hear from you!


January 22, 2011

Come out, ski and enjoy the Birkie and Birkie Classic Trails and participate in the BirkieTour!

The tour is an untimed, non-competitive, "open-track" event open to skiers age 13 and older.

Birkie & Korte Tour Distances
Registration will be available this Spring!

Learn more visit

American Birkebeiner Trail Run, Relay & Trek

Sept. 24, 2011

The 2011 American Birkebeiner Trail Run includes you choice of:

  • NEW! 26.2 mile Individual Marathon
  • 26.2 mile Marathon Relay
  • 13.1 mile Individual Half Marathon
  • 13.1 mile Birkie Trail Trek
  • 5K Fun Run/Wlak

Learn more visit

or register today for the Birkie Trail Run, Relay or Trek.


The Birkie:
  38 Years of Inspiring Skiers
to Live Fit, Healthy Lives!

 In our house, winter is a journey whose destination is the BIRKIE!

My family and I are grateful and frankly humbled by the enormous dedication of all staff and volunteers who work on the Birkie each year. It's an extraordinary event and is as much a part of our family experience as birthdays and holidays.

"Tony Wise asked me to design a good trail system at Telemark. I spent 14 days there and laid out trails similar to the Vasalopet trails in Sweden. Later, Marty Hall added more hills. From the point of view of competitive skiers, it is a very good course."

~ Sven Wiik, Nordic guru, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"The Birkie has been a factor in my life since the first time I skied the trail in 1976. My philosophy is to do whatever we can do to foster participation in the overall event. I want more people on the snow and enjoying the weekend."

~ Ned Zuelsdorff, Executive Director, Cable, WI

For almost thirty years, it has been a blessing in my life! THANK YOU.

You guys run a world class event. It is the most fun you can have while torturing yourself.

My life is richer because of my experiences at the
American Birkebeiner.
Can't wait for next year!

See you at the start, race you the finish...hoping to have the time of my life along the way!

-Jim Reker

To me the day is close to a religious are excited but respectful, almost reverent to the course and the challenges of the day.
The people you are skiing with are all comrades on a mission to soak up the day and dig within to see what we all have down deep.

Better than Christmas. I will be skiing the Birkie every year I'm alive on Earth. It's that special."

Praise for 2010 Events!


Loved skiing with 8000 of my closest ski friends!!!

Keep up the good work!

My 23rd and it was one of the best! Thanks!

You do a great job. I am always impressed.

Thanks for a great race!

You all did an amazing job in making this race, with record numbers, come off extremely well. The grooming this year has been fantastic, and the trail was excellent all year.
Thank you sooo much!

Great weather, do that every year.

The race was very smooth. I thought the organization was outstanding. Congratulations on another wonderful Birkie!!

THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who make this race possible!!!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the volunteers!

Have only favorable comments to pass on after my 1st Birkie. Staff and volunteers were helpful and courteous. Carhart meets spandex!

Awesome event!

Thanks for running a very classy event.

As always, a great job! Thanks to all the volunteers.

Great race! Great volunteers! Very well organized. Thank you.

My first Birkie, I caught the FEVER!

The groomers did a fabulous job and my hat is off to them!
  Greetings from the Birkie�!

Hi Skiers and Friends!

We've already had good skiing, are expecting more snow today, and are looking forward to a great ski winter. Hopefully, Mother Nature will continue to be a friend!

You are likely aware that registrations for the 2011 Birkie and Kortelopet are well ahead of last year's record pace. More than 7,700 of you have already registered. We're working hard to bring you the best event we can, and have added a few new events including the Barkie Birkie Skijor race and the Giant Ski race on Friday in Hayward to add even more fun to race week.

Skiers are signing up for the 2011 BirkieTour. This non-competitive, supported event offers something for everyone. It's your chance to spend a great day with family and friends on this famous trail.

We hope you enjoyed the Pre-Race Birch Scroll. Keep watching for more updates.

Stay Fit and see you on the Trails!

  Ned Zuelsdorff

 Executive Director
[email protected]

Registration News

Birkie/Korte Race Registration Exceeds 7700

Current Registration Numbers
As of Thursday, December 9, there are over 7700 skiers registered for the 2011 American Birkbeiner and Kortelopet. This means that less than 700 positions remain in these events. To register for the Birkie or Korte, click here.

Wave & Closure Information

Skate Waves
Skate Wave 1 - 50 positions remain
Skate Wave 2 - CLOSED!
Skate Wave 3 - CLOSED!

Skate Wave 4 - 40 positions remain
Skate Wave 9 - CLOSED!
New Wave - Skate Wave 10 has been added to the wave sequence.

Classic Waves
Classic Wave 6 - CLOSED!
Classic Wave 7 - CLOSED!

New Wave - Classic Wave 9 has been added to the wave sequence.

Skiers who qualify for a wave that has been closed will be placed in the next fastest available wave. We will continue to keep you informed about overall registration numbers and wave closures. Please be sure to visit for all of the latest event news.

Reminder of Registration Cap/Deadline

There is a Race Cap of 8400 skiers for the 2011 Birkebeiner & Kortelopet and 400 skiers for the 2011 Prince Haakon. There is also an overall Registration Deadline of January 31, 2011 for these events. Skier registration will close upon reaching the cap or the deadline, which ever comes first.

Prince Haakon 12K

The 2011 Prince Haakon 12K currently has 210 people registered. To learn more about the Prince Haakon or to register for the event, click here.

Photo ID Required to Pick Up Race Bibs

All skiers will be required to pick up his/her own race bib at registration. You will also be required to show photo ID. Family and friends are no longer allowed to pick up race bibs.

  Birkie News�
Three Skiers & A Baby Will Re-Enact 800-Year-Old Birkebeiner Legend

2010 Birkie Warriors with IngaThe search for three cross country skiers and a baby to re-enact the 800-year-old legend that inspired the creation of the American Birkebeiner cross country ski race from Cable to Hayward, Wis. is over.

During the 38th anniversary on Saturday, February 26, 2011, long time friends Gale Otterholt and Marv Franson will assume the roles of Torstein and Skervald, the Birkebeiner warriors who rescued Prince Haakon (Hō-ken) during the Norwegian Civil War in 1206.

The two Viking warriors, called "Birkebeiners" for the protective birch bark leggings they wore, skied more than 50 kilometers through rugged mountains and forested terrain smuggling the infant son of King Syverresson and Inga of Vartieg from Lillehammer to safety in the town of Trondheim.

The rescued prince became one of the most popular kings in Norwegian history, and the Birkebeiner soldiers became a Norwegian symbol of courage, perseverance and character in the face of adversity.

Long time Birkie skier and friend of the Warriors, Gretchen Lindgren, will dress as Inga from Varteig, mother of Prince Haakon, while her grandchild Finnley will assume the role of the cherished prince.

Gretchen's clothing...Continue Reading.

BirkieTour to Take Place January 22nd

BirkieTour Logo 2011Skiers looking for a fun day on the trails should plan to join the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation by participating in the BirkieTour. The second annual BirkieTour will take place on Saturday, January 22, 2011. Skiers age 13 and older may choose from event distances ranging from 25 to 50 kilometers.

"The tour is a non-competitive, untimed, fun event using the portions of the Birkie, Birkie Classic and Kortelopet Trails," said Ned Zuelsdorff, Executive Director of the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF). "Over 550 skiers registered for our first BirkieTour and we are expecting even more this year. Skiers told us they had a great time and many have already registered for the January event."

The BirkieTour events begin at Telemark Resort. Skiers should plan to begin the Tour between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.

The BirkieTour will have...Continue Reading.

Try Something New! - 2011 Birkie Events

Birkie 2011 will welcome several new events including a Skijoring Race, the "Giant Ski" event and a Snow Sculpture Contest.

Several teams are already registered for the new Barkie Birkie 5K Skijor Race. The event is intended to be a fun race providing a great opportunity for skiers and spectators to learn more about Skijoring. Skijoring involves skier and dog teams. The event will take place on Friday, February 25th at 10:00 a.m. and is limited to 50 teams. The race will start and finish on Hayward's Main Street. Event registration and more information is
available here.

The first annual Birkie "Giant Ski" will take place on Hayward's Main Street on Friday, February 25th at Noon. The giant skis are 25 feet long and require the coordinated effort of six "skiers". Grab your friends and come participate in this event where two six-member teams will ski head-to-head in this friendly competition on the "Giant Skis." Register Early! The event will be limited to 12 teams of 6 individuals. The event is guaranteed to be fun for both participants and spectators. Click here for additional information and registration.

For those who had the joy of skiing the Birkie when Tony Wise was with us, you will remember the magnificent ice sculptures that were created by an Austrian Ice Sculptor. This year, we are bringing it all back to Downtown Hayward with a Snow Sculpture Contest. The contest is available to professionals and amateur/family teams. Contest rules, registration and more details are available here.

A complete Schedule of Events and individual event information is available at Most events now offer online registration and printable registration forms are available.

Birkie Honor Wall 
Birkie Honor Wall
Birkie Honor Wall located at the "OO" Trailhead.

The Birkie Honor Wall sculpture has been installed at the "OO" Birkie Trailhead. The Birkie Trail system is a fantastic natural resource that touches the lives of many people including cross country skiers, runners, Nordic walkers and hikers who participate in trail events, and/or recreate on the trail.

The "Honor Wall" will provide the opportunity to recognize people and families for whom the Trail is or has been an important part of their lives. The "Wall" also provides a way to memorialize people who've enjoyed the trail in the past. The recognition or memorial will be accomplished by permanently installing small, engraved, stainless steel plaques, in exchange for a $500 donation to the Birkie Trail Fund. More information about the Birkie Honor Wall is
available here.

Birkie� Trail Friends

Birkie Trail FriendsThanks to Jim and Jean Gantz from Dubuque, IA, and Doc and Lou Grayson for recently becoming Birkie Trail Friends. We also have another new Friend, but don't want to spoil the holiday surprise!

You too can become a Trail Friend and help us maintain and improve this wonderful trail system and get a tax deduction at the same time. Forty-two individuals, families, businesses, organizations and groups of friends have already done this, in some cases sponsoring more than a single K!

It's easy and there are several Birkie and Birkie Classic Trail Ks looking for a Sponsor. Help us continue to give you and other silent sports enthusiasts the best trail possible. More information is available here.

Remember, the ABSF is a non-profit organization and any donation you make is tax deductible.

Birkie Trail Report

The trail base is now frozen and the entire trail system has been rolled or combed North of Hwy 77. It is currently snowing and the trails will be groomed prior to the weekend. Visit and bookmark the Birkie Trail page for the latest Trail Report.

Birkie Trail Passes

Purchasing a Birkie Trail Pass supports grooming, maintenance and trail improvements. Purchase your pass online.

Passes are also available for purchase at the following locations:

  • American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation
  • Cty. Hwy. OO Trailhead
  • Mosquito Brook Trailhead
  • Hatchery Park Trailhead
  • North End Trailhead
  • New Moon Ski & Bike, Hayward, WI
  • Outdoor Ventures, Hayward, WI
  • Riverbrook Bike & Ski, Seeley, WI
  • Cable Area Chamber of Commerce

At the Trail Heads look for the large yellow deposit tubes and wooden stands for the envelopes. If you purchase an Annual pass at the Trailheads they will be sent to you.

The passes give you access to the American Birkebeiner Trail, the Birkie Classic Trail and the North End Trails.


We Want Your Feedback

Please visit to answer the following question:

How would you prefer the Birkie/Kortelopet race results to be listed in the Birch Scroll?
  • By Time
  • By Alpha
Click here to place your vote.

Birkie� Merchandise 
Less Than 15 Shopping Days Left Before Christmas

2011 Birkie Women's FleeceCheck out the Birkie's new clothing line, including the t-shirts, fleece and tech tees specifically made for women.

We also have posters, pins, Buffs, Swix ski hats, mugs and much, much more.

For just $5 we ship anywhere in the continental United States. Orders placed by 2 p.m. CST on December 17th should be received by Christmas . Check out all of the great merchandise here. You can also call 715-634-5025 to place your order.

If you are in the Hayward or Cable area stop in at our office to check out all of the great merchandise or visit one of our retail partners. Outdoor Ventures in downtown Hayward and Firefly Trading Company in Cable are both carrying 2011 Birkie merchandise.

Birkie Skiers for Cures - Wear the pin to win!

2011 Birkie MS PinDonate $20 or more to the National MS Society and you'll receive the commemorative 2011 Skiers for Cures pin, once again designed by Birkie skier Kay Lum. Wear the pin on your race bib as you cross the finish line and you're eligible for great prizes*

*Prizes will be awarded randomly as skiers cross the finish line of each race, so skiers of every level will have the opportunity to win! 

Join the nearly 50 skiers who won prizes last year! 

Pins are available by emailing [email protected] or calling 800.242.3358.  Pins will also be available at the Birkie office and on-site at the Birkie in February.

Special Grand Prize for Skiers for Cures Participants - A trip to Norway!


If you raise funds for Birkie Skiers for Cures you're eligible for a drawing to receive a trip to the Norwegian Birkebeiner-the Birkebeinerrennet!  For every $250 you raise for Skiers for Cures, you'll receive an entry to the drawing. The prize includes:

  • Entry for two into the 2012 Birkebeinerrennet in Norway
  • Three nights lodging for two
  • Coupon for air travel up to $1,000 total

All skiers who register for Skiers for Cures will be eligible for additional prizes.

Visit for more information.

  Birkie� Fever

2011 Warrior & Inga Winning Essays

Two Good Friends
By Marv Franson & Gale Otterholt

Two Norwegian skiers, wearing birch leggings and warrior attire, rescued baby Haakon and became the great inspiration for the Norwegian and American Birkebeiners. Now, two good friends of Norwegian heritage, Marv Franson and Gale Otterholt, portraying the great Birkebeiners, Torstein and Skervald, hope to inspire fellow skiers on the journey from Cable to Hayward in the 2011 American Birkebeiner.

Gale and Marv completed their first Birkies together in 1976 and never looked back. To date, they have skied a combined total of
 ... Continue Reading.

In Honor of Inga Lami
By Gretchen Lindgren

Twenty years ago my Birkie adventure began.  The race did, indeed, "grab my soul!"  I embraced it all - the challenge, the enthusiasm of the crowds, the spirit and fellowship of the skiers, and especially the tradition.  I haven't missed a race since, always striding on my classic skis - "tradition!" 


The story of the Birkebeiner heroes pulled me to Norway to ... Continue Reading.

Share Your Birkie Fever Story

We know you have a story to tell. Whether you are a skier, spectator or volunteer we want to hear from you. Birkie Fever is a phenomonen that touches many people in many different ways. Share your Birkie Fever with others. Send 300 word essays or short quotes and photos to [email protected]. Afraid you can't write? Don't let that stop you. We can take your words and weave them into a great Birkie Fever story.
 Birkie Health & Fitness

Transitioning to Snow

By Bill Pierce

This year's winter season started early and many parts of the country are already seeing good snow conditions. West Yellowstone had over three feet of snow for its festival in November!

Most of the time early season skiing does not provide great trail conditions. The trails are usually bumpy and undulating and the base is fairly soft. This can make us feel like we are just learning to ski again. We may experience cramps in the arches of our feet or our shins may ache. These are signs that we are very tense because of the unstable surface and our lack of balance. This is when we should slow down and ski easily, working on drills and relaxing during the transition.

My first time on snow, I shorten the technique cycle and slow down. This can be
done...Continue Reading

Birkie Life - Health, Fitness and Training

The Birkie Training Plan for December is posted, along with daily updates. Check it out! You will also find additional Training Plans in the Birkie Life Section including training plans and information from CXC.

The Fitness in 5 page includes a weekly video fitness tip and a link to WOJB where Jay Tapper and Jacque Lindskoog do a weekly Fitness In 5 segment each Friday at 10:45 a.m.

Don't forget the Recipe/Nutrition Section. There are a few new recipes posted and we are looking for recipes from you. Please share your favorite healthy recipes with us and you may see them posted here. Recipes can be emailed to [email protected].

As always we welcome your feedback. Please send comments, ideas or questions about the Birkie Life section to [email protected].

 The Birkie

The Birkie is a year-round lifestyle choice for thousands of outdoor fitness enthusiasts of all levels. From its signature ski race--the legendary American Birkebeiner--The Birkie has grown into an exciting array of fitness and recreational opportunities. The 88-kilometer Birkie Trail system attracts skiers, runners, bikers, trekkers, and hikers, from casual day-trippers to elite superstars. Located near Hayward and Cable, Wisconsin, the Birkie is now an outdoor sports mecca, a series of great races, a fitness destination, and a lifestyle. Ski.Run.Liv

Becker Law2009 Birkie Trail Run Half
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