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Your Monthly Dose of Joy and Magic! Thanksgiving 2009
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    Fairy Greetings!

    Always my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family, friends and feasting.
    It is also the gateway to our headlong plunge into the holiday shopping season! (although with our new Fairy Couture line October was a record month - there must have been lots of Fairies out trick-or-treating this year!)

    The very fairy aspect of the Thanksgiving spirit is about expressing gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives. I would like to openly express my appreciation to the many fairy-inspired souls who help Fairy Line grow: My exceptional and devoted team of Fairies -- Karen, Jenn, Cortney, Melissa and Robyn - and to our new Fairy team members, Sarah, Rachael and Raquel. Many thanks to Kendra L. at my lab who patiently helps bring our creations to light,. Heartfelt thanks to to Michael Liu. for his great contributions and our West Coast Fairies Kathleen & Kelly Malone and Julie Farha, who are devoted to spreading our fairy message and mission. With love and gratitude to my partners in life and business - my husband Jeff and father-in-law, Francis (soon to reach his 94th year & what a blessing that is!) And a special thanks to all of our Newsletter Readers, My Space, Twitter and Facebook Fans. Fairy hugs and gratitude to our beautiful pioneer group of Fairy Girls and their Moms.

    This photo was taken at the Great American Teach-In. This is Fairy Robyn reading Drew and the Dreamtime Fairy to a first grade class in Westchase.
    We had 4 teams of Fairies going out to 4 schools this year and reached over 700 students from kindergarten to middle school. I especially loved working with the middle school kids (6th and 7th grades) They are at that crucial age, where sometimes "being cool" takes over their lovely innocence and imagination -- so glad we had an impact. Lots of interest all around for Fairy Girls Club! (even many boys asked if we had something comparable for them!)
    SAVE THE DATE: If your daughter (aged 5-15) has been curious about Fairy Girls Club, we are having a holiday party on December 18th. More details to follow.

    I'll be back with our holiday newsletter and more specials soon.

    GATI robyn reading

    GOTG 4 up

    Just in time for the holidays!
    It's taken almost two years to get these adorable fairy creations on our shelves, but well worth the wait. Each Glitter-on-the-Go embodies the colorful and fragrant essence of the Fairy who inspired these easy-to-carry natural mineral scented roll-ons. This summer we did some test marketing with girls and their Moms -- they were as popular with adults as with the kids!
    From the left: Fairy Cleo's is golden mica with an alluring fig fragrance; Bahari's blue-green sparkle has a beach-y scent; Snow Fairy Luminara's white and silver sparkle has a soft ylang ylang/cucumber scent and Gypsy Fairy Arianna's peach toned blend is redolent of Sicilian oranges.
    These are the perfect stocking stuffer for all the little AND grown-up fairies on your holiday shopping lists.







    • ONLY $9.95!!! 3 FOR $24.95!

    We will be debuting new versions of these in the spring, designed around many other magical Fairies in our line.

    Fairy Food
    raw food fairy

    The Raw Food Fairy demonstrates "Holiday Treats" at Whole Foods Market in Tampa December 11th!

    Consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains, a raw food diet is enzyme-rich and ultra-healthy. And with the right recipes, they can be surprisingly gourmet and sophisticated dishes. I'd like to think that raw foods are the closest we come to fairy cuisine!
    Having made the switch to a chiefly raw food diet myself last year, it made a major impact on my overall health and energy level. I have done extensive research on this fascinating field and studied with some extraordinary chefs, while coming up with lots of recipes and tips on how to transition to the raw lifestyle.
    Please join me for my "Holiday Treats" class next month and learn how you can create delicious raw treats and snacks for your family and friends this holiday season. You will also get a chance to taste these yummy treats!

    Savory Sunflower Pate
    Portobello Pesto
    Flourless Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Creme Sauce

    Friday, December 11, 2009 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the café of Whole Foods Market (Dale Mabry & 275) See the link below for more information and directions.
    FAIRY ALERT: Reservations are suggested as the class is limited to 75. We want to make sure to have enough for everyone to taste!

    In 2010 we will be introducing a line of "Fairy Snacks and Treats" both vegan and raw and I plan to have a recipe book out next year, as well.

    Fairy Decor Special
    room decor special

    Here's a great holiday collection for the special fairy princess in your life. Create an enchanted fairy grotto with this spectacular collection of our hand-made, original designed wings and artwork. Contains a selection of 5 wings in harmonious color blends of pink, lavender and aqua.

    The set Includes all you need for hanging these wings along with detailed instructions. Also included is a ribbon wand with flower and bell, perfect for calling the fairies, and a hand-made Magical Dream Keeper for your favorite little fairy to write her dreams and goals. We also include a surprise 11 x 14 art print of one of our magical fairies. Valued more than $120 if the products in this kit were purchased separately AND through December 10th we are adding one of our Fairy Line Limited Edition snow globes (Fairy Dust Forest or Luminara, the Snow Fairy) which sells for $20 - a $140 value for only $74.95!

    Little girls and Tweens love this one! And some "big" girls might like to have a fairy-inspired room! Choose your favorite color combination: Pink/Lavender/Aqua

    FAIRY HINT: If you have a lot of kids or grandkids to buy for, these sets can also be take apart for a variety of well-priced gifts!

    Holiday Drawing!
    decor image

    She is the winner of the Magical Room Decor drawing on November 20th. She will have her choice of shades of pink, lavender or aqua blue..

    OUR NEXT DRAWING WILL BE DECEMBER 15TH. Every time you visit Fairy Line Naturals @ International Plaza, you can fill out an entry slip. We will notify the winner via email on that date.

    ONLINE ORDERS ALSO QUALIFY! For every retail online order (of any items and any dollar total) placed between now and December 14th, we will fill out a slip to enter you in the drawing.

    The Magical Room Decor kit sells for $75 - it is valued at over $120 in merchandise. Wishing you fairy good luck!

    Fair-apy™ Nature's Gift
    new one

    Here's a great way to tune into Nature and express appreciation for her infinite abundance and variety. This holiday, amidst all of the rich and plentiful meals and leftovers, choose one simple piece of fruit to enjoy in a solitary few moments of reverie.
    You may want to choose a seasonal specialty, like a tangerine, pomegranate or persimmon -- or an old standard, like an apple, banana or pear -- but take some meaningful moments to truly marvel at nature's creativity. Observe its texture, color, fragrance and taste as if you were studying and appreciating it for the very first time. Take a moment to fully contemplate the miraculous morsel in your hand, that starts its existence as a simple seed. By doing this brief (and delicious!) exercise, you are expressing gratitude to nature, at large.

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    toll free 1-866-98-FAIRY

    Great time to stock up for the holidays. For ever Wizard Dragon Diffuser you buy, you get one free! These would make great stocking stuffers. Boys and girls alike are attracted to the murky mica sparkle and green color. Makes scary things disappear! Natural lemon verbena and moss essential oils transports your to a tranquil place. Great room and sheet freshener!

    Offer Expires 12/10/2009

    Create a Fairy Grotto with our magical room decor kit, which contains 5 coordinating wings in the shade of your choice (pink, lavender or aqua/blue) and lots of other fairy surprises. You can choose one of our Collector's Edition snow globes - either Fairy Dust Forest or Luminara, the Snow Fairy. This is a $140.00 value for only $74.95!

    Offer Expires 12/10/2009
    BUY 3 GLITTER ON THE GO's for only $24.95

    As an introductory offer on our gorgeous glitter on the go line, buy 3 (either of the same or a variety) for $24.95. This is a 50% savings on the 3rd one. Each GOTG is $9.95. These are wonderful - you will probably want to collect all 4 (also discounted $32.95) We hand process your order - so write NEWSLETTER in the comment box and we will apply the discount manually.

    Offer Expires: 12/10/2009
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