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Better Living Through Living Foods January 2011
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  • Greetings!

    2012 just feels like a winner year. And from the feedback I've been getting from my extended network of friends and colleagues, that seems to be the general consensus. What are YOUR intentions for this year?

    If you are in the greater Phoenix area, hope to meet you at my event at Changing Hands bookstore on January 30th. We are in the process of setting up more AZ appearances and will have an update soon.

    Very excited about the official launch of my Hypnovation for Health Online Weight Loss System. The beta-testing group kicked off about 2 months before the holidays and have reported significant weight loss and lifestyle changes, including LOSING at least 10 lbs. over the holidays. One the greatest comments we got back from the study was "Now that I've seen how well this works, I'm wondering about all the other things I can accomplish using my mind power."

    Imagine what you can do, now that the tantalizing temptations of the season are behind you! With the powerful alliance of your subconscious mind, there are unlimited possibilities. . .

    And for those who would like to kick off 2012 with a DETOX - we are going to do a group green juice fast from Monday, January 9th to Thursday January 12th. I'll be posting recipes, motivational tidbits and answering your questions at our Facebook Fan Page. Here's an interesting article about the extraordinary healing powers of juicing, inspired by the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" (an easy Netflix or online download for those who haven't seen the movie. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

    Wishing you a health-filled year of wondrous discovery and joyful adventure!

    LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. "LJ"

    Weight Loss that Works!
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    A Special New Year Offer for Raw Fusion Living Subscribers

    Save $100 on 18-week Hypnovation for Health Weight Loss Program
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    Hypnovation for Health Online Weight Loss System is an easy-to-follow lifestyle, that puts YOU in control of your food choices. . . to lose weight, rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, reduce inflammation, improve overall health, restore vitality and get you feeling better than you have in years.

    Incredible changes can occur when you combine the power of your subconscious mind with motivation and education in a practical and manageable lifestyle that offers you delicious, nutritious eating options, without feeling deprived. I know firsthand as I lost close to 30 lbs.--and kept that weight off for several years, simply by changing my mindset and eating habits. More importantly, my health improved, my chronic health conditions literally disappeared and I had more energy than I ever dreamed possible.

    Hypnovation for Health is the synthesis of that experience, my 25+ years as an international expert in hypnotherapy and the power of suggestion, along with pioneering the Raw Fusion lifestyle - blending the incredible benefits of real foods with the comforts and convenience of mainstream meals.

    I truly believe Hypnovation for Health will be a life-changing experience for you in so many positive ways, that we are offering you a 50% savings--and an unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee--to help you get start this powerful transformational program for your body, mind and spirit, right now!

    For about $5.50 per week - about 80 cents per day -you will get 18-weeks of dynamic hypnotherapy modules that you listen to for about 20 minutes per day, to effortlessly reprogram your mind, so positive lifestyle choices become second nature to you.

    You'll also receive Daily Motivational e-mails from me, filled with insights, tips, recipes, facts, information and inspiration to support your life-changing journey. You will also have exclusive access to series of short videos, teaching you innovative, yet simple techniques and tools to create a healthier lifestyle. Plus teleseminars, meal planners, recipes and much, much more to assure your weight loss success.

    This special offer is good through January 10, 2012 so act now. Please click here for more information on Hypnovation for Health. And click here for enroll at 50% off and save $100 taking advantage of this special limited time offer.

    Make this the day you start the journey to a brand new, leaner, healthier YOU!
    With the Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to lose but the unwanted pounds!

    Resolutions into Realities!
    new year other

    Recipe for Mind

    Did you know that the average life span of a New Year's resolution is less than three weeks? The reason that they tend to fizzle out as quickly as New Year's Eve champagne is that most of us have not been schooled in the dynamics of the subconscious mind.

    Whether you want to break a persistent negative habit, like overeating or choosing the wrong foods, or create a positive one such as getting on a regular exercise program or being more organized, the secret of success lies in making the new behavior second nature to you.

    Most of us attempt change by forcing our will power to cooperate with our goals. Will power is a faculty of consciousness - the part of your mind that comprises only roughly 10% of your total mind power. Attempting to change by activating your will power usually results in a having great enthusiasm for a few hours or a few days, but then quickly running out of steam.


    Healthi(er) Pizza
    healthy pizza

    Pizza might not be the healthiest food choice, but Raw Fusion is about finding realistic compromises and manageable ways to amp up the nutritional value in your daily meal choices. If you find yourself craving a pizza, here is a relatively guilt-free version.

    Instead of dialing for delivery, try doctoring up a frozen cheese pizza. You'll save money, calories and hours of self-recrimination! The fresh veggies will provide important micronutrients and help you digest the cheese and crust, especially if you add leafy greens.

    * Buy a plain cheese pizza. The one I started with has a gluten-free crust and vegan cheese, but you can choose according to your dietary restrictions. If you can get a whole-grain crust, even better.
    * For toppings, keep it vegetarian. If you are trying to lose or maintain weight, meat does not combine well with the cheese OR the carb-based crust. The cheese and leafy greens will provide enough protein.
    * Use a variety of fresh veggies. The ones that are on frozen pizzas are processed and have very little nutritional value. In mine I used a combination of spinach, spring mix, red onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and olives. Red peppers are also great.
    * Add fresh herbs for more chlorophyll and nutrients (Mine has basil leaves.)
    * Let the pizza defrost for awhile before you bake. This will cut down the baking time and keep the veggies as close to raw as possible.
    * Mist the toppings with olive or grapeseed oil to enhance the flavors.
    * Add seasonings, like garlic powder (I love Rinaldi's Garlic gold -- roasted garlic nuggets) red pepper flakes, Italian seasonings.
    * Instead of adding parmesan cheese, try flaked nutritional yeast - it has a cheesy flavor and loaded with B Vitamins. A super way to avoid that processed cheese!

    Q & A
    Raw Fusion Solution

    As a potential new monthly column I will be responding to your questions about the raw fusion lifestyle or any related subject. Send your questions to me at lj@rawfusionliving.com or post on our Facebook page.

    Question: I am going on a cruise this spring and don't want to lose control of my eating. Do you have any suggestions on how I can apply raw fusion to my meals on the cruise? Caroline W.

    Answer:Dear Caroline - Cruising provides a lot of temptation, but also a lot of options. Plan to have between 5-6 small meals per day - some of them can be as simple as having a bowl of fruit or and afternoon tea with toast. The best advice I can give you is to stagger your meals between carb and protein. If you want to have some pasta or other starch, make that your "main course" and add greens or have a nice salad and some green vegetables with that dish. Let's say you were in the mood for some fish - make that separate meal and combine similarly with greens. The good thing about cruise ship personnel is that they will go out of their way to accommodate your special requests! Desserts will undoubtedly entice you and that's okay as you are on vacation (not deprivation time!) Requesting small slices or sharing with a special someone will help to keep the portions sensible. If the weather permits, lots of walks around the deck between meals will keep your metabolism up. Happy sailing! lj

    January Events
    lecture @ Palms

    Saturday, January 14th. 3 pm - Nature's Food Patch in Clearwater. Raw Fusion Basics: Shitake Hot Pot and LJ's Creamy Beans and Greens Free Samples.

    Tuesday, January 17 th - Abby's Health and Nutrition, Carrollwood area of Tampa 7 pm -All Time Favorite Portobello Pesto Pizza. Free class with food samples.

    Monday, January 30th, 7 pm. Changing Hands, Tempe Arizona, Demo, Lecture and Book Signing.


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