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January, 2010
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Worm of the Month
New Study Shows Collection, Storage Methods Can Affect Egg Counts
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Worm of the Month
In this section, we'll feature an equine parasite each month, with information on the parasite's life cycle and the health consequences for horses.
This month:

Ascarids, or roundworms, are typically only a problem for foals and young horses, since equids generally develop a form of immunity around the age of two. However, they're still a significant health hazard and care must be taken in their control to avoid an infestation that could prove deadly.


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If you'd like to learn more, we recommend The Horse as a source of in-depth equine health and welfare articles and news. Access to their archives requires a free account. Here's their website:


Welcome to our January issue of Worm Control News, from Horsemen's Laboratory.

You might be wondering what happened to December's issue. Based on feedback from customers, we're going to be sending it out earlier each month, so with that plus the December holidays we decided to hold off until after January 1. But, you haven't missed a thing!

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John W. Byrd, DVM
Horsemen's Laboratory

John Byrd, DVM, of Horsemen's Laboratory
New Study Shows Collection, Storage Methods Can Affect Egg Counts

Misconceptions exist about how to use fecal egg count (FEC) testing. At Horsemen's Laboratory, helping horse owners understand the most effective way to use FECs is part of our mission; as such, we're constantly on the lookout for new information and research we can share with our customers.
Now that fecal egg counts are being recommended globally by equine parasitologists as a way to prevent parasite resistance (resistance of parasites to deworming medications) in your horse population, identifying optimum methodologies is likely to become a hot research area. One such study, which looked at how horse manure storage conditions affected the FECs, was recently conducted in Denmark and in the U.S.

H-Lab Profile

In this section of Worm Control News we'll introduce you to the people at H-Lab, explain what we do behind the scenes, and highlight actual customers and their worm control strategies.

This month:
Becky Byrd

The office manager at Horsemen's Laboratory is a vivacious and friendly blonde by the name of Mrs. Becky Byrd. Yes, she's 'that' Byrd, Dr. John Byrd's college sweetheart and beloved wife of 44 years.

Mother of two sons, Becky's also 'grandma' to nine youngsters. "Our oldest son has four children and our youngest has two, so we have six official grandkids, but we also claim three others," she laughs.



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